6TD: A Different Path
  An e-novel by Silent Assassin

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day (6TD) by Spacer X. The events described here, by a first-time fiction author, fork 6TD Proper, taking A Different Path from any potential spinoffs by Spacer X as well as from other similar Fanfic based on the illustrated original e-novel. Enjoy!

Codes: The following codes are for the story as a whole:
        MF Mf FF ff Ff M F f m mF mult cons rom reluc bi humor inc mother son bro sis dau
        group harem poly 1st oral anal toys lac exhib voy size doct BBr slow

Book  1: Introduction; 1 – 5 December 2002 (Days 6TD+1 to 6TD+5)