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Chapter 8
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

After that evening, Leah and Tommy fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly at just about every opportunity they got. For far too many years now, Leah had "gone without," and she was determined to make up for lost time. She now had a spectacularly virile young lover who seemed to be the perfect match for her in bed, and neither she nor he showed any sign of getting bored of living out their lusts together.

In fact, it seemed as if the more they fucked each other, the more they needed to fuck each other. It was like they both found the other to be a highly addictive drug. Just giving each other a knowing "look" and realizing they both had the same thought, the same urge and the same need for mutual satisfaction was a most powerful aphrodisiac for them. So they looked for more times, more places, and more chances to have sex.

Most any time they were home and Carl was not, it was a sexual free-for-all.

Tommy fucked Leah in her and his father's bed. He fucked her from behind and while he held her bent over and sprawled out on the kitchen counter. She relentlessly rode his dick in a lawn chair on the back lawn. They fucked in the pool outside. The hot tub area was a particularly favorite spot.

Their bodies grew increasingly attuned to each other, and it seemed as if their orgasms grew more intense as the days passed. They came together virtually every single time Tommy climaxed. Leah had such a low orgasmic threshold, they joked that she was able to cum if he so much as called her "Hot Stuff."

The two of them did go to the "dance" that Wednesday (in reality, a hotel room), and thereafter Tommy taking her "dancing" became a part of their weekly routine, with Carl's blessing. It was a luxury to be able to take their time and scream as loud as they liked without fear.

Sometimes, they actually would go dancing when they said they would. They both really did love to dance, so they had a fun time. But they also wanted to be seen by some people who knew Carl so word would get back to him that they were really dancing. Then, later in the evening, they'd go to a hotel a fuck each other's brains out too.

They both greatly enjoyed the fact that Tommy pretended to be Carl on these dates, with Carl's full approval. They had no end of fun pretending to be married, and calling each other husband and wife as they fucked without regret, restraint or remorse.

The day after they resumed fucking, Leah took the initiative and started wearing butt plugs during the day, while at work, to prepare herself for taking him in the ass. It certainly made sitting through those long boring meetings and presentations with her colleagues a lot more interesting for her.

She would, however, take them out before driving home, because as soon as she walked in the door, Tommy would be ready and randy for her and they'd go at each other until Carl got home. Considering their usual routine, Leah didn't even want to waste the few seconds it would take to unplug her ass when she saw Tommy heading her way with yet another monstrous erection since any delay at all might spoil the mood. So every day before she left work, she would make a trip to the bathroom and unplug herself.

This did however have the side effect of keeping her efforts at anal conditioning out of sight and out of mind for Tommy, even though she let him know every so often what she was doing. She wasn't trying to keep it a secret from him.

After two weeks of ever increasing butt plugs, Leah found herself beginning to struggle with sizes and dimensions that weren't exactly completely comfortable anymore. At this point, she figured she was as ready as she'd ever be, even though she hadn't quite reached a thickness on par with that of Tommy's penis yet.

On one of their "dance nights" - actually spent in a hotel room - they went through all the lengthy preparations for anal sex. Leah started by giving herself an enema (just to be sure). She laid face down on the bed, put a pillow and a towel under her hips, and then spread her legs widely to give her son unrestricted access to her ass. She even held her ass cheeks open for him as Tommy spent the better part of an hour slowly lubing her up. He lovingly fingerfucked the anal lube she'd bought gently into her asshole while telling her in an awed voice just how incredible it was that she wanted to do this with him.

When he'd used about maybe a third of their lube supply, Tommy stopped fingerfucking her butt and instead switched to a full body massage, to help her relax. Then he then gathered up yet more lube on his fingertips and massaged her asshole, both inside and outside.

They agreed it was time.

Tommy proceeded to slather lube all over his erection. Then, when Leah nodded her satisfaction, he climbed up onto the bed and took up a position above and behind her where he could control the speed and depth and pressure of his penetration, Tommy rolled the massive head of his penis into position outside Leah's clenched anus.

Almost immediately, they ran into difficulty. When he pushed forward, Leah's anus didn't yield or open for him. After several abortive attempts, Tommy changed his strategy. He tried fingerfucking Leah's asshole again to try and loosen her up a little. That helped, and Leah's anus did begin to open, but nowhere near wide enough to accept the full girth of Tommy's prick. They both kept trying, but Tommy's dick was so big and so wide that he was simply unable to even get the entire head of his penis into her.

Tommy, keenly attuned to his mother's suffering, called it quits before Leah was ready to throw in the towel and admit at least a temporary defeat. He simply couldn't go on seeing her struggle in pain. Plus he was very concerned about the possibility of injury, far more than even she was.

She pointed out, "When it comes to this kind of thing, sure, it hurts at first. But then it gets better. Think about when a woman is a virgin and you've gotta get past her hymen. You've done that before, and you know the deal. It's like that, but this is my anal virginity."

He said, "I know, but still. I feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. It's not what I thought it would be. I mean, it's taken over an hour by now just to get you warmed up enough to get to this point, where you can't even relax enough to take more than just the tip of the head of my cock. And we just spent over an hour to try it and came up short. That right there is over an hour I could have been fucking your cunt non-stop. And all this prep work isn't gonna go away in the future, and it's gonna be a whole other ordeal getting all the way in, every single time. I have so much sexy fun with you already that it won't be the end of the world if we don't do this. The bottom line is, I can't stand to see you in that much pain."

She sat up and lovingly kissed his cheek. "That's sweet. But you know me; I don't like to give up about anything. Why don't we do this? Let's put getting your cock log into my ass on hold for a while. Meanwhile, you keep fucking your cheerleader girlfriends. Who knows? Maybe you'll find one not only willing but able to take your huge cock log up her ass. I'll bet you'll have fewer problems hearing her grunt and cry in pain if you don't know her so well. Then, after you see what it's like, you can decide if you want to give it another go with me. I'll bet you will."

"But Mom!" he whined, "I want you to be my first."

She kissed him again. "Awww, what a sweetheart. But don't worry, you'll still be my first. My first and only! And technically, I was your first. We almost got your entire cockhead in, didn't we?"

Unlike Leah, Tommy had had an excellent vantage point to visually watch his progress. He hadn't even been close to getting the head of his cock into her. He mumbled, "Yeah, I guess."

She lifted up his head. "Hey, don't look so glum. We've got this hotel room and hours and hours of fucking ahead of us!" She got up on all fours on the bed and wiggled her bare ass at him enticingly.

Needless to say, within minutes he'd put the anal sex setback out of his mind as he happily drilled her pussy.


After their abortive attempt at anal sex, Leah scaled back her ambitions of taking Tommy in her ass. He was right about one thing - it would take an incredible amount of time for him to get into her butt even if she could relax her asshole enough to take him back there, and that was time that they could spend fucking her other holes. So, within days, she abandoned her expanding butt plugs and put them into a shoebox in the closet. She was surprised at what a difference it made to go to work without all that anal discomfort.

As Tommy and Leah needed each other more and more, the time spent fucking elsewhere or when Carl wasn't there didn't seem enough. So they grew increasingly daring about having sex when he was there.

Just as Leah had predicted, she spent many, many hours "tutoring" Tommy behind the locked door of his bedroom. His grades actually suffered quite a bit, because they spent so much time "tutoring" naked, that he didn't have much time to really do his homework. They got very good at fucking quietly, and the music they kept playing all the time generally covered whatever noises they did make.

Leah sucked Tommy's cock before school, fucked and sucked him when he got home from school, they 'tutored' each evening while Carl was home, and then she gave Tommy one last quiet good night cocksucking before they went to sleep. He also reciprocated with pussy licking more often. He found himself enjoying that almost as much as being on the receiving end.

The only physical contact Leah ever had with Carl any more was kissing, and usually that was just a perfunctory peck on the cheek. She didn't offer Carl her lips anymore, and he didn't make an issue out of it. She'd been expecting to have to claim a headache or some such excuse if he pressed for sex, but there was no pressure from him on that score at all.

Leah would have been surprised at just how long he was content to go without sex, except she now knew he was getting his jollies with another woman.

Between the "dancing" and "tutoring" and other similar cover stories they came up with, they were spending a remarkable amount of time with each other, even with Carl's full knowledge. But Carl either didn't suspect, or was glad Tommy was keeping Leah busy. And of course they spent even more time together when Carl wasn't around.

One downside to their passion was that their work and school efforts suffered. Even Tommy's performance on the football team took a big hit. His head obviously was elsewhere much of the time during practices. He could hardly wait to get home, knowing Leah would be waiting and wearing yet another incredibly boner-inducing outfit just for him. Then usually she'd do a striptease before they got down to some serious fucking and sucking. And sometimes, even during official games, Tommy was bone tired from so much sex.

So he wasn't the big sports hero anymore, and he got some flack from his teammates, but he considered that a small price to pay for all the fun he was having. He would choose pounding away in his hot mom's pussy over pounding into other football players any day of the week.

The investigator's report had confirmed all their worst fears about Carl. It wasn't clear when his affair with Joanie had started (since the two of them didn't have any reason to talk to each other about that), but it had obviously been a couple of years at the very least.

And it continued fast and furious every day. Tommy had been right with his suspicions about the roomy sofa in Carl's office - it was being used for sex. In fact, Carl and Joanie were nearly as sexually insatiable as Tommy and Leah were. Carl was living any businessman's wet dream. His secretary generally sucked him off first thing in the morning, and then sometimes another time or two as opportunities came up later in the day, plus lots of pussy licking. Carl had his office locked most of the time, so they didn't have to worry much about interruptions or getting caught. And their lunch breaks did involve eating (or they'd go hungry), but they spent more of it fucking.

Upon reflection, it was rather surprising he'd been able to keep his job.

Leah was livid when she got the first report. But that wasn't the end of the painful news. She paid the investigators to continue their monitoring, and more shocking revelations were gradually uncovered.

For one thing, it turned out that most of Carl's "overtime" was so he could take Joanie to places after normal work hours (and generally fuck her some more). He even managed to sneak off to see her for at least a couple of hours each weekend. Many times, he said he had to work all day Saturday, but he really was somewhere else with his lover. In fact, they found out that Carl never had a "late business meeting" on that pivotal Halloween night, but had spent the time with Joanie.

But what upset Leah even more was that Carl and Joanie were clearly in love with each other. However, Joanie was also married, and she was unwilling to get a divorce for some unknown reason (it seemed they'd made peace with their situation a while back, so it was hard for the bugging to come up with some answers).

They did however get a better idea why Carl and Joanie were going so hot and heavy. While in his office, their sex was fairly ordinary. But elsewhere, Joanie was a dominatrix of sorts, and Carl was her "little pet." She got off on dominating him, and, to Leah's great shock and dismay, he apparently got off on being dominated. It wasn't heavy S&M stuff with whips, chains, and leather outfits, but it was there.

This enabled the investigators to look upon what they already knew in a new light. It had looked like Carl was enjoying blowjobs and other sex acts from Joanie in the office whenever he wanted. But it was Joanie who was dictating the what, where, and when. She liked blowjobs because she controlled his orgasm on her own terms and for her own pleasure, and punished him if he came too soon.

And Joanie also got off on denying Leah sex. Joanie only allowed Carl to have sex with his wife at increasingly rare intervals, which by now had dwindled down to pretty much never. He had to report back to his mistress every physical intimacy he had with his wife, and she punished him in various ways, including harsh spankings, if he so much as kissed Leah on the cheek without permission. Over time, this had worked as very effective Pavlovian conditioning, so much so that Carl barely even found Leah arousing anymore, despite her great beauty.

Leah was shocked, horrified, and disgusted by what she found out. She felt like she'd never known the real Carl in the first place. She also found it ironic that she and her husband had started out "normal," but they became increasingly sexually incompatible with each other as they independently discovered their submissive tendencies. In other aspects of life, such as their careers, they were dominant, which made their real sexual natures all the more unexpected.

It was obvious they never should have gotten married in the first place. Carl and Leah had only been 18 and 17 years old respectively when they'd wed. This was before Leah turned into a raving beauty, and frankly she could have done a lot better if she'd waited. She only knew a few fumbling and inexperienced boyfriends prior to Carl, and she was just beginning to learn what life was about in general. Neither of them had enough sexual experience to realize just how sexually incompatible they were for each other. But she'd given birth to Tommy a year later, so they'd been obliged to try to make things work. Then, both of them were too nice and easy going (and naturally submissive) to confront their growing problems.

Leah, by the way, was slowly discovering the extent of her submissiveness. It turned out she didn't get off on calling Tommy 'sir' or 'master,' or being whipped or bound, or publicly degraded. She definitely let him know when he was going too far and she wasn't enjoying things. She did like the occasional playful spanking, but she wasn't about to let him seriously punish her with a real spanking. Mostly, she just liked it when he took charge and told her what to do sexually, she loved to constantly sexually pleasure him in every way, and she loved thinking of herself as his "fuck slut."Otherwise, in non-sexual aspects, her relationship with Tommy pretty much continued as before, except for the fact that those times where she wasn't being blatantly sexual with him weren't too common anymore since they were just too hot and horny for each other so much. They remained absolutely insatiable.

As Leah put it to Tommy once, "We're damn lucky. Ninety-nine plus percent of the people will never get to experience the kinds of mind-bending orgasms you and I share most every day. We should celebrate that we're so sexually compatible, and use this lucky gift we've been given until we're just too exhausted to keep going."

Tommy couldn't help but agree. He was still quite young, but he knew they had a very unique and special thing, and he tried hard not to screw it up.

Leah was dead set on getting a divorce. But she was also determined to financially screw Carl as much as possible, and that took time. She consulted a ruthless financial advisor, who knew many ways for her to slowly and secretly shift her money and possessions so it wouldn't count in divorce negotiations. But some of these maneuvers were borderline illegal, and all of them took time, in order to reduce suspicions.

That meant that Leah had to continue her charade of a marriage with Carl for at least a few more months. She hadn't been intimate with him since well before the Halloween party. At first, he didn't seem to care (since that only made Joanie happy), but she came up with a vaginal infection cover story just in case, to help keep him at bay indefinitely.

The more she learned about how much Carl was cheating on her behind her back, the more blatantly she wanted to cheat on him behind his back.

And sometimes, "behind his back" wasn't just an expression. It got to the point where Tommy and Leah sometimes would kiss and fondle each other furtively when Carl was in the same room but just sitting facing the other direction.

They could afford to be that daring because they didn't care too much if they got caught. True, that would cause some difficulties, especially if he tried to make their lives hell over the incest, but mostly it would just speed up what was going to happen soon anyway. They knew so many embarrassing details about Carl's relationship with Joanie that they were fairly certain he wouldn't be able to blackmail them over their incest. Sometimes, Leah in particular felt like she actually wanted to get caught, so Carl would hurt about her cheating like she was hurting about his cheating. But still, there was no way to know for sure how he'd react about the incest, and in theory they could even go to jail. Such worries were always just enough to make her to come to her senses.

Once, Tommy was fucking Leah doggie style in the lounge when Carl phoned from work, and she spoke to her husband while her son continued driving his nine-inch cock deeply into her pussy. That caused her to moan and groan occasionally down the phone, but Carl failed to suspect anything.

That was hardly the last time something like that happened. Whenever he called, the odds were fairly good they were doing something sexual to each other, or they'd start in as after finding out he was the one calling.

Another time, Leah was bouncing up and down on Tommy's big dick in the bathroom as she pretended to take a bath, and then she got fucked by him again in the shower, even as Carl was talking to her at length from the other side of the door over whose turn it was to take out the trash.

Once, when Carl thought that Leah had gone out and Tommy was upstairs, he heard a noise coming from his son's room, so he went up to see what was happening. But instead of knocking, he stood and listened for a while, because he thought his son was nailing one of his girlfriends from school. Proud of his son's sexual prowess, he smiled and walked downstairs. But Tommy had Leah pressed against the door, deeply impaled on his rigid cockmeat and was fucking her hard against the wood.

It was a very lucky thing they were just moaning and panting, because Leah had grown to love saying nasty things during sex. Tommy was fairly quiet, but she was a chatterbox, and her filthy words invariably made them both hotter. It seemed like half the time Tommy had his dick in her, she was yelling something like, "Tommy! Tommy! Fuck your fuck slut's cunt with your fuckin' huge COCK LOG!"

As it was, Tommy nearly had a heart attack when he came downstairs and saw Carl watching TV. Luckily, he was able to return upstairs undetected and then sneak his mother out of the house so she could officially "come home."


But that close call gave Tommy an idea. It had been almost a month since the pivotal Halloween party, and his sexual habits had changed a lot. Previously, he'd been taking full advantage of his local sports star status, and having sex with just about any good-looking girl who wanted him. A great many did, because word had gotten around that he had an exceptionally big penis and knew just how to use it. But most of those were just one-night stands, or several nights stands at best, since he refused to make any commitments.

However, since Leah had asked him to change his ways so he wouldn't get an STD and even pass it on to her, he'd been looking at girls in a new way. In addition, now that he was unloading into or onto his mother a handful of times every single day, he didn't have any pressing need for a girlfriend in the first place. Frankly, Leah had him running ragged with constant fucking, and he wasn't about to complain!

But he continued dating girls nearly as much as before, for two reasons. One, he needed to date to keep up appearances at school, since he was already known to be very sexually active. But more importantly, he discovered the more he dated girls, the more his competitive mother would go all out to please him. He had the best of both worlds: he'd have a great time fucking some fun girl in his bedroom all evening. Then, after the girl left, Leah would sneak in and she'd practically fuck him to death to prove how much better she was. Carl would never be the wiser, because he assumed that Tommy was still fucking his date (due to the sad state of their marriage, Carl rarely bothered to wonder where Leah was, or go look for her).

There were about ten truly exceptionally beautiful and sexually talented girls in Tommy's high school. He'd had sex with most of them already, even though he was only 16 and most of them were 18. But only about half of those were nice enough to consider seriously dating long term.

But he was lucky, because one of the nicer and more beautiful ones, Misty, had many physical similarities to Leah. True, Misty's face was completely different from Leah's. For instance, she was more of a cute girl next door type instead of a sultry vixen in heat like his mother. No one looking at their faces could ever confuse them, and she had brown eyes instead of Leah's blue ones. But Misty was exceptionally curvy and busty for an 18-year old. She wore D-cups, which were close enough to Leah's double-D's. More crucial, however, was the fact that her hair was as jet black as Leah's.

Tommy's idea was that if Carl knew he was dating Misty, and then walked in on him fucking Leah in a dark room, he'd assume that he was slipping his sausage into Misty instead.

So he began dating Misty. It turned out they got along great. They shared many of the same interests, and Misty even was a huge football fan. They loved to joke, and shared the same sense of humor. Best of all, Misty was very down to earth and easy to please despite having such outstanding looks.

There were only two snags. One, Misty didn't wear her hair the same way as Leah, and her hair wasn't as long either. But he was able to get her to change her style and grow her hair longer, while Leah cut hers some. Two, Misty was lightly tanned instead of pale like Leah. That was slowly fixed over the next weeks as Leah developed a sudden interest in getting an all-over tan.

It was a very good thing Tommy had developed this plan, because only two weeks after he started dating Misty (and mere days since Carl had first met her), Carl walked into his bedroom somewhat drunk one night, only to find Tommy and Leah naked and wildly fucking on the bed. But the light was off, and Carl naturally assumed it was Tommy and Misty instead.

He paused at the door, and said, "Oh, man! Do you have to do that in MY bed?"

Tommy pretended to be disturbed about that (which wasn't hard to do, since he was frightened out of his mind about Carl finding out what was really going on). As he kept Leah's face pressed closely to his chest, he said, "Oh shit, Dad! I'm so sorry, but Misty and I kind of made a really big wet spot on my bed. I was totally gonna do all the laundry later. Can you go downstairs for five minutes, and we'll move?"

"Uh, sure." Carl was trying to check out Misty, and was frustrated that most of her body was blocked by Tommy's. But he was thinking that she looked pretty damn sexy.

As soon as Tommy and Leah were in Tommy's bed, with his door safely locked, they resumed a very boisterous and bouncy fucking.

Leah whispered, "That was just too hot! We should do that again soon!"

He laughed. "What happened to you wanting to protect him from the trauma of discovering our incestuous secret?"

She snorted. "Yeah, right. One word: Joanie!"

As he drilled her deeper with his big dick, he said, "I loved how you kept squeezing my cock with those Kegel moves your pussy has gotten so good at, even as I was trying to talk to him!"

"Heh-heh! Sorry, but I couldn't resist!"

Things went very well between Tommy and Misty. When he'd dated before, he was all about the sex. It wasn't surprising that he didn't last long with any particular girl, because although his fucking was always impressive, they were looking for something serious with long term emotional commitments. But ironically, now that his considerable sexual energies were being taken care of by Leah, he was happy to talk and go to fun places instead of just wanting sex, sex, sex. In fact, Leah was such a sexual dynamo, sometimes Tommy was happy to go on a date with Misty just so he'd have a chance for his penis to recover for a few hours.

However, a big problem for Tommy was that Misty's body was very similar to Leah's, and she was good at sex by the standards of girls her age, but she couldn't hold a candle to Leah's sexual prowess. So it was like he had to make due with a poor imitation when the real thing was eagerly waiting for him at home. He tried to teach Misty some of the things he'd learned through Leah, but that was very dicey, because it was hard to do that and not to imply that she was somehow sexually inadequate in the process.

Finally, he just explained to Misty that his mother Leah had been really wild in her younger years, and was reputed to have great sexual skills. Furthermore, he claimed she was considering teaching sex classes at a local community college, but wanted to use Misty as a guinea pig of sorts and teach her first.

Misty bought it, and began taking formal lessons from Leah every week.

The change in Misty was substantial and dramatic.

Before long, Tommy was nearly as eager to fuck Misty as he was to fuck his mother. He didn't fuck Leah any less, but just added regularly fucking Misty to his already hectic sexual schedule. He'd already stopped dating all other girls shortly after he started to date Misty.

For months, Leah and Tommy fucked like rabbits at least three or four times a day. They fucked so much that some days it seemed that all they did was fuck, eat breakfast, go to school or work and eat lunch there, come home, fuck, eat dinner, fuck, sleep, and then get up to begin the cycle again. With luck, he'd squeeze homework in there somewhere. If he didn't have any "luck," it was because Misty was squeezing him with her Kegel muscles.

One bonus to all this sex was he quickly learned how to cut virtually all goofing off out of his life. He had no interest in surfing the Internet or channel surfing on the TV, when he had Leah or Misty waiting for him. And Leah made sure he was at least getting his homework done or she'd deny him sexual access, so he learned to finish his school work quickly. (It wasn't necessarily his best work, but it was always done on time.)

He saw Misty about every other day, and on the rare occasions they didn't fuck, she would at least suck him off.

Then there was football, and his other sports the rest of the school year. Sometimes, he was so exhausted that he felt he couldn't even get out of bed. But after about twenty minutes of Leah's passionate wake-up cocksucking and/or fucking, he always found renewed energy. He liked to joke "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and in fact all the extensive sexual activity, plus sports, put him in the best shape of his life.


It was a very, very good life for Tommy and Leah. In fact, things were so good, they were in no great hurry to get rid of Carl, since he impeded their fucking so little (plus, sneaking around him made the sex even more exciting). And all the while, Leah continued to secretly transfer money out of his reach. Leah's job paid very well, but she was nonetheless determined to get all they could so they would never want for money once she and Tommy were living as a couple.

Tommy and Leah fucked in every room in the house many times, in the car, in the garden, against the windows, and even against the front door only seconds after Carl had left for work. They fucked on, over, or against nearly every piece of furniture in the house.

Tommy had once told her, in all seriousness, that he felt like he had been born to fill his mother's hungry pussy it ought to be filled. Leah had corrected him, again, to call her pussy a "cunt" and that her son loving "cunt" needed a "motherfucking monster cock log" fucking into it right NOW!

Just thinking about how perfectly her vagina fit his penis, as if they were made for each other, never failed to get her wet. That led to her thinking that his penis almost certainly WAS made for her, since Tommy was her son.

Leah lived a strange triple life. She lived a double role of fuck slut and wife at home. But her time at work was so different, she felt like that was her third life. She still excelled at her job, but oftentimes her thoughts were on her son and his big cock. Sometimes, even in the middle of important meetings, she would space out, smile, and lick her lips hungrily.

She'd invented a cover story to explain this behavior. Ever since the night of the Halloween party, she'd been walking with a spring in her step and a near constant smile on her face. She told her co-workers that her marriage had fallen apart, but so slowly that they didn't realize it until it was almost too late. But she'd patched things up with Carl, and it was like they were having a second honeymoon. That removed any possible suspicions, because she acted like the woman wildly in love that she was, even months after the party. And her story had some truth to it, but it was her son that was keeping the smile on her face by giving her more sex than she'd had in her entire married life.

With an eye to the future, she gradually exchanged the photos of her husband on her office desk and even in her wallet with pictures of Tommy. She carefully chose pictures of him in business suits or otherwise angled or dressed to look much older than his sixteen years. It helped that Tommy had kept his hair style cut just like Carl's ever since the Halloween party. That way, if he was seen out in public with Leah and they were acting like a couple, they could just claim they really were Leah and Carl (unless, of course, Carl was the one who saw them!).

One day, Tommy had only a half day at school, and Leah hadn't realized it. He had a car of his own by then, so he decided to drive to her work and surprise her by taking her out for lunch.

Well, that was the plan. Virtually no one in Leah's office knew Carl, so he'd put on his duplicate of Carl's glasses and went to her office dressed in a business suit and tie like his father would be.

Leah had been working on her computer in her inner office when she was buzzed that she had a visitor.

Stella, Leah's personal assistant and the person on her staff closest to her, came into her office seconds later, and said, "I've got a pleasant surprise for you. Guess who's here to visit you?" She paused dramatically and turned towards the door. "Ta-da! Your husband!"

Leah struggled mightily not to show her annoyance and disappointment, thinking it really was Carl.

Tommy walked in, all smiles.

Leah's secretly sour attitude vanished in an instant.

Stella naturally assumed Tommy was Carl, because she was familiar with the family pictures Leah kept in her office, plus he introduced himself as Carl from the get-go. She might have thought he was Tommy if he'd dressed like a teenager. But the business suit and glasses he wore made all the difference.

Tommy walked right into her inner office without knocking, and closed the door behind him, but not before Stella joined them too.

Shocked, Leah stood up and rushed around her big desk. Thanks to her surprise, she wasn't thinking and very nearly called out "Tommy!"

But Tommy had been anticipating that, so as soon as he walked in, he exclaimed, "Wife! My beautiful, lovely wife! How has your day been, Leah?"

She threw her arms around her son and they started French kissing.

Stella just grinned and started to walk away. "I'll just leave you two lovebirds be."

But before Stella could close the door behind her, Leah abruptly broke the kiss and looked up. "Wait! Hold all my calls, and cancel everything on my schedule for the rest of the day!"

Stella was surprised. "For the rest of the day? Are you sure?" It was only 12:30, and Leah usually went home between 3 and 4, depending on Tommy's sports practice schedule, so she could get there just before he did.

Tommy spoke up. "You don't need to do that, honey. I just came here to take you out to lunch."

Leah said, "Nonsense! You never ever come to work, and I'm the boss, so I get to do what I want! Besides, there's nothing of great import happening this afternoon. Isn't that right, Stella?"

Stella just nodded. But even before she did that, Leah and her son were necking again and didn't see her. Amused, she closed the door behind her.

Leah immediately broke this kiss and started unbuttoning her blouse. "Now, what's this bullshit about taking me to lunch?"

"It's not bullshit. I really love you, and can't wait to spend time with you."

"Awww, how sweet! I love you too. But unfortunately, that's not what's gonna happen today. I've got a burning hot CUNT, now that I've seen you, and I need Mr. Hot Cock to fill it!" With her blouse unbuttoned to her belly button, she reached inside, fiddled about, and then pulled her bra out.

She held it up and chuckled. "Can you believe it? A bra! I have to wear these damn things at work every day. But not if you're here!" She pulled her long skirt up and attempted to wiggle her panties down her sleek legs.

He said, "Wait a minute. I really did come here just to eat. We don't have to fuck. I figure that would be too dangerous anyway."

"You are just so sweet! Gawwwd, am I gonna reward you for that. But don't worry, Stella has discretion. She'll know not to let anyone in here without warning me. She'll warn my secretary and everyone else to leave me alone too."

As she unbuttoned his slacks, he said, "Wait. I thought she's your secretary."

"No, she's my personal assistant. My secretary is the woman you passed sitting at a desk in my outer office. Your mom is a high muckety-muck. I have both!"

"What's the difference?" he asked.

She dropped to her knees and held his erection with both hands. "Do you want me to talk, or suck your cock?"


She started to stroke. "Hey, I'm the boss of this whole floor. What I say goes! And what I'm saying right now is that I NEEEED to deep throat your big cock!"

Stella was pleased. She was Leah's good friend as well as her assistant, and she was glad to finally meet the husband of her boss. She was a good judge of character, and instinctively felt he was a nice guy. Besides, any fool could see from the way they looked at each other that they were deeply in love.

She was quite startled at just how young he looked though. But she reminded herself that Leah looked quite young as well.

About twenty minutes later, Leah buzzed Stella on her intercom and had her get enough take-out food for two from a local restaurant.

Stella was amused when she knocked on Leah's door a little while later to hand over the food, but the door only opened a crack, a hand reached out and grabbed the bag of food, and then the door shut tight. She laughed, figuring Leah and her husband were busy getting "reacquainted."

Stella made sure to redirect all of Leah's work elsewhere. If something really important came up, she would notify her by e-mail or intercom message, so she wouldn't be a disturbance. But she was used to freely coming and going to Leah's office. As Leah's personal assistant, she was like her shadow, standing near her most of the day (it had been quite unusual that she'd been in the outer office when Carl first arrived). To be completely barred from her office was a totally unfamiliar experience for her.

So when she intercepted a call and found that one of Leah's important higher-ups from the company's main headquarters was coming to their office later than afternoon, she fell back into her usual habits and burst into Leah's office after only a perfunctory knock.

She didn't look up straight away, because she was multi-tasking and looking at an incoming message on her Blackberry. But she detected a scramble of activity at the edge of her vision, and when she looked up, she got a shock.

Leah was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Carl (in reality Tommy) was sitting behind her desk in Leah's usual chair. But that wasn't the only surprising thing. His business jacket was nowhere to be seen, and his tie was hanging very loosely around his neck.

He looked up at her and tried to act normal, but it was impossible to miss that his hair was tussled, and he was flushed and sweating like a pig, even though the room was air conditioned. His glasses were gone, and he hoped that didn't expose the fact he wasn't Carl. He looked much, much younger without the glasses, and he was only 16, after all.

As the door closed behind her, Stella asked incredulously, "What's going on? Where's Leah?!"

"Um, she stepped out." It was a bald-faced lie, and it looked like one too. He stared everywhere but at Stella.

Stella said, "Out?! But that's impossible! There's only one door in and out, and I've been on the other side of that door the whole time! I go where she goes and know what she knows! There's no way she just slipped out!"

"Uh, well, she did." He knew he wasn't convincing her, but he didn't know what else he could say.

Irked, Stella put her hands on her hips and gave him a hard look. "Now, what the hell is going on here?!"

"Um, nothing!" He sounded even more like a guilty liar.

After a long pause, Stella narrowed her eyes and asked, "She's hiding under the desk even as we speak, isn't she?"

He blushed and looked away, appearing as guilty as hell. "Um, well, not exactly..."

She had a realization. "She's not just under the desk, she's blowing you, isn't she? She's giving you oral sex!"

A voice drifted up from the general vicinity of Tommy's crotch. "Thank you, Stella. That will be all!"

Stella knew she should have left, but she couldn't help but exclaim, "A-ha! I'm right! Leah, what's gotten into you?!"

Annoyed, Leah's voice said from under the desk, "It's called my husband's damn penis! It's gotten into me for about the last hour straight! Now, can you give us some PRIVACY please, or do I need to find a new personal assistant?"

Stella blanched and staggered back a step. "I'm sorry! I just... I'm sorry!" She noticed Carl's face (actually Tommy's) looked quite pained and strained. She figured he was mad at her, but was trying to hold back.

She was about to turn and flee from the room, but then she heard Leah ask from under the desk, "Why did you come in here anyway? I thought I made it clear I was not to be disturbed!"

Stella stuttered, "I'm, I'm s-s-sorry! It's just that, uh, John Dawson, he's, he's coming from headquarters, and he's, he could be here in half an hour! But I should have buzzed you. I'm sorry!" She found it bizarre to be talking to Leah while only seeing a silent man in front of her.

Leah said "That's okay, just so long as you didn't see or hear anything in here. Is that clear?"

Stella stood up straightly, like a soldier taking orders. "Yes, ma'am! I'm like Sergeant Schultz! I know nusssink! Nussink!"

Surprised laughter drifted up from under the table. But it sounded rather muffled. Worse, Stella realized a distant sound she couldn't place was growing louder and was actually a kind of slurpy and squishy sound. She was floored.

Then, Leah's voice was even more slurred and muffled when she said, "Ssstthella, you are dishmisshed."

Shocked, but also terribly aroused, Stella finally turned around fled.

Once Tommy saw Stella close the door behind him, he looked down to his crotch. He quietly admonished her, "Mom, you're so bad!"

Leah popped Tommy's thick cock out of her mouth and beamed up at her son. As she licked circles around his cockhead, she said, "You're the one who's bad, calling me 'mom' again. I told you not to do that, but you've been saying it about every other minute! Remember, in the office, I'm your WIFE! And that turns me on like you wouldn't believe!"

She paused to slide her lips over his entire cockhead. Then, after bobbing directly over his sweet spot, and moaning lustily she pulled off again and went back to licking. "You like to call me 'Hot Stuff,' but I suppose you think you're the one who's hot stuff right now. You've got your big-titted mother so hot for your cock, she'll even suck and fuck you where she works!"

He asked, "Do you remember the last time we fucked and sucked right on the desk where someone we know works?"

She looked up, and her eyes went wide as she realized he was talking about the Halloween party and fucking in the real Carl's office. "Oh Gawwwd!" Overcome with a wild jolt of lust, she opened her mouth wide and swallowed Tommy's cock like a sword swallower performing an amazing feat. In a matter of seconds, she'd deep throated his dick all the way to his root, and she frantically bobbed up and down on him.

He snickered with glee. He'd learned in recent weeks that any mention of that party at any time invariably fired her desires so much, it was almost like giving her an instant orgasm.

He looked down and loved what he saw. He was naked from the waist down, and it had only been total luck that he still wore a dress shirt and tie. They'd been doing a lot of role-playing in the last hour, and that was also why she still wore her business jacket, even though she was otherwise naked from the waist up. She still had her skirt on as well, but it was jacked up high as she frantically frigged her clit.

He said, "I can't believe what a naughty little fuck slut you are. I tried to flop down in this chair and act like normal when she burst in here. You COULD have helped, and at least just stayed still. But nooooOOOOOooooo! What did you do? You snarfed my cock down and sucked like a Hoover, even more so than usual! You wanted to make me cum while she was still talking to me, didn't you?"

There was no answer.

He complained, "Hey, don't think you can avoid answering just 'cos you're deep throating me! Admit that you're a naughty big-titted fuck slut!"

She pulled off again. At the mention of big tits, she sat up higher and trapped his boner in her cleavage. But she still was able to reach the top of his cockhead with her tongue. As the tip of her tongue swirled around his piss hole and her tits rose up and down on either side of his shaft, she said in a small and shy voice, "I'm just a naughty big-titted fuck slut."

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

Her voice was suddenly much louder, almost too loud. "I said I'm nothing but a naughty, big-titted fuck slut! YOUR naughty, big-titted fuck slut! There! Are you happy? And you're right. I was trying to get you to cum! You think you're the Hot Stuff, with not one but two horny sluts at your exclusive beck and call. All you have to do is snap your fingers and we'll come running to serve your big cock in every possible way!"

She paused to devote more attention to her cock licking and titfucking. "Mmmm. MMMM! ... Mmmm, yeah! ... Where was I? Damn you, your cock is so big and powerful and tasty, I can't even think straight! Where was I? Oh yeah. You shame me every single day, using me as one of your personal sex toys. Even the fact that I'm your mother doesn't stop you, but just makes you fuck me more and more and more! I totally love it, of course, but just for once, I wanted to embarrass YOU!"

He chuckled. "And how did that work out for you?"

The titfuck suddenly ended, because she was compelled to dive down on his pole again and bob madly all over his sweet spot for nearly a minute. She loved it when he got cocky.

But then, just as suddenly, she came up and replied, "Damn you! You know how that worked out! You bested me once again! Look at me! I'm a powerful woman! I'm in charge of an entire fucking department! But when it comes to you, I'm nothing but your helpless, horny fuck slut! Naturally, you turned things around and embarrassed ME, by having such a yummy giant cock log that I couldn't help but lewdly slurp all over it while Stella was still in the room! Now, whenever I open my mouth she's gonna picture your fat cock sliding between my ruby red lips, and it's all your fault!"

He chuckled some more. But then he asked with concern, "Is that gonna be okay? Stella's not gonna tell on you, is she?"

"Are you kidding me? She's totally got a crush a me. She'd throw herself in front of a car to save me. She'll be quiet. You could fuck me doggy-style as I'm literally lying on top of her, and she'd never say a thing!"

"Hmmm! Nice idea for next time," Tommy mused.

"Bastard! And why won't you cum already? Do you plan to just sit in my chair and keep me on my knees as your personal cocksucking cumslut for the rest of the afternoon?!"

"Hell yeah! You're just so full of helpful ideas today!"

She groaned in aggravation and gave him a sharp look before she deep throated him again in an increasingly desperate attempt to get him to cum sooner rather than later.

It wasn't all sucking and fucking though. Tommy actually spent a very long time eating her out as she sat in her usual desk chair. He'd gotten much better at doing that, and they had great fun pretending he was the one secretly hiding beneath her desk and licking her while she had meetings with important people.

They continued like that until the possibility of her higher-up John Dawson arriving made their activities too dangerous, and they had to take their fun elsewhere (she knew Dawson would be visiting for a couple of days, and she would see him tomorrow). They made good their escape with Stella's willing assistance.

Tommy's visit was such a big success that he came back for repeat visits to her office as often as he could. Unfortunately, that wasn't very often though, since he usually had school. Leah loved those visits, because not only did they have their usual great time together, but she didn't feel so pulled apart, as two of her three personas had a brief chance to intersect.

It could have gotten tricky if the real Carl had ever showed up and started talking to people. He would have been very surprised to learn about "his" previous visits. But he seemed to be drifting farther away from Leah with each passing week, so there wasn't even a remote chance of that happening. Leah and Carl still never argued, because both of them had their own reasons to want to see their marriage slowly fall apart.

As Leah had predicted, Stella never said a word to anyone about the sex in the office (which not surprisingly was a violation of company policy). She went out of her way on Tommy's subsequent visits to make sure her boss and her husband had all the privacy they needed, even though she knew they were going to spend most of their time fucking like wild monkeys.

Stella did have her suspicions about Carl's age, but the possibility that Leah was actually fucking her son never occurred to her. Instead, she suspected she'd married someone much younger and was lying about Carl's true age. She wondered if "Tommy" was an entirely fictitious creation designed to make it seem like she and Carl had been married a long time.

But these were just idle musings, and she thought about them less and less the more she got used to seeing "Carl" come by the office for a visit. And no one else in the office had any suspicions at all.


So Tommy's life was pretty great.

But things got even better for him as the months passed. Misty and Leah became good friends during their weekly one-on-one sex lessons. Tommy and Leah also conspired to have Misty join them for many dinners and movies and so forth. As they grew increasingly relaxed with each other, Tommy had been brought in to serve as a "practice doll." For instance, Leah would talk about various cocksucking tricks, and Misty would try them out on Tommy then and there.

It was a gradual process that took place over many sex lessons, but Misty slowly became open to the idea of Tommy and Leah having sex together. At first, Tommy had just been brought in for a few minutes here and there while the three of them remained mostly clothed, but before long all three were naked for the duration of the sex lesson. Then, Tommy and Misty might be trying out a difficult sexual position, and Leah would be right there with her hands on them, pointing out this and that.

One day, Misty came in to the house and went straight to Tommy's room. Now that Tommy was fully participating, it was safer to hold the lessons in his room, in case Carl came home unexpectedly. Tommy was pretending to work on his computer, but it wasn't much of a pretense, since all of them knew he'd be joining in momentarily.

Misty asked as she started to strip, "So, teach, what'll we be working on today?" (Misty had gotten in the habit of calling Leah "teach," especially during the lessons.)

Leah was keeping her clothes on for now, so the attention could be on Misty. She said, "Hold on. Don't move. As long as you have to take your clothes off anyway, this is a good opportunity to practice your striptease skills for your master."

Leah didn't think of Tommy as her "master," and she never called him that. But she'd detected a submissive streak in Misty early on, and she'd worked with Tommy to bring that out in Misty as much as possible. They figured that the more submissive she was, the more obedient she'd be, and thus the more she would accept the mother-son incest. Once the notion was sufficiently ingrained in Misty, Tommy could simply order her to accept it, if need be. So, over the weeks, the lessons had become just as much propaganda sessions emphasizing Tommy's "dominion" over her, in addition to being practical sex lessons.

Misty had taken to these submissiveness lessons so well that Leah had deemed it was time to take the big gamble.

Tommy watched intently as Misty stripped right in front of him with all the agility and talent of a belly dancer.

Leah hadn't told Tommy that she was planning anything special today, but she went to his CD player and put on the song "Brick House." Since Halloween night, that had become "their song," or at least one of their songs, so Tommy raised his eyebrow and glanced at Leah, wondering what she was up to.

But she just grinned enigmatically back at him, so he went back to watching Misty.

Misty turned it into an interactive striptease from the very start. She'd worn a sexy bright red blouse, and slowly unbuttoned it down to her belly button. Then she went to Tommy, and while still swaying to the funky music, she slowly pulled his shorts all the way down his legs. As she did that, she made sure to stay bent over at an angle that gave him an ideal view of her dangling D-cup boobs, just barely contained in her lacy bra.

Tommy began lightly stroking his hard-on once she had his shorts past his knees.

Once she got them all the way off his feet, she stayed with her face practically in his crotch. In fact, she decided to go all the way with that idea, and blew on and licked his cockhead a little bit while he kept jacking off.

But once she engulfed his entire cockhead and started bobbing on his sweet spot, Leah said to her, "Very good so far, Misty. But I think you're forgetting the point of the striptease. A little cocksucking is good, to get him really hot and bothered. But remember, this is a TEASE. Don't go so far so fast."

Misty pulled off. "Sorry. That was my plan. It's just that once I get his big cock log in my mouth, I can't stop myself!" After all these weeks learning from Leah, she had picked up Leah's sex lingo to the point that she thought of Tommy's penis as a "cock log" as much as Leah did.

Leah knowingly said, "I know what you mean." She deliberately used those words, testing to see if Misty would pick up on the implication or be shocked by it. But Misty was busy dancing again and taking her bra off, so she continued, "A powerful, thick cock like that pretty much demands obedience. So yeah, once you start sucking it, it's hard to stop. But that's all part of becoming a good fuck slut - sometimes you have to overcome your natural desires to better serve him."

Misty just nodded as she grooved to the music. She flashed a fiery, passionate expression at Tommy as she suddenly pulled her white lacy bra out of her red blouse and tossed it away. She opened her blouse in the front with both hands to show off her bouncy boobs, but only for a few seconds. With a petulant pout, she covered up again and then spun further away from Tommy as she got more into dancing.

After a minute or two, she realized she was getting into dancing to the funky song so much, she was forgetting about the striptease. She turned to Leah and asked her as she churned her hips to the beat, "Too much dancing?"

"Possibly," Leah nodded. "Why don't you ask your master?"

Misty danced her way back to Tommy, and then dropped to her knees before him. She removed his hands from his erection and said, "Let your fuck slut take care of that." Then she blew on it from only an inch away as she jacked him off. "What do you think, Master? Too much dancing?"

"Not at all," he replied. "I'm really enjoying watching the way you move your slinky, sexy body. You're really good! And with your blouse open but your bra off, I get a lot of exciting glimpses of your boobs bouncing all over the place."

Misty smiled even more than usual. She had a thousand watt smile, and loved to smile all the time. "That's good to hear. But I'm kinda eager to get back to more cocksucking lessons. So I'm gonna hurry it up."

She got back up, and resumed her sensual dancing. But she was true to her promise, and very quickly wiggled out of her skirt and panties. That left only the red blouse still hanging loosely from her shoulders.

Since her sex lessons had started, she'd come to greatly respect Leah, and especially her opinions about sex. So she turned to her and asked, "Too fast now?"

"No," Leah replied. "You don't want to leave your master jacking himself off too long. But before you finish, I think now's a good time for a lap dance."

Misty's eyes lit up. "Good idea! I love these lessons!" She giggled.

Misty immediately straddled herself over Tommy's thighs. She took his hands and brought them to her big melons. "Watch out, naughty boy. If I'm not careful, you're gonna slip your cock log into my pussy. So you just have fun with these for a while." She held his hands until his fingers sank deeply into her ample tit-flesh.

Then she began gyrating, churning her agile hips all over his boner.

Leah was a little jealous, because Misty was quite agile. Misty was double jointed, so she could do some sexy moves Leah could not.

Misty held Tommy's dick most of the time. She was too busy writhing all over to stroke it much, but it was good for her to know exactly where it was at all times, so she could slide her pussy lips all over it.

"Brick House" had long since ended but the CD kept playing the rest of the Commodores' greatest hits. Those were mostly romantic ballads, so Leah changed the CD to War's greatest hits instead, to keep the funky groove going. "Spill the Wine" started to play.

Tommy was getting eager for more, so he pulled Misty's blouse off and tossed it to the floor. Now his girlfriend was totally nude and happily bouncing on his cock while his mother looked on approvingly.

Leah was eager to get in on the action, especially now that another funky song was playing. Misty was bouncing more vigorously, and looked to be having a great time. So she said, "Very good, padawan, very good." The "padawan" was a jokey name for "apprentice" from the Star Wars movies that she used with Misty sometimes. "But how can you take it up a notch?"

Misty slowed her bouncing and gyrating as she tried to consider that. Now that she was a more stationary target, Tommy bent forward and began suckling on one of her nipples. "Um, I'm not sure," Misty admitted after giving it some thought. "I really want to slip his huge cock log into my tight gash, but it's too soon for that, isn't it?"

"It is," Leah replied. "A good fuck slut takes advantage of the opportunities given her. Look at me. I'm still fully dressed, yet I need to get naked before we start our lesson."

"I've got it!" Misty said. "While you dance and strip, I can work on pleasuring his cock while giving him a good view." She began climbing off him to get between his legs instead.

"Good," Leah replied, "but I think his dick is getting overexcited already. And we've got a full hour to go."

"Awww," Misty griped. "Just an hour? Last week, we went two hours."

"Well, we'll see. But in any case, try licking his balls for a while until he cools down."

Leah proceeded to perform a striptease and dance that was as sexy as Misty's, and then some.

All the while, Misty lapped at Tommy's balls and shaft. (But since she was mindful of Leah's concern that he would get too aroused, she generally stayed away from his sweet spot.)

Once Leah ran out of steam and out of clothes, she said, "Okay, Misty, turn around and pay attention."

"Do I have to?" She was objecting to the turning around part, because that meant turning away from Tommy's big penis.

"Yes. His cock log needs more of a rest for a couple of minutes anyway." Once Misty had repositioned herself, still sitting between Tommy's legs, Leah went on, "Now, it's time to begin. Last week, we focused mostly on deep throating. I told you to practice that a lot. How did that go?" Actually, Leah already knew the answer since she and Misty saw each other most every day, or at least talked on the phone, but she thought it would be good to get a summary anyway.

"It's been great!" Misty exclaimed. "As you know, I've been deep throating my Master pretty much every day, usually right here in this room. At first, it wasn't much fun. I was just doing it because it was my homework assignment and because he's my boyfriend and my Master. But each time, it gets a little bit easier, and I can go down on him a little longer. The last couple of days, I've been really enjoying it! It's such a sense of accomplishment, getting all nine thick inches down. I totally feel like a sword swallower! I love it so much that I even insisted on deep throating him when we snuck away during lunch."

"Good, very good," Leah pronounced sagely like she was some kind of martial arts teacher, and not sitting buck naked. "I figured that would happen. And you made some important points. I especially approve of your comment that you'll do it simply because he's your Master. That's the only attitude a true fuck slut can have. And like I keep telling you, the more you totally dedicate yourself to serving his cock, the more pleasure you will receive in return. So, that said, I think it's time to take your deep throating to the next level."

"Oh good!" Misty leaned forward and listened eagerly. "What's next?"

Leah proceeded to outline the advanced deep throating skills she wanted Misty to do. They mostly involved additional stimulating moves while the deep throat was happening. She claimed that the hands and tongue and lips should all stay busy, even during a deep throat.

Misty repeatedly tried to do what Leah asked, but she wasn't successful. And all the while, Leah held Tommy's boner, on the pretense that it needed to stay in place. She'd been doing that last week as well, but she pushed the envelope by openly jacking him off most of the time.

Misty didn't blink or say one word about that.

Both Tommy and Leah found that very encouraging, and gave each other approving looks when Misty wasn't looking.

However, after about ten minutes of struggling, Misty exclaimed, "I don't get it! It's impossible! When I'm deep throating, that's all I can do. It's like you're asking me to take my S.A.T. test while playing in the basketball finals. It can't be done!"

"Sure it can," Leah said, still casually stroking Tommy's dick even though there was no "need" during conversations like this. "You have the skills. I can see that. The only thing you lack now is confidence. Believe in yourself! It's easy! I swear, it really is."

Misty complained, "If it's so easy, let's see YOU do it."

Inwardly, Leah wanted to jump for joy. This was the big opportunity she'd been waiting for. In fact, she'd been on the verge of making that very suggestion. But outwardly, she played it cool, and acted surprised. "Me? You want me to show you?" She touched a hand to her cleavage. "But, you know, he's my..."

"I know," Misty said impatiently. "But it would only be for a minute. Besides, you're already jacking him off, so what's the big deal?" She nodded towards Leah's hand, steadily pumping up and down his shaft, but focusing on stimulating Tommy's sweet spot.

"Well, if you insist," Leah said. She started to bend over towards his crotch. She wanted to do this before Misty had a chance to change her mind.

However, Tommy said, "Um, Mom, if you do that, I just may cum! I've been on the edge, for like, over ten minutes now!"

But she wasn't going to lose this chance, so she just winked, and said, "Try your best." Then she dove down, down, and down some more, until her nose was in his pubic hair.

"WOW! That's cool!" Misty said excitedly. "I know you haven't done your special tricks yet, but just seeing a deep throat from close up is incredible!"

Knowing that she might not have long, given how close Tommy was to cumming, she motioned with her hands towards her face, and then moved her tongue so it bulged out her cheeks. With Misty staring in awe, Leah tried to nod and motion down with her eyes. She wasn't really able to nod, given the fact that she had nine inches of thick cock in her mouth, and Misty wasn't looking at her eyes, but some additional hand waving got the point across.

She brought her hands back to Tommy's balls, and started cupping and fondling them.

"Wow," Misty said again, more in quiet awe this time. She was watching from so close, she almost could have stuck her tongue out and licked Leah's neck. "I get it! Fingers, tongue, lips, throat - everything's going at once! And you say it's easy?"

Leah gave Misty the thumbs up, and went back to caressing his balls. (It actually wasn't that easy at all, but she wanted to be encouraging.)

Tommy had been desperately holding out, knowing this moment was absolutely pivotal for his future with Misty and Leah. He was afraid that if he came all over his mother, that might cause Misty to freak out. But she was reacting with such enthusiasm that he figured things were okay, so he waited until Leah pulled back and regained her breath. Then, just as she engulfed his cockhead in her mouth, he let go.

Leah loved his timing. She disliked when he came while she was deep throating him, because then the cum shot straight down her esophagus and she didn't get to taste any of it. With her lips already sliding over his big knob, she had the perfect excuse to bob frantically over his shaft until he'd shot his entire load into her mouth, and that's just what she did.

Misty vigorously played with her clit and pussy. Leah was doing the same to herself, so Misty came at the same time the other two did. But she was the only one to scream out loud, as if she was being royally fucked.

Once it was clear that he was all done, Leah bobbed on him for another half-minute or so, just to be sure. Then she pulled off and immediately fell back into her teacher role. She asked Misty, "Now, padawan, what did I teach you to do each and every time your master cums?"

"I lick his cock and balls completely clean, to say thank you and show how much I love him," Misty said, reciting a rule from one of her earlier lessons.

"Correct. Now, do you want to do the honors?" Leah pointed the penis towards Misty.

But Misty waved it off. "No way! I'd love to, but you did all the work, so you deserve the prize."

Leah obviously liked that answer. She smiled and went back to licking him. She'd noticed that he hadn't actually shown any signs of going flaccid yet, and she hoped that would hold true. This was the perfect time for such staying power, if they wanted to ease Misty into accepting their incest.

Now that Tommy was recovering, he reached out and ran a hand through Misty's hair. She was still wedged in between his legs, right next to Leah, so it was an easy reach. His voice was still a bit ragged, but he asked, "Misty, you know... Leah is my mom! That fact doesn't bother you?"

"Why should it?" Misty asked cluelessly, as if she'd never even heard of incest before. "It's obvious she loves you, and she's not going to try to take my place as your girlfriend, because she is your mom. And how else am I supposed to learn all these incredible things, unless she shows me?"

Leah was extremely pleased to hear that. But rather than respond to those comments, she pulled her tongue off her son's boner and said seriously to Misty, "We have a situation here. We aroused him so much that he's not going flaccid!"

"Oh! Goody!" Misty exclaimed. "Can I try doing what you just did?"

"Certainly!" Leah tilted Tommy's hard-on towards Misty's face, intending to hand it off to her.

But Tommy groaned. "Ugh! Please! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but just because I'm still hard doesn't mean I'm ready for that. I'm in a super sensitive state. Mom knows just how to lick me clean afterwards and be gentle about it, but to have another deep throating would be a whole other thing."

All three of them realized at the same time that he'd just inadvertently confessed that this was hardly the first time Leah had deep throated him. Tommy and Leah saw the recognition of this dawn on Misty's face, but she just kept on smiling.

Even though Misty was trying to play dumb, it was still an awkward moment. So Leah quickly suggested, "You know, Misty, when you have a boyfriend who's as handsome, hugely well-hung, and charming as Tommy is, there are going to be chances when you can share his cock with another girl. Not often, mind you, because there are all kinds of problems that can arise from that. But every now and then, everything will align just right."

Misty's smile widened. "I think this could be one of those times." She winked at Leah.

Leah beamed with happiness. "It could be. That said, this is a great opportunity to practice a dual blowjob. Are you up for that? While his cock log recovers, we can work on his balls together."

"Definitely!" Misty bent forward a couple of inches and started licking the testicle on "her side." But then she added, "Whatever you say. After all, you're the teacher."

Leah could tell by now that Misty wasn't going to put up any resistance to sharing Tommy, not just today, but into the future. Nothing could have made Leah happier, because her biggest fear was that some remarkable, beautiful girl who was opposed to incest and/or just didn't want to share would steal her son away. In an instant, Leah had become Misty's biggest supporter all the way up to and including marriage, as long as she kept that sharing attitude.

Her heart soaring, she bent forward too and started licking the testicle on "her side."

Tommy was so high on life and lust that he felt he could fly. Even though he was so aroused that he could barely think, the importance of this moment didn't slip past him either. After all, this is what he and Leah had been aiming for after all these many weeks of lessons. He tilted his head up, closed his eyes, and savored the moment.

He had a lot of savoring to do, because only a minute or so later, the two buxom beauties started licking their way up his shaft. Before long, they were intently lapping all around just below his crown.

Sensing that the Rubicon had successfully been crossed, he reached down and fondled a boob from each woman at the same time. He'd been longing to do that for months, pretty much ever since he'd started dating Misty, and now he could.

The two women licked and licked and licked. But all that licking didn't preclude talking, especially since they both needed to take breaks from time to time to rest their tongues and lips. So, after about five minutes, Misty said as she licked up and down her side of Tommy's shaft, "Sharing is fun! I really love this!"

"Mmmm! Me too!" Leah was too intent on her licking to want to talk much. She kept her eyes closed, as she found that helped her concentrate on savoring the joys of cocksucking.

Then, Misty added, as if talking about nothing important, "Teach, you know your way around Tommy's cock pretty well, don't you?"

Leah's heart started to pound wildly, because this was another pivotal moment. However, she tried to act casual. She "stumbled" with her licking briefly, but quickly got back into her rhythm. "Mmmm-hmmm."

Misty hadn't opened her eyes either, and kept right on licking. "That's cool. A big cock like this needs a lot of loving, don't you think? I don't know if one woman alone could handle it all."

Leah opened her eyes at the same time Misty did. She was a bit frightened at first, but she made reassuring eye contact with Misty, despite the towering slab of fuck meat in between them. Her spirits were soaring, but she still tried to play it cool. "That's probably true," she said as she went back to licking right on Tommy's sweet spot.

Still maintaining eye contact, yet continuing to lick, Misty said, "I know so. As his girlfriend, I'm gonna need a lot of help. And who better to help me than you, my teacher?"

Leah was so happy to hear that, she forgot all about playing it cool. She even temporarily forgot about Tommy's stiff cock. "Oh, Misty! THANK YOU!" She wrapped her arms around the beautiful girl, and gave her a big kiss. Without really thinking about it, she kissed her right on the lips, because that's what she was used to doing with Tommy.

Misty didn't quite know what to do about that. She liked it, but in the surprise, she kept her lips closed.

Their big tits also mashed together. They were in such tight quarters that they couldn't avoid that if they tried.

Leah pulled back, feeling very embarrassed. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that; I'm just so excited!"

Misty giggled. "That's okay. I didn't mind at all." To prove that, she bent forward and kissed Leah on the lips. Again, it was only a close-lipped kiss, but the fact there was lip to lip contact at all showed great promise.

Tommy didn't mind at all that his dick was poking straight up, completely ignored for the moment. He was following the conversation quite closely.

Misty was feeling so good, she took a big leap. "You know what, teach? We could keep sharing his cock under the pretense of you teaching me more stuff, or we can just get everything out in the open. He fucks you a lot, doesn't he?"

For some reason, that didn't frighten Leah. Misty's tone and gaze was very reassuring. "Yep. You could say that." She giggled nervously.

"Good! Don't stop! I kinda figured that, for months now."

Both Tommy and Leah were gobsmacked to hear that. They both asked at the same time, "You have?!"

Misty giggled. "Yep. Don't worry, you didn't give it away with anything; you were very careful. But there's just a kinda knowing lusty vibe between you two whenever you're together. It's impossible not to know you're both deeply in love."

Tommy asked, "And you don't mind?! You know, I love you very much too."

Misty nodded happily. "I know. And that's why I don't mind. And I love you so much, you're not going to get rid of me easily." She wanted to kiss his lips, but they were too far away, so she just pulled his erection in closer and kissed it. She liked that so much, that she resumed licking it.

Leah didn't want to be left out, so she resumed licking on her side too.

But Misty wasn't done talking. She said, "In fact, I've been looking forward to getting everything out in the open for a couple of months now. I just didn't know how to do it. I mean, how do you ask a mother and son, 'Are you two doing it?' I was just too shy. But I figured if I played along with these lessons, eventually we'd get there. I'm as keen on dual blowjobs as anybody!" She giggled some more.

Leah asked as she licked, "You mean you were just playing along? You didn't really want these lessons? I'm kinda hurt."

"Oh no! I didn't mean that at all! These lessons have been great. I've honestly learned so much that it's not even funny. I'm so far ahead of all my girlfriends now in everything sexual that it amazes me. Master, looking back, I can see now that you had a lot of patience, putting up with my fumbling attempts."

"Not at all!" Tommy said gleefully. "I haven't exactly suffered. I've been living the high life. And it just keeps getting better and better. I love both of you so much!"

Misty nodded happily at that, but added, "Oh! That reminds me: do I have to keep calling you 'Master?' I have to admit I was playing along a bit with some of the submissive stuff. I mean, I'm submissive, but I'm not THAT submissive!"

The three of them had a very good, long laugh over that. The lingering tension in the room was laughed away. It wasn't THAT funny, but they laughed so much, they almost cried. Tommy's dick was temporarily forgotten again, but again he didn't mind, because bonding was more important.

Finally, they calmed down enough for him to speak. "Misty, feel free to call me anything you want. Truth be told, I'm not that into that 'Master' stuff either. Mom doesn't call me that." He added after thinking some more, "However, I do call her my fuck slut. I hope that doesn't offend you."

"Not at all! I love it when you call me that. Leah, teach, we're his two happy fuck sluts, aren't we?"

"We are!" she exclaimed.

Tommy shook his head in wonder. "Man! Today is a good day!"

The two proceeded to jointly suck and lick him until he had a great cum. In fact, he pronounced it, "If not the most joy I've ever felt, then it's tied, at least." Of course, much of that was from his euphoria over Misty completely accepting the incest and the sharing.

His orgasm was all the more enjoyable because he was able to shoot his cum all over their faces and chests. They both loved it when he did it to them individually, so this wasn't a big surprise, but still he felt a much bigger thrill seeing their beautiful faces and all those massive tits splattered with his seed.

It helped that they loved being sprayed so much. Soon, they were playing with his cum like some kind of fun food fight. They got a bit carried away smearing each other with cum gobs, and even licking it off each other's fingers.

Leah started to say, "As Tommy's two fuck sluts-"

Misty interrupted. "There aren't any others, are there?"

"Oh, God no! Like I said before, I'm not averse to letting him fuck someone else if ALL the stars align perfectly. But I presume that would just be a once in a blue moon thing, like a special birthday or Christmas gift."

Misty nodded in approval.

Leah continued, "The way I look at it, Tommy needs someone nice like you as a girlfriend now, and who knows? Maybe as a possible wife someday. And I'll be there for both of you as a mother, teacher, adviser, and of course - fuck slut!"

They both giggled at that, and closed in for a face to face hug.

Misty kissed Leah on the lips, and this time they shared just a little bit of tongue. "I'd like that. No, I'd love that!"

The two of them shared a loving look that suggested they'd be doing more than just kissing each other in the future.

"I'm so lucky. I know a lot of girls my age would be upset at having to share, but Leah, I like you so much, it's almost like a two-for-one deal." Misty looked down at her big rack pressed tightly against Leah's. "Oh my! Would you look at us? Tommy, don't look! I have this uncontrollable urge to rub my spermy tits all against Leah's equally spermy and even bigger ones, and if we do that and you watch, you just might get all horny again!" She winked playfully at him. She was big on winking.

Leah gasped in mock horror. "Oh no! We don't want that, do we?"

'Well... yeah, we do!" Misty replied, resulting in another round of laughter from all three of them.

Then Misty and Leah got busy with their sensual tit rubbing, while also kissing and licking his cum off each other's faces. They were clearly putting on a show for Tommy, and kept stealing glances at him to see how he was enjoying it.

Not surprisingly, he enjoyed it tremendously, and it wasn't long before he was able to stroke his penis back to full size, even though he'd climaxed twice recently.

Leah said to Misty, "I'm so glad you suggested a tit rub, because I was just about to suggest the very thing."

Misty said matter-of-factly as she rubbed her nipples directly against Leah's, "It's what good fuck sluts do. It's like what you said earlier: a fuck slut has to take advantage of the opportunities presented around her. But you know what would be even better? We should try a double titfuck! I'd just love to see the look on your face, Tommy, as you slide your huge cock log through all that tit-flesh!"

Leah's eyes lit up and she squealed without restraint. "Oh God! Oh God! This is so great! I was JUST about to suggest that very thing. It's like you can read my mind!" She leaned forward and licked a big cum gob dangling off Misty's nose, as their tits continued to slide around, greatly assisted by all the spermy lubrication. But she added with some chagrin, "Geez! Just listen to me. I sound like some kind of thirteen year-old girl about to go to a Justin Timberlake concert or something. I mean, look at me! Who would believe I'm a department head in charge of an entire floor of employees?"

Misty said, "Well, I think it's way hot that you don't let all that success go to your head, and you're still in touch with your inner fuck slut. And I think it's even hotter that YOU'RE FUCKING YOUR SON! Ohmigod! That is just too hot!"

Leah gave up all attempts to maintain decorum. She held both hands with Misty, and they screamed excitedly right into each other's faces.

Tommy had a good laugh at that, but he also kept stroking himself, because it looked really sexy too, especially all the continued tit mashing.

The three of them retired to the bed, and gave Tommy a double titfuck he would remember for a long time. Just for fun, he shot another sizeable load all over their faces and tits, so they'd have even more cum to play with.

Afterwards, they lounged around with their arms and legs sprawled all over each other. Leah and Misty seemed to have no hang-ups about touching each other.

They talked some more, mostly about incest. Tommy asked, "Just to be TOTALLY sure, you REALLY have no problem with that? Or are you just going along with it, like you went along with calling me 'Master?'"

Misty replied, "I know, I know, I'm supposed to be all freaked out. But I'm not. I'll admit I was kinda shocked at first, but that was months ago, when I first had good suspicions. I've had a lot of time to get used to the idea. And sure, if it was MY dad or MY mom, then yeah. No way! Yuck! But you two are so happy with each other, there's just no way to disapprove. Oh, by the way, what about Carl?! Does he know?"

A long discussion about Carl followed, and that eventually led to telling the story about how Tommy and Leah first got involved. And the retelling of what happened on that fateful Halloween night soon got all three of them so aroused, they got physical again.

Leah declared it was Misty's turn to get fucked, because she'd been such a good sport.

But Misty insisted that she wanted to see a mother and son fuck.

They argued back and forth for a minute, until Tommy cut in and said, "Okay, I'm not the 'Master' per se, but you still are my fuck sluts, and I'm taking charge. You two, lie down face to face, because I'm gonna fuck you both at the same time!"

That led to lots more happy squealing. And sure enough, he thrust in and out of one pussy for a few strokes and then did the same to the other pussy, and back and forth until all three of them came at the same time.

After that, they fucked another hour and then some, until they were all completely exhausted and covered in sweat and cum. Plus, Carl was expected to be home soon. About the only thing they didn't do was any direct lesbian sex between Misty and Leah, but they shared increasingly passionate kisses that left little doubt they'd be doing that soon. Today though, the focus was on things the three of them could all do together.

When they were all done, Misty rested in the middle of the bed, with her head resting on Leah's tummy and her feet up on Tommy's torso. Her toes on one foot idly tickled his flaccid penis. She sighed happily. "That was the BEST sex. Ever! No doubt. I feel like some girl playing on the high school softball team who gets spotted by a talent scout, and then next thing she knows, she's playing in the big leagues! Tommy, you know I totally love getting fucked by you, and I still do. Nothing in the world beats being completely filled by your fucking cock log. But three is soooo much better than two!"

Leah said as she caressed Misty's long black hair, "I completely agree. I have to admit, I've been into sharing him mostly for selfish reasons. I figured it was better to get half a loaf than risk getting no loaf at all.

"And what a loaf it is!" Misty joked, as she ran the underside of her big toe up and down his flaccidness.

"Indeed." Leah grinned. "Anyway, I have to agree that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I'm sure that's not always the case, or even usually the case, but we all fit together so perfectly that it just feels right!"

Tommy said, "I couldn't agree more. I say instead of next week, our next sex lesson should take place tomorrow."

Misty joked, "And the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that!"

In fact, that's exactly what they did. Of course they were no holds barred threesomes instead of lessons now, but Leah continued to teach Misty all the sexual knowledge she had.


Tommy's life got a lot better than that. Misty never told anyone about their incest secret, and her relationship with both Tommy and Leah grew much stronger, as deeper bonds were forged between them thanks to lots and lots of sex.

Leah hadn't known how she felt about lesbian sex, and Misty had also been uncertain. Neither of them had been intimate with another woman before. But before long, she and Misty were going at it like old pros.

Misty never told anyone at school that she was part of a torrid bisexual threesome relationship. As far as anyone knew, Tommy had simply stopped playing the field and settled on the one girl he loved. Misty's happy and dreamy look whenever anyone asked her how things were going was enough to tell anyone who knew anything that Misty was getting seriously laid by Tommy on a regular basis, and loving it.

Another month passed. It had been seven months since the Halloween party. In a couple of months, Misty would graduate from high school, while Tommy still had two more years to go. But by this time, she loved him and Leah so much that she made plans to go to college in town instead of far away so they could continue to stay together.

One day, Leah was talking to Tommy in a rare moment when they were lying on his bed, but just talking and even fully clothed. She said, "I really like Misty. I think she could be the one."

"What do you mean?"

"The one you should marry."

"You keep hinting at that, but come on! I'm still only 16, for crying out loud! And she's only 18. That's not even on our radar screens."

"I know. I don't mean right now. Maybe when you're 18, or later. It's up to you, Mr. Hot Cock. But you should lock her up as your special 'girl-slut' now, and don't let her get away. Think about it. I know she's not super brainy, and she's not in the school's gifted track like you are, but she has many remarkable qualities. I suppose it's possible that you can find someone else who's gorgeous, busty, bisexual, kind, totally in love with you, submissive, willing to permanently share you, and even open-minded about the incest, but don't exactly hold your breath. She's special. And in a couple of years, she'll finish growing into her body and she'll be just as voluptuous and curvy as I am. So you'll have two remarkable horny fuck sluts to take care of your big cock, usually together, for decades to come."

"That sounds pretty good."

She teased, "Can I get a 'hell yeah?'"

"Hell yeah!" Then he grew serious, and asked shyly, "But what if I want to marry you?"

Leah had to pause to catch her breath as her heart went all pitter patter. To cover her true feelings, she gushed, "Awww! That's so sweet. I love that you'd ask me that. If you haven't guessed already, I fantasize about that all the time. You know that I'm head over heels in love with you. You'll always be the one true love of my life, even though I'm growing to love Misty more as well. But I'll always be your mother, so your idea is illegal, for starters. Besides, we've got our extended family. Can you just imagine how far your grandparents would freak out? Or your cousins? I've thought about that a lot, and there are just too many reasons why that isn't a good idea. But don't worry, I'll be more than happy to be your de facto second wife."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yes. I've given this a lot of thought. I'm also always going to be 18 years older than you. You need someone your own age. Eventually, somewhere way down the road, our relationship will become less sexual. I hope we'll remain soul mates, but you'll still need someone to take care of your big cock many times a day. Misty is perfect for that. She's a cock-loving slut just like me, but she's totally loyal to you too. I tell you, she's a keeper!"

He sighed happily. "You're right about that. I'd love to play the field some more. You know I have a way with women. There are soooo many gorgeous ladies I'd love to fuck. But I don't want to lose Misty, or what the three of us have. If only I found her a couple of years later, after I got to sow my wild oats some more."

Leah said, "Brace yourself, but I've been talking about this kind of thing in private with her. And I can tell you that if you asked her tomorrow to marry you, she'd say yes."

He sat up in surprise. "Really?! Are you serious?!"

"Dead serious. Of course, she thinks it's way too early too, but she'd rather do that than lose you, if it came to that. But she and I are looking to the future with the assumption that our threesome will have no end. Just the other day, she hinted to me pretty strongly that she'd like to move in with us as soon as the Carl situation gets resolved. She's kind of afraid to bring it up with you though. She fears you think it'll be too much too soon."

"No way! That would be great! God, Dad gone, and living with you two? Getting to wake up with you on one side of me and her on the other? Hell yeah! I'm all over that. True, I'd have to give up fucking my way through the rest of the prettiest girls in school, but-"

She interrupted. "She and I have been talking about that too. You know that neither she nor I have any interest in any other man. As she told me the other day, 'Once you have the best, why bother with the rest?' And I wholeheartedly agree. But we also recognize that men and women are wired differently. Guys have some kind of biological need to 'spread their seed.' I've told you several times before that if there's a 'perfect storm' where we could invite another woman to your bed where all the complications and dangers are worked out, I'd be willing to do that. Maybe just every now and then, as a special thing. Misty agrees. She figures that's the best way to keep your urge to wander in check. Besides, she or I or even both of us might just have a lot of fun with your 'special guests' too." She winked.

He pondered that a while, and concluded, "Hmmm. That's such a good deal, there's just no way I can turn that down."

And so Tommy and Leah agreed to the general outlines of how their future would go. Tommy redoubled his efforts to deepen his relationship with Misty, and increasingly saw her as his wife to be.


The physical similarities between Misty and Leah were obvious, despite their different faces. After Misty came to know all about Carl and his cheating, she worked directly to coordinate their appearance to better fool him. Misty and Leah spent so much time together, whether with or without Tommy, that they even began to sound alike. They proudly called themselves Tommy's "fuck sluts," but Misty also went by "girl slut" and Leah went by "mom slut." As Leah semi-jokingly pointed out once, "The main thing is the slut part. Never forget that neither of us can't get enough of you and your cock log!"

They were like three peas in a pod, always together. But one night, this created a new crisis. Leah was riding Tommy's cock as usual while he was sitting in his father's big leather armchair in the living room. They were both completely naked, and fucking with speed and intensity. The chair was tilted way back, allowing him to be hunched over and sucking on her big tits as they bounced up and down in time to their fucking rhythm.

Misty was right there with them, looking just like Leah's nude twin except for their faces. Her tits had even grown some in recent months, and were just a little bit smaller than Leah's. She'd been royally fucked already a short time before. Normally, the three of them would have been entwined together, but with the nearly violent way Tommy and Leah were bouncing up and down, she had to make do with watching and playing with herself for a while until she got her turn to play with Tommy's cock some more.

Leah had been spouting her usual nasty talk. She'd been growling about how much better a fucker Tommy was than her husband, how much bigger his cock was, how proud she was to be his fuck slut, how happy she was he'd given her a girl slut to play with, and so on.

Then they heard the door open. It could only be Carl, but Carl wasn't supposed to be home for hours! They froze and looking at each other, knowing there wasn't enough time to get their clothes on or even flee the room. Carl was walking their way, and he would be able to see them in a matter of seconds.

Without even thinking about it, Misty dropped to the ground like she was trying to dodge a sniper's bullet. She flattened her naked, busty body against the base of a nearby sofa. She wasn't even sure if the angle was right to remain hidden from Carl's gaze, but she hoped the room was dark enough that he might just think she was part of the sofa if she stayed perfectly still.

Tommy also acted fast. He pushed Leah off his lap and she dropped to all fours between his knees. Then, he quietly hissed "Blow me!" and pulled her mouth down over his throbbing pole.

She was terribly frightened, but she immediately started to suck and bob. She'd come to love sucking his cock so much that doing that blowing him actually relaxed her somewhat, despite the scary situation.

As he heard the sound of Carl quietly walking closer, he arranged her long hair so it would fall over her face. Then he cupped her tits with both hands. They were dangling enticingly since she was on all fours, and he figured, What the hell, I might as well enjoy myself!

Carl was under the impression that his arrival had gone unnoticed since he saw Tommy and "Misty" had made no effort to stop their sex act. He was fascinated and aroused. It wasn't every day one got a chance to watch a beautiful naked woman suck the cock of a boy from only about twenty feet away. He couldn't see much, but he could see the silhouette of "Misty's" tight, round ass thrust up high.

Leah simply didn't know how to give a bad blowjob, and she was licking and sucking with her usual passion. In fact, she was even putting a little extra into it, because the more she focused on pleasuring her son's cock, the less she had time to think about the danger of getting caught. As a result, her entire body was swaying back and forth as she made increasingly deep passes up and down Tommy's cock.

Plus there was the fact that she was cheating on Carl while Carl was watching. That never got old for her.

Carl popped a boner watching a remarkable, bare bubble butt swaying in time to an obvious cocksucking rhythm.

Tommy had his head tilted back, and pretended to be lost in sexual ecstasy (and it wasn't all pretending, but he was too frightened to relax and fully enjoy her bobbing and tongue lashing). He moaned, and muttered, "Misty! Oh Misty!" He said that just loud enough and often enough to make sure Carl heard her name.

For five minutes or more, Carl just stood there with a raging hard-on, watching his son get blown. Carl could tell that was a better blowjob than Leah or Joanie had ever given him. He found himself sexually longing for Leah for the first time in months, since "Misty's" curves and especially her ass reminded him of Leah's so much. Of course, he had no clue he actually was staring at his wife sucking on his son's thick and long erection.

Leah couldn't look up, and had no idea what was going on. So much time had passed that she doubted Carl was still there. But since Tommy hadn't given her any indication otherwise, and eventually he put a hand on her head to make sure she kept her bobbing going. She decided to just remain totally focused on her cocksucking duties and kept at that until she got some signal to stop.

And suck she did! There literally hadn't been a single day since the Halloween party where she hadn't blown her son's fat dick at least once. It was a proud tradition for her to wake him each and every morning with a blowjob lasting a good ten to twenty minutes, before they moved to the shower to suck or maybe fuck some more. And that usually was just the first of several times over the course of the day she would feel her son's thick cock sliding down her throat. Sometimes during the course of her work day, she would find herself in the middle of a boring conversation or project and the saliva would build up in her mouth as her thoughts drifted off to sucking her son's long boner.

Now that Misty had come onto the scene, there was even more cocksucking than before, not less, because dual cocksucking was something they both loved, and it was a way they could enjoy him at the same time. They'd spent many hours in what they'd dubbed a 669 - Misty and Leah would lick his dick together while he licked one of their pussies.

Needless to say, Leah had gotten damn good at blowjobs. She was a vivid dreamer, and often she would think up new moves in her dreams and then try them out on Tommy just as soon as she woke. Even now, she got so lost in her lust for her son's fat fuck stick that she turned her head this way and that to make devastating corkscrew moves, forgetting the danger of exposing her face. Luckily, it was very dark and her hair continued to cover her.

Carl was mesmerized, watching the mass of long black hair bobbing up and down, over and over and over. Seeing the outlines of her sexy long legs and her swaying butt was even better. He wished he could turn the light on to see more of "Misty's" bombshell body. As he stood there, he was reminded of when he was just married and Leah would give him blowjobs kind of like that (though obviously not as prolonged or intense). In fact, the scene was so similar, it was startling to him. He was proud that his son was able to snag such a beautiful and obviously very sexually talented girlfriend. He was also impressed with Tommy's stamina in the face of such an ardent tongue lashing, not realizing that Tommy was so used to being blown like this that he wasn't even in danger of blowing his load.

Finally, Carl decided he'd seen enough. He desperately needed to go upstairs and masturbate to relieve his sexual tension. But to do that, he needed to "officially" come home. He snuck back out the way he'd come in.

Misty had remained frozen in position on the floor, frightened out of her mind, and trying to act like a sofa.

Tommy had remained tense, not fully giving in to luxuriating in the great blowjob, because he'd been keeping an eye on Carl. Suddenly, Tommy hissed, "He's gone! But only for a second! Leah, run and hide! And Misty, take her place!"

Leah got up and bolted to the closest room, which happened to be a bathroom. She crouched as she ran naked through the house to lower the odds of being seen.

She made it just in time too, because Carl merely walked out the door he'd come in, turned around after a moment, and then loudly banged it open.

But Tommy pretended he was so lost in the blowjob that he didn't hear even that loud noise.

Misty had started sucking, and she was channeling the energy of her fear and excitement into doing a particularly excellent job. She'd spent weeks in her sex lessons with Leah learning how to deep throat and then perfecting that technique, so that's what she was doing at the moment.

Tommy had made sure that she'd gotten on all fours instead of kneeling as she usually did. Her body was thinner and less curvy than Leah's, but not by much, so her swaying bare ass looked just like Leah's swaying bare ass.

Carl clomped and banged his way closer to the blowjob, but still Tommy pretended not to hear. Finally, he turned the light on and spoke loudly. "Tommy! What are you doing in the living room?! Can't you do that somewhere else?"

Tommy acted surprised, but he kept on kneading the dangling tits he'd just grabbed. "Oh! Hey, Dad! Sorry! You're not supposed to be home for hours." He only looked up briefly, as if Carl being there wasn't worth his full attention.

"I know, but I had to... Hey, could you at least get her to stop that while I'm talking to you?"

Misty continued to bob up and down with long passes down to the root of his cock. She was having fun now, since she at least was who she was supposed to be. She even kept her ass swaying on all fours, despite the fact that the light had exposed her entire naked body to Carl's eyes.

Tommy ignored Carl's suggestion, and in fact seemed too distracted by Misty's relentless bobbing to even reply. But then he looked up again and asked, "Sorry, Dad, but could you walk out again, stay out there for a minute or two, and then come back? We'll be so long gone by then, you'll never know we were even here."

Carl sighed. "Okay, fine. But in the future, do that kind of thing in your own damn room! Please!" Now that the light was on, he stared for a couple of seconds at Misty's perfect ass, and Tommy's hands kneading her heavy, dangling tits. He really wished her hair was out of the way so he could see what her lips were doing to her son's boner. He also wished he could walk to the other side of the room so he could check out Misty's pussy, but he couldn't figure out how to do that without looking like a pervert.

As soon as Carl left again, Misty stopped her powerful suction and looked up at Tommy's face. She quietly purred, "You're soooo bad!"

"Hey, did I say you could stop? ... Just kidding. Come on, let's go before he gets another good look at your ass. You're mine and I won't share you with anyone, not even just to look at your private parts."

"Just how I like it," she cooed happily.

He took her hand and they briskly went up the stairs.

A minute later, Carl stomped up the stairs, more determined than ever to jack off. He knew he'd have to tell Joanie and she'd make him pay with a very painful spanking, but in this case he felt it would be worth it.

A minute later, Tommy, Leah, and Misty were all safely standing in Tommy's locked room, all of them still totally nude.

Misty exclaimed, wide eyed, "That was so scary!"

Leah said, "Yeah, but an arousing kind of scary! I'm so horny, I could die!"

"What's new about that?" Misty joked.

Leah and Misty both cuddled their naked bodies against Tommy's. Their hands ran up his chest.

Leah said, "Son, you played that so well! Again, you proved that your father's not half the man you are. I love how you forced Misty and me to take turns sucking you off for so long, despite the danger!"

"God, yes! I'm so hot from that, I'm gonna burst into flames!" Misty was the first to grasp his still stiff penis. As she pressed her big tits into his chest and started to stroke his hard-on, she said, "I'll bet this big guy is pretty close to exploding."

Leah also moved in closer, pressing her even bigger tits into him as she also grasped his cock. As her hand tried to find some unoccupied inches to jack off, she said, "Misty, as Tommy's personal big-titted sluts, I think it's up to us to reward our man for handling that so masterfully."

Misty joked as she stroked, "Yeah! In fact, as his busty double fuck slut team, it's our duty! We can do that by handling our man masterfully, if you know what I mean, until he rewards US with another creamy load!"

"Nice!" Leah said, pleased with Misty's wordplay. "But I call 'tie.'"

This was the system they'd worked out to avoid fights. Leah was just as competitive as ever, only now she didn't worry about being outdone by Tommy's "cheerleader sluts," she worried about being outdone by Misty. Since they had become best of friends and she was still Misty's sexual mentor, the competition was a friendly one, but it was still there.

Often, in fact multiple times a day, Leah and Misty wanted Tommy's cock at the same time. To avoid hard feelings, either one could call "tie" and then they'd have to share him together in a dual blowjob, dual titfuck, or a "fuck sandwich."

So, the two of them slid down his body as one until they were kneeling side by side. Both of their mouths were hungry for cock since their blowjobs had been interrupted, so they didn't even have to discuss how they'd share. As they usually did several times a day, Leah took "her side" of Tommy's cock, and Misty took "her side" too.

Tommy closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he reveled in their tantalizing tongue work, dancing up and down his shaft. His "fuck sluts" were getting exceptionally good at sharing. They didn't just lap willy nilly on their sides. They kept a close eye on what the other one was doing, and often imitated that, or did something quite contrary to it. It almost seemed like a carefully choreographed ballet, the way they worked as one.

Competition did not equate to selfishness. They generally kept to "their" sides, if only to avoid head butting, but each graciously allowed the other free reign.

For instance, Leah suddenly felt like sucking one of his balls into her mouth.

Doing that temporarily freed up his entire erection, so Misty suddenly swallowed his cockhead and then kept on diving down and down and down. She'd learned her deep throating lessons well, and she managed to swallow every last inch.

Inspired by that, Leah succeeded in stuffing both of his balls into her mouth at the same time, despite the fact that they were just as proportionally oversized as his penis was. It was a struggle, but it was also a kick to do, because it meant that at least for a few wonderful seconds, every last bit of his cock and balls were either in Leah's mouth or Misty's. Their lips actually touched.

Then Misty bobbed up in and down with long passes, her tongue flitting and tickling everywhere as his shaft slid by it inside her mouth like a slowly moving train. When she finally ran out of air, they switched positions.

One thing Leah still trumped Misty at was at deep throating. She'd discovered that some exceptionally fit and talented human beings could hold their breaths for up to four minutes at that time. She wasn't that good, but she'd learned to deep throat Tommy for up to two minutes before finally having to pull off.

All this constant incredible cock stimulation had slowly increased Tommy's stamina, but even he could only take so much. After they finished taking turns deep throating a couple of times and just went all out with two tongues madly licking his sweet spot, he finally lost it.

As per usual when they were "tied," they pulled back so he could paint both their faces and/or their tits. And, as usual, he did his best to fire roughly equal amounts of cum on both of them so he wouldn't be seen as playing favorites.

Then, in keeping with their personal tradition, Leah and Misty licked his penis and balls completely clean first, and then licked each other clean of all his cum. That often led to a full blown lesbian session while Tommy recharged, but not tonight.

Tommy had fallen back to his bed and rested on it. His women went to him as soon as they'd finished cleaning each other while also sometimes snowballing his cum back and forth in a series of hot kisses.

Leah clung to his left leg, while Misty clung to his right. Leah looked up at him. "So, you having a good day yet, kiddo? You're doing pretty well for a mere 16-year old, I'd say!"

He laughed. "Yeah, I think so, Hot Stuff. Although I think I've gotta redefine what a good day is. This is an ordinary day for me now. Every day is this good, and miles and miles better than the best day in my old life."

Leah said, "Before you start waxing philosophically, I think it's time you give us both a good fucking! Misty, I have a special request. I'd really like to go first this time if you don't mind, 'cos I'm so horny from my son cuckolding my cheating bastard of a husband that I can't take it!"

Misty laughed. "Sure. Go ahead." She looked up at her boyfriend. "Just save something for me, okay?"

They celebrated with an hour of quiet but wild fucking. They could make enough noise for Tommy to be nailing one woman hard, but his two women couldn't talk or cry out at the same time. His women had grown used to having to take turns crying out.

Finally, Leah had to sneak out of the house so she could pretend to come home as a supposedly faithful wife. She'd been making more and more excuses to stay away from her husband, but the later it got at night, the harder it was to justify not being with him in bed. That was about the only semi-intimate thing they did with each other anymore, sleeping in the same bed naked, but hardly ever touching.

Misty also had to go home, since it was a school night. But she pretty much lived with Tommy on the weekends, even regularly sleeping with him all night both nights.

Leah was terribly jealous at that. That was one of the things making her antsy to get her divorce over with.

Sometimes, Leah woke up in the middle of the night, and if Carl was deep asleep, she'd sneak out of the room for a "midnight snack." But instead of heading downstairs to the kitchen, she'd go into Tommy's room and start sucking on his cock. Inevitably, he would stir, and she'd give him a quick blowjob. Or, if Misty was there too, his two women would suck him off until he came. But sneaking off like that was extra dangerous, and she only did it when she couldn't handle her jealousy any longer.


The next afternoon, the three of them were in Tommy's room again for what had become their regular after school threesome fucking session.

After they'd each climaxed at least a couple of times and they were feeling lazy and tired, Leah sat up in the bed. She cleared her throat. "I've got something important to say, so please listen up. Last night was too close. As you know, I've gone back and forth on letting Carl catch us or not. Sometimes I've been soooo tempted. I've practically willed him to stand up or turn around, but he never did. Maybe it was fate, but my anger and desire for revenge has kind of cooled lately, and I think it's for the best that he never finds out. Most importantly, if he ever did find out, he could REALLY make life difficult with the divorce proceedings. We might even have to move away and start again with new names. It's just not worth it."

Tommy said, "I agree. My anger has cooled too. Lately, I mostly just have pity on him. I still think he's the world's biggest idiot. Joanie? Please! I still don't get that. Why does he let her treat him like shit? I used to think he was so cool, but now I'm just embarrassed he's my father. And I use that word loosely - he stopped acting like my father years ago."

Misty added, "You know what I think. I keep saying we should do this kind of thing at my house where we don't have to worry. You know my parents know everything, and have made their peace with it."

Leah smiled wickedly. "If there's no chance of getting caught, what's the fun of that? But seriously, I think it's time to end this charade. Now that we're pretty much fucking in threesomes every day, our 'identical twin' trick isn't gonna help. It's just a matter of time before he finds out, if we go on like this."

Tommy nodded solemnly. "Agreed."

Leah continued, "I'm gonna give him the divorce papers and let him know about the evidence we've collected, so he'll just go away forever. I don't know why, I guess I'm just a softie at heart, but I'm gonna give him one last gift. Carl and Joanie are meant for each other, but Joanie still stubbornly clings to her sham of a marriage. We know from the wiretaps that she'd go with Carl if her marriage hit the rocks, although she'd led Carl to believe otherwise. So we'll give some of the evidence to Joanie's husband. Then the two cheaters will run off together and she can happily whip him forever after and keep his cock in a cage or whatever it is they like to do."

Tommy said, "I have mixed feelings about that, but I guess he is still my dad." He pondered the issue some more, and concluded, "We should cut him some slack. If nothing else, I still feel bad that we cheated on him and disrespected him one night BEFORE we had the evidence he was cheating on you."

Leah looked down sadly. "Yeah. I keep thinking about that. I feel bad too."

Tommy concluded, "So it's agreed. Just as long as he has to leave the state and never come back. That way we can live our incestuous threesome lifestyle more freely without him finding out."

Misty clapped her hands excitedly upon hearing that. "I can't wait! Leah, can you just imagine, the two of us sleeping with our man, each and every night?! We'll be able to wake him with a double blowjob every single morning!"

"I know!" Leah agreed. "And that's just for starters! I can't WAIT to try and sleep with a fat fucking cock log stuffing my cunt all night long. No more getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get my heaping helping of MAN FLESH!" She lasciviously licked her lips hungrily before turning serious again. "But there's more I have to say before we get hopelessly horny thinking and talking about that."

She paused, and took a deep breath. "Hold on to your hats, kids. I have a much more important reason why we need to start the divorce proceedings immediately." She looked down, afraid to meet their eyes. "I didn't mean for it to happen... But no birth control method is 100% effective. ... What I'm trying to say is... I'm..." She looked up and stared into her son's eyes. "I'm pregnant."

That statement hung in the air for what seemed like years. One could hear a pin drop.

Tommy felt like his heart had stopped beating entirely.

But he suddenly threw his arms around his mother's nude body and squeezed her tightly, even though he'd painted her tits (and Misty's) with cum just a few minutes earlier. "MOM! MOM! That is so GREAT!"

She exhaled with great relief. "You're not mad?"

"Mad? No! Shocked? Yes! Stunned, yes! But I'm psyched! This is epic!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "As epic as my usual blowjobs?"

"Even MORE epic, if you can believe it!"

Now, Leah's face positively beamed with joy as they all laughed at that.

Misty was also smiling so much she thought her face would split into two. Even though she wasn't sure how it would be received, she eagerly joined in the naked hug, and squeezed them both tightly.

Even as he kept squeezing Leah with all his might, he looked at Misty's face from inches away, and asked, "You're okay with this, right? The three of us can raise the baby together!"

"Of course!" Misty replied. "I'm so psyched, I think I'm gonna burst!" She bounced up and down as she hugged. But she added to Tommy a bit more soberly, "But you and I are still going to get married, right?"

"Definitely! In fact, HELL YEAH!"

Leah laughed with joy as she heard that, and said to Misty, "Think about it! As often as he fucks us, even if we use several layers of protection, we'll probably both pop out a dozen babies by the time we're all said and done!"

Misty liked that idea, and gave Leah a high-five. They even did a "tit bump" - their own little celebratory tradition of bumping and then rubbing their big racks together.

Tommy rubbed Leah's bare tummy, although there obviously was no bulge there yet. But he was already looking forward to the day he could rub it when it was bigger than a basketball.

"Mom, I hope you don't take this the wrong way or anything, but... um..."


He continued rubbing her belly excitedly. "I am SO going to be fucking your knocked up CUNT every single day until my fuck slut is ready give birth!"

Leah held his hand against her belly and then slid his fingers lower down onto her pussy mound. "I'm going to hold you to that promise..." she breathed, excitedly.

Staggered by the intensity of her gaze, he asked her, "So, um... like, how did it happen exactly?"

She smirked. "I believe you sticking your big fat cock log in my cunt, like you do every day, might have something to do with it." She chuckled. "And you plowed me deep and hard in my cunt, knowing I was nothing more that your helpless fuck slut who lives to get fucked by you, like you do every day. Then you shot a big spermy load practically straight into my womb, like you do every day. And by the way, don't you dare ever stop!" She winked at him. "Naturally, you didn't wear a condom, since you never have with me. And if I have any say in the matter" - she paused and looked at him intently right in the eye - "and you never will!"

"Ditto with me!" Misty happily added.

Leah continued, "That's sweet, Misty. You're a good fuck slut. But even with all the protection I had, given the number of times he deposited his loads in my cunt, even very small odds add up over time. So know that getting fucked bareback carries risks."

"I don't care!" Misty said defiantly. "It's like you always tell me: our master deserves only the best cunts to fuck, and bareback is the only way I want it! Besides, getting fucked will be even better now, knowing that THIS time MIGHT be time he drills his baby into me, even though I'm using protection."

As Leah nodded in happy agreement to all of that, Misty frowned. "But what about... birth defects? I mean, he really is your son!"

Leah shrugged. "Don't worry. I've looked into it. There's only a slightly elevated chance of a problem. In truth, there are many more important factors, especially age. There'd be a much greater risk if I waited a few more years, like a lot of women my age do."

That mollified Misty's worries, and she shouted, "Okay then! Let's celebrate!"

Tommy was all smiles as he asked, "How?" He knew the answer already.

Misty placed a finger on her chin and pretended indecision. "I don't know... Maybe we should..." - her deadpan face exploded into a joyous rapture - "FUCK!"

Leah laughed. "Why, future-wife-slut, I do think that's a most excellent suggestion! We'll fuck the rest of the afternoon away until we sluts can't walk, and then we'll fuck all evening until his cock is ready to fall off! Then tomorrow, I'll hit Carl with his walking papers!"

"Oh and by the way, Son, I'll have you know that I'm still not giving up my ambition of taking your fat fucking cock log all the way up my ass at least once. I don't know if it'll happen before or after your baby is born, but I will get that cock log of yours into my ass, and that's a promise."

Misty was inspired by Leah's determination to have anal sex with Tommy. But having seen Leah in action in all their sex lessons, she didn't doubt that Leah would achieve her desire, someday. She said, "Again, ditto with me! You know I'm kinda scared to take you back there, but if she can do it, I can too!"

Tommy though, was still focused on the paternity issue with the baby. He worriedly asked, "Wait a minute. Is Carl going to be listed as the father?"

"Are you kidding me? Son, the last time he and I had sex was over a month before the Halloween party! If he was it, I'd be giving birth by now!"

That got them all thinking.

Tommy sighed. "Oh yeah. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to put 'unknown' or else we'd be asking for all kinds of trouble."

Leah though, was confident. "Carl won't know I'm pregnant until after the divorce goes through, and we can fudge the conception date a little bit so it happened just AFTER he got the divorce papers. In fact, if we do this right and he moves far away, he'll probably never know at all."

Tommy nodded, and then said, "I just have one request."

"What?" Leah asked, excited that her plan was being approved by her two lovers.

"Tomorrow, I want you to wear the black dress you wore at the Halloween party. You know how special and symbolic that dress is to me. Then, both before AND after you serve him his divorce papers, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you until you pass out!"

Leah joked, "I'm all over that, just like a fuck slut mouth on Tommy cock!"

He smiled widely and shouted, "Can I get a 'Hell yeah?'"

The three of them shouted in unison, "HELL YEAH!"

So it was agreed, and the three of them began the next phase of their extremely happy, entwined, and fortunate lives.


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