BLACKMAIL Chapter 13
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


That got her attention. She jerked her head back up.

I resumed fondling her huge tits. Even though I wasn't that aroused at the moment, I couldn't get enough of 'em!

I said, "Yes, blackmail. It worked for you today. Why wouldn't it work for her? We'll get some evidence of her fucking one of her extramarital lovers. Do you have something like that we could use, back when she was being bad?"

Mom grinned wickedly. "Definitely. I've got all sorts of photos and videos. I kept it all on my phone, because it was too juicy and fun to delete!" She snickered.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Then you'll help me seduce her in the usual way, so things can evolve into a threesome."

Mom frowned. "A threesome? But what about the incest? That's going to be the hardest part, getting her to be okay with that. More so than you seducing her, I think."

"Well, we'll see. If she's resistant to the seduction, I can use the blackmail material to help that along. But if that goes okay, then I'll hold it in reserve until the right moment to wallop her with that shocker. But either way, I want to move fast. I don't think we'd be able to keep the incest secret for long, once I start fucking her. She's going to go to you immediately with the news, and your reaction will inevitably be off, because of what you and I are doing already. Besides, it would be a huge pain in the ass to keep her in the dark."

"That's true," Mom muttered.

"So I'm thinking I need to simply totally overwhelm her with such an intense sexual experience that she won't be able to tell up from down. That's when you can join in and make it a threesome. Hopefully, she'll be so hot to trot that she'll fuck more first and ask questions later. What do you think?"

Mom pondered that a bit before replying, "I think... that could work. I guess it makes sense to do it all fast. Otherwise, she'll probably start getting possessive about you, and maybe even fall in love with you. The longer you wait to reveal the threesome reality, the more trouble I foresee. And that's not even to mention informing her about Dusty."

"Yeah, well, that's a problem for another day. I think the main thing is for her to find out that sharing me with you isn't a bad thing and could actually mean a lot more fun for all of us. Once that sinks in, it'll be a lot easier to get her to come around on Dusty, especially since Dusty is more of my girlfriend for school and hanging out with school friends. So she won't really be competing with her. Nor will you."

Mom nodded. "That'll help."

"So... what do you think my chances of seducing her are? You've seen and felt it happen to you, and we know she's a size queen. Don't you think she'll be hooked?"

"Of course she'll be hooked! Your huge cock is irresistible!" Mom adoringly ran her fingers up and down my member, causing it to start to tingle and grow. "Since she's a size queen, she'll be in seventh heaven with this magnificent specimen. That's not the issue."

She frowned, thinking this over. "If we do this, will you promise to only have one other lover? I'm talking about Dusty, obviously. You'd need to keep up appearances of dating someone your age, and she's given her heart and body to you. By accepting her as you have, you've already committed to her in a big way, whether you like it or not."

That sounded reasonable, actually, but I figured Mom was feeling so horny that I could get her to agree to just about anything. "No. Like I said, this isn't a negotiation. You're my fuck pet, or not. You do what I say. Period."

I could feel my penis continuing to thicken and enlarge, thanks mostly to her busy hand on it. So I added, "In fact, right now, I'm getting quite worked up, as you can tell. Let's see you put that talented tongue back to work. But just lick it for now. No sucking yet!"

She groaned needfully. "I really should be mad at you. You're going to make me suck you some more even as we talk about figuring out how you can seduce one of my close friends. But I'm too horny! Your demanding words are setting my entire body on fire!"

She repositioned so her face was down at my crotch and her gloriously bare ass was high up in the air. Then, while maintaining an extremely sexy naked pose like that, she told me, "I've always known I was a horny slut. I've keep it hidden most of my marriage, but I knew what I really was. I never knew I'd ever be an actual fuck pet, though! Or that I'd be YOUR fuck pet! Or that it would give me such chills and thrills of excitement!" She wiggled her ass enticingly, setting her huge tits swaying too.

She added, "I love how you just tell me what to do. But what'll do you if I misbehave?"

Again, I just let my lusty feelings flow. "Spank you, of course. A sexy spanking if you're good, a painful one if you're bad. But you're gonna get spanked a lot either way."

Her face lit up with excitement. "Oh God! Dear God! This is all too incredible! Son, this is MY greatest, wildest dream coming true! Today, you unleashed a part of me that I thought I'd buried away. I'm totally giving in to sexual abandon, totally submitting my outrageously curvy body to you, and I'm loving it!"

She started lapping on my boner while holding and stroking it with one hand, while still in her ridiculously sexy all-fours position.

I kicked back with my hands behind my head, to better enjoy her oral expertise. "Aaaah! This is working out so great for both of us. Like I said, get used to that position you're in, because you're going to get a real work out, daily. An oral work out!"

"Oh God!" That kind of talk excited her so much that she engulfed all of my cockhead and started bobbing on it. She was still sweaty, cummy, and worn out from our recent fucking, but apparently she didn't care. I also had just told her to limit herself only to licking, not sucking, but either she didn't care about that either or she plain forgot.

I probably should have punished or at least reprimanded her for disobeying a direct order, but the pleasure I felt from her talented lips and tongue was so tremendous that I let it slide.

I ran a hand through her luxurious brown hair. I even patted the top of her head a few times. I figured that since the name "fuck pet" was sticking so successfully, patting her was fitting.

She must have put the patting together with the "fuck pet" theme, because it seemed to set her off into a lusty frenzy. She started sucking like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, her cheeks caving in as a sign of her effort. I almost couldn't look directly at her face, since it looked so insanely sexy with my cum still splattered all over it, and her caved-in cheeks on top of that.

I thought, This is fucking great! Blackmail rocks! I can't believe how well my plan is working out. If only I'd known how much she'd been lusting for me too, I would have blackmailed and seduced her a long time ago!

I ran my hand through her hair some more. (Patting seemed too provocative in terms of making me cum!) I sighed happily. "Aaaah! My very own naked and busty fuck pet mother. This is the life! But… getting back to Cindy, if you help me seduce her and I'm successful in breaking her to my will, I probably will stick with just you, her, and Dusty in the future. Mostly just you and Cindy, to be honest, because I'd much rather spend my free time with the two of you together, if that works out. No promises, though. Especially since there's a lot that could go wrong."

She replied with a loud "MMMM!" But I couldn't tell what that meant. However, from the intensity of her continued sucking effort, it was clear she at least didn't disapprove.

I went on, "Put yourself in my shoes. If you were me and had the choice of spending the afternoon with you and Cindy, or just some pretty high school girl, which would you choose? Let's face it: no girl could compete, not even Dusty. Hell, I don't think an orgy of the entire cheerleader squad could compete with you two!"

She seemed to like that and slurped on my erection with greater energy, as well as more powerful suction.

I asked, "Can you imagine the two of you kneeling side by side between my legs? Licking and sucking my cock together? God, I don't even know how all of your combined tit-flesh will be able to fit in there! Both of your faces splattered with my cum! You could lick it off each other's faces, Then snowball it from mouth to mouth! Can you imagine holding her hand as I fuck her? Or her holding your hand as I fuck you? Or having her hold and feed my cock right into your hungry cunt? Or your ass?!"

It appeared my words were hitting home, judging from her steadily increasing passion, channeled through her talented lips and tongue. Her sexy moans were getting louder and more frequent too. She generally moaned extra loudly after each sentence I spoke. She more yelled than moaned after I said "Or your ass?!"

Encouraged, I continued, "You two could be the ultimate 'suck sisters!' Don't you think it would be even MORE fun to share the blowjob fun with her? You two might even bond together in a deep and profound way over sharing my cock on a daily basis. You could constantly inspire each other to higher heights of fuck toy perfection. Don't you want all that?"

Her lips had been sliding faster and faster, and with steadily increasing suction. Her moaning was so loud that I wouldn't have been surprised to find out that she was continuously cumming.

But I'd asked her a question. She pulled her lips off my hard-on to respond, "Fuuuuuck! Damn you! Of course I want that! All of it! That sounds so fucking hot that I can't even breathe! I love the idea of her and me being your helpless 'suck sisters,' bound together with our service to your cock! I'm sure that once you fuck her, she'll give up on fucking her lovers and even her husband, and totally devote herself to you!"

Still steadily jacking me off, she added with serious thoughtfulness, "I think being your fuck pet will be twice as much fun all around if I can share the experience with her every step of the way. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Plus, it may guarantee me even MORE of your cock, if she and I share you all the time, than if you're off fucking Dusty instead, like you said. I respect that you can't make promises about not taking other lovers, but when I put myself in your shoes, I can't imagine it working out any other way. Cindy's incredible sexuality could actually help me instead of work against me."

I grinned widely, especially because she resumed lapping all over my cockhead. "Okay, let's do it then! Today! Agreed?!"

She rolled her eyes, but grinned sheepishly. "Damn you! You got me again. Agreed!"

I exulted in yet another great triumph. This day simply can't go any better! Well, that's not true. Just wait until I'm balls deep inside Cindy, and ask me how I'm feeling then! HA!

I tried to strike while the iron was hot, getting down to the details before Mom could raise more objections. "Now we just have to get some incriminating video footage on her. I can just say I accidentally found some of the stuff you say you've kept on your phone. You keep it all in one hidden folder, I assume?"

"I do." She kept right on lapping on my most sensitive spot.

I asked, "But is that incriminating enough, if it's mostly just pictures of strange cocks?"

She added with increasing embarrassment, "Um, er… that's not all it is. You can't really tell how big a cock is unless you've got something to compare it with, like a, uh, a hand or a mouth. There's plenty of pics of her taking big cocks deep down her throat, for instance."

"Oh, great! Then let's do it! Right now!"

Still lapping around my throbbing cockhead, she asked, "What if she calls your bluff? Meaning you threaten to show the pictures to her husband and she says 'I dare you.'"

It was hard for me to think intently while getting my cock licked. But I managed to reply, "Well... I guess... I'd fold then. I mean... I like her and I don't really want to ruin her life. But... I don't think it'll come to that. Besides, maybe I'll get the feeling SHE'S bluffing. I'll have to see."

Mom just nodded and kept on lapping away.

Then another thought hit me as I thought back to what Mom had just been saying and tried to mentally visualize the incriminating pictures. "Wait! Does this mean she can deep throat?!"

Mom couldn't hold back her pride, even though it was for Cindy's skill. "She can! And as well as I can! Like me, she doesn't do it for her hubby, but I'm sure she hasn't lost her touch in the last three years. I tell you, you've hit the jackpot. I don't know if she'll be able to get YOUR thickness all the way down her throat though. You're the thickest I've ever seen, and I'm sure that's true for her too."

I said in an off-hand yet dominating way, "She'll just have to keep working at it until her lips run out of cock to swallow. Daily deep throating is a must for any decent fuck pet."

"PETER!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I looked at her commandingly.

She stared at me, then buckled under my power. "N-n-nothing. It's just that that's so… so damn hot!" She clutched at her throat, as if it was sore from deep throating me too much already.

I chuckled. "It is! And don't worry. Like I said, she'll never hold a candle to you, because you'll always be my mother and she never will. Plus, you and I live together. I'm sure I'll fuck your face and your cunt so very often that you'll be practically begging her for relief!"

"PETER!" She exclaimed again.

"What now?"

"Er, nothing. Except that's too fucking hot too! Good Lord! I feel like I've fallen off the edge of the world, into some alternate reality where everyone and everything is just… sex, sex, sex!"

I smirked. "That's pretty much true, except we're still in the same real world. The only thing is, we're going to make our special corner of it, the three of us, where all the usual rules go out the window. What do you think of that?"

"I FUCKING LOVE IT!" She was practically bursting with excitement and desire.

I had to laugh at her unabashed enthusiasm. Whoa! Talk about unleashing powerful forces. I always knew Mom was a total hottie, but it's like I've let a sex monster loose on the world. It's kind of daunting, but I love it!

I barked, "Excellent. Now, call her up and have her come over immediately!"

That startled her enough to sit up and lift her head to make better eye contact with me. "What?! Now?!"

"We agreed on today," I pointed out.

"Yes, but you're going to fuck me again! And I have so much more cocksucking to do! And all this deep throating talk has me eager to have another go at that."

"Oh, we'll do all that, for sure. But won't that be more fun if we do it with Cindy right there, cheering you on?"

She grinned wickedly. She stared off into space imagining that.

"So why wait? Call her up right now." Wanting to strike while the iron was hot, I got up off the bed and rushed out of the room.

That left my mother very puzzled, I'm sure.

But I ran straight to her bedroom down the hall, grabbed her cell phone, and rushed right back. I was only gone a minute, if that.