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6TD: A Different Path – Part 3
Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)
Day +2: Monday, December 2

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Alan's next two periods went by quickly. Vice Principal Adams made an announcement that all of the students would be required to attend an assembly in the gymnasium on Tuesday, whose subject would be "fighting and bullying."

Additionally, Alan heard occasional whispering behind his back when others thought he wouldn't notice. It was obvious that most of the students were still trying to figure out what had happened with the assault. Some were under the impression that Alan had kicked the shit out of the four bullies all by himself, but others knew that a girl had played an important role. Those students were still unsure whether it was Christine or Heather, because there were conflicting rumors about each of them being somehow involved.

Alan simply refused to talk about it, hoping that the less he admitted to, the sooner it would all go away.

Between classes, football players who were close to the guys who had been in the fight sometimes walked by Alan and deliberately bumped shoulders with him. They tried to make it seem an accidental encounter in a busy hallway, even though it was anything but. On other occasions, they made some vague comments within his hearing about "someone still needing their ass kicked" or "needing to be more careful before they fell down more stairs." Each time, no names would be mentioned, so they could have been talking about anybody, but of course Alan and Christine knew who was meant.

Christine was content to let that verbal harassment slide as long as it didn't go any further. She continued to accompany Alan, still using her "bodyguard" role as an excuse to be next to him. The early idea for them to stay apart to some extent in order not to feed the rumor mill fell by the wayside once they saw how some of the football players were looking for any chance to get back at Alan. Those guys were playing it very carefully, but also trying to see just how far they could push the boundaries. Sometimes, it would go a little too far and Christine would glare at them until they backed off.

Happily, there was one instance where a few other students walked up to Alan and thanked him for exposing that the football players liked to bully everyone around. Each had explained briefly how they too had been bullied.

Alan wasn't sure how to react to that except to tell them that they were welcome and that he hoped that this incident would reduce the frequency and intensity of such situations in the future. He was frustrated that there weren't more students who were supporting him. Aside from the angry football players, almost everyone else appeared interested in the rumors themselves, but were basically indifferent to the underlying bullying issue. The fact that Alan didn't have many friends at school, and that Christine was known as the standoffish "Ice Queen," was hurting their cause.

Donna had seen enough of those interactions to conclude that she needed to find out all she could about Alan. She was smart enough to see how Heather was falling for him, so she suspected that he might provide a way for her to eliminate Heather as a contender for Homecoming Queen. Donna realized that one advantage from what had transpired was that the football players would detest Alan and maybe even Heather after Friday's fight.

So Donna went looking for Brad, Amy's brother. She figured he would be her best bet for inside information since he lived next door to Alan and his sister Amy was Alan's official girlfriend.

She found Brad in the hallway after his second period class, and told him up front what she wanted.

Brad agreed to help in any way he could. He explained, "Donna, the only thing that I know is that my mom and sister were gone when I got home yesterday, and didn't return until late last night. When they finally did come home, I heard them talking about being at the hospital with Ms. Rhymer and something about having to go help Alan out with something. I even heard them saying something about Alan being a hero, but no way can a nerd like him ever be a real hero. I don't know what happened in the fight, but he certainly couldn't have won that fairly. Come on! Him and a girl against FOUR big, strong guys?! He must have cheated!"

Donna just nodded, wanting him to continue.

He added, "I didn't understand exactly what they meant because I had never realized my mother and Ms. Rhymer even knew each other. You don't think her accident had something to do with him, do you?"

Donna answered, "I don't know, Brad, but that makes a pretty interesting story. You know the rumors about the two of them, don't you?"

"No, I can't say I do. What rumors?"

"Alan often spends his lunches in Ms. Rhymer's classroom with just her. Supposedly they're just friends talking about stuff. But who would willingly spend lunch period with a teacher? Besides, given her looks and how he's supposedly turned into some kind of Don Juan, you can guess the rest."

Brad nodded.

"Anyway, I don't know what's happening for sure. What you said does give me some ammo though, and I plan on using all of it. Regardless of how much I have to add to it for effect!" Donna turned quickly and hurried down the hall to get her "girls" to help find out any more damning evidence that could be used.

Brad found it hard to believe that Alan could actually be having sex with a teacher. It seemed too improbable for anybody. But he and Alan had not been close in years, and between Alan dating his sister Amy while apparently seeing other girls and Alan beating up his football friends, he was progressing from attempting to be neutral about Alan for Amy's sake to actively disliking him. If the rumors about Alan and Ms. Rhymer were true, Brad would see that as yet another insult to Amy and further reason to get some kind of revenge on him.

Donna suspected that Alan was sexually intimate with Ms. Rhymer. She knew a lot more school gossip than most, and she'd heard all kinds of crazy rumors recently about Alan's sexual prowess. He'd been linked to every cheerleader at one time or another, except for his sister Katherine, and to many other girls as well (all of whom, except Simone, in fact he'd never actually touched). Donna figured that if Amy had told her brother that Alan had saved Ms. Rhymer after an accident at the beach, then he almost certainly had.

However, her problem was that if Alan was at the beach with Ms. Rhymer, that would make him more hero than villain if the evidence was that he'd saved her from drowning. People would probably focus on that instead of the suspicious fact that he happened to be there alone with her in the first place. If he looked good, that would make Heather look good. So Donna figured she needed to gather more evidence first, so she could find a way to make Alan look bad, drag Heather down with him, and then cruise to an easy victory in the vote for Homecoming Queen that would be held in two weeks.

— — —

Alan was just leaving his third period class, heading down the hallway to his next class, when Heather strolled up beside him. She leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Hi, Sir. How are you today?"

"What in the hell are you doing, Heather? What game are you up to now? I'm not in the mood for this shit today." He spoke quietly but with obvious anger. He looked around to confirm that no one else was listening. Luckily, Heather was playing it safe and had carefully waited until he'd turned a corner and started down an empty stretch of hallway, so nobody else was in sight.

His response hurt Heather's feelings. "No game, Sir. I'm just letting you know that your Bitchslut is willing to earn back her name. Can I not kiss you on the cheek when we're at school? Besides, I've heard something that you might be interested in." She was really upset by the time she had finished saying that. She had finally started to realize that she really did care for Alan and so was now ready to prove it.

"What if the wrong person sees you kiss me? And at school, that's basically everybody." He asked sarcastically, "Aren't you afraid for your reputation?"

"Fuck them, Sir! I don't care anymore. Like I said, I'm ready to show you that I can be a good little bitchslut."

"I'm sorry, Heather. I shouldn't have accused you of anything without proof. It's just been a bad day for me so far."

"I know. Are the rumors true? Were you really at the beach with you-know-who? Did you really save her, Sir?" Heather was careful not to use Glory's name for fear of someone overhearing them.

"Where did you hear that? I really need to know and I need to know NOW!" he said sternly.

"Well, Sir, it just so happens that one of my girls overheard Donna talking to Brad earlier. It seems that Amy's brother overheard Amy and their mother talking about it when they got home last night. Donna put two and two together, plus a lot of who knows what. I don't know yet exactly what she's planning on doing with that information, but I can promise you that it won't be good."

Concerned, Alan said, "Okay, Heather. What do you want? What is it going to take for you to not use this against me or her?"

"Nothing. For once you're really going to need me. You know that I can play these stupid school politics better than anyone. I want nothing in return, BUT I need you to tell me first off if it's true."

He looked around carefully. "Let's talk about this somewhere more private. Quick! Outside!" Standing in the hallway, there was no telling who might be coming or going. Since they were on the first floor, he hurried her outside until he stood on a large patch of grass with nobody nearby.

Heather trailed a ways behind him, then caught up with him.

He was afraid he was making a mistake, because if he admitted that he'd rescued Glory, he would be admitting that he'd been at the beach with her, and that would basically confirm Heather's suspicions that he was intimate with his teacher. Heather knew too much already and was too savvy to believe some fable such as that Glory was just teaching him how to surf or something like that.

Feeling like he didn't have much choice, he said, "Yes, Heather. It's true."

"It is?! What happened?"

"Ms. Rhymer wanted to meet me at the beach." He wagged a finger at her. "And don't even ask me about that!"

She nodded, wanting to hear the rest.

"When I got there, she was already out surfing, but then she went under and didn't come up. I rushed into the water with all my clothes on and, apparently, saved her just in time. She's in the hospital with a broken leg, a concussion, and other cuts and bruises, but she's going to be okay."

Heather replied sincerely, "Well, thank God for that. You know I don't exactly like her, to put it mildly. But I don't want to see her dead! I'm not THAT much of a bitch!"

"Thanks." He looked around with concern. "Don't tell anyone what I just told you. Not even Simone."

Heather thought about his honesty for a minute. She couldn't help but notice that his mood had switched from anger to worry. Maybe some of that was worry about getting caught, but she could see that mostly it was worry about Glory's health. "Sir, don't worry; you can trust me. If what you just told me is true, and I'm sure it is, we both know what that implies about the real nature of your relationship with her."

He bristled visibly at that.

She continued quickly, "But nobody will hear a word about that from me! In fact, I give up trying to come between you. You obviously really care about her if you'll risk your own life to save her. You have my word that I won't use that against you. That was the old Heather. I'm really trying to show you that you weren't wrong in assuming there's a better person inside me. I would also like to think that maybe one day you could care about me like that too. Maybe not as much as you do for her, but care about me nonetheless."

"Okay, Heather. Let's say that you're right and Donna is trying to start something. If you're able to help me, then I'll lift your punishment and it will restore some of my trust in you."

He turned to look right in her eyes, and continued, "BUT, if you screw me on this... it'll be your last chance! You might be able to make Ms. Rhymer lose her job, but with me being of age she wouldn't go to jail. My family has enough money that we would be able to make sure that she was financially okay. So we would still be together and you would be TOTALLY left out. I would be out of your life forever. Do you understand me, Heather? I mean it! This is your last chance. I'm sick of playing games!"

Heather looked like she might cry, but she answered, "Yes, Sir. I understand, and I won't let you down this time. I promise."

"Okay. I guess we'll see. Oh, and Heather, I already do care that way about you. That's why I've been trying to get you to see the loving person that you could be, like I do." He wanted to talk more, such as finding out what she might do to Donna, but there wasn't time before the next class. He started to walk off, but then turned back around and added, "Thanks, Heather."

"You're very welcome, Sir," she replied. She smiled from ear to ear and then left for her next class.

Alan stepped back outside and tried to call Glory again on his borrowed cell phone.

Suzanne answered. "Sorry, Sweetie; she's asleep again. I guess she went back to sleep about thirty minutes ago. I'll be sure to tell her that you called again. She was very excited earlier when I had told her that you'd called to check on her. I thought her face was going to break, she was smiling so hard,"

He replied solemnly, "Thanks, Mother. I'll try to call back during lunch. I love you, and tell her that I love her also."

"I will. Love you too, Sweetie!"

He hung up the phone and headed back to class.


Alan didn't want to go to his fourth period class, knowing that Glory wouldn't be there. It would be painful not seeing her, causing him to remember all over again how close she had come to losing her life. But he made himself continue on after his conversation with Heather. Appearances had to be maintained.

When he walked in, the other kids in the class starting snickering and whispering among themselves. He knew that there had to be dozens of stories going around about Friday's fight and that they were still trying to figure out exactly what had happened.

The substitute teacher hadn't yet entered the classroom, so he just ignored the commotion and made his way to his seat.

He was sitting there with his head down over his desk, trying not to pay attention to the others. He'd heard the door open, but assumed that it was probably another student. Just then he heard the footsteps stop right in front of him.

A female voice said, "Young man, I don't know how your other teacher allowed you to be in her class, but you will sit up straight in your chair when you're in mine. What's your name?"

Alan was annoyed and even pissed off, because this woman had called him "young man," which was the affectionate term that Glory had for him. That was a painful reminder that this woman wasn't Glory. He looked up and saw the teacher standing in front of him with her arms folded right under her breasts. She was obviously aggravated at him.

The substitute teacher was in her early thirties, with long black hair and dark eyes. She looked Asian-American, partially Caucasian and partially some East Asian or Polynesian ethnicity. She looked undeniably exotic, not to mention erotic. She had a nice, slim build and a 36D rack. Guys definitely noticed her when she walked near because she quite simply had a body built for fucking. She was wearing form-hugging black slacks with a white blouse so tight that the buttons were straining not to rip open from her big breasts.

People had told her that she looked a lot like porn actress Tera Patrick, and for good reason. From her sultry, oval eyes to her all-natural, impressive chest, she could have given Patrick a run for her money. Also like Patrick, she had a mixed Asian and European ancestry.

Alan hadn't watched many porn films, but Tera Patrick had been in both Penthouse and Playboy in recent years, and she was well enough known that even he was aware of who she was. In fact, for a few seconds he thought that perhaps Tera Patrick had started a new career and really was the substitute teacher standing in front of him. He was momentarily befuddled.

"Yes, ma'am. Sorry. I'm Alan Plummer, ma'am." He sat up properly in his chair and adjusted his suddenly-engorged penis.

Once she looked away to the rest of the class, he thought, Holy mother of God! Why does she have to be so sexy? I swear, she looks JUST like Tera Patrick! She's got this part-Asian thing going for her, just like Akami, but she's ever sexier and much more stacked! What are the odds?! I want to know who it is that's playing such a cruel joke on me every day. Just exactly how many gorgeous women are there in this damn town?

I wonder if she would let me hold her hair back like handles while fucking her doggie style! Phew! With my track record of success lately, who knows? I just might seduce her. Anybody looking like that NEEDS to get seriously fucked!

Wait a minute! What the hell am I saying? I have to get out of my selfish-lover mentality and focus on the ones that I care about the most!

He heard a snide whisper from another student a couple of seats away. "Look at the poor little teacher's pet now! What's wrong? No one to look after you now, is there?"

Alan looked around to see if he could tell which kid had said that, but without success.

The new teacher heard the snickering just as she was about to address the whole class. "Listen up. There will be none of that in my class. If anyone has any problems, you need to bring them to me. Is that understood?"

Then she went towards her desk, but kept an eye on Alan, trying to see if she could figure him out. He seemed to be a lightning rod of sorts, attracting attention from the moment her class had started. She'd already been informed that he was the one who had gotten into a big fight the prior Friday.

"Okay, class. My name is Sheila Johnson. I'm going to be your substitute teacher until Ms. Rhymer can return to work. For those of you who may not know, she had a surfing accident yesterday and will be unable to work for a few weeks, and maybe longer. I understand that she has a broken leg plus some minor injuries, but the good news is that her doctors expect her to make a full recovery." Ms. Johnson focused once again on Alan, saying, "Mr. Plummer, I'll need to speak with you after class."

Alan nodded. He was startled that she already knew his last name. Then he realized that the school administrators must have told her about the fight on Friday.

He was in a fog for most of the class, but tried to stay with it enough just in case he was called on to answer any questions. It he wasn't worrying about Glory at the hospital, he was trying hard not to think about his sexy new teacher.

Sheila glanced over his way from time to time and saw that he really wasn't paying attention. What's eating him? He's supposed to be one of Ms. Rhymer's best students; they told me that much. He doesn't look like the type to let the other kids get to him, but something is obviously bothering him. It must be important or how could he not at least be looking at me? Teenage boys always do. He's looking everywhere BUT me. Is he that worried about his teacher?

Ooooh, what is that? Damn, look at that bulge!

Sure enough, she had walked by and seen his hard-on. Since he was zoned out, he didn't notice in time to cover it up. In fact, he didn't notice at all.

She tried to focus back on the class. Damn. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about how big his cock must be to be creating such a bulge. Wait a minute. What the hell am I saying? So he's the kid that was in the fight. Apparently he beat four larger guys more or less by himself. I keep hearing the other students whispering about it having something to do with him fucking all the hottest girls. That's no reason for me to get horny over one of my students. I have a cardinal rule about never doing that.

The bell rang at the end of class, so all the other students left for lunch.

Alan stayed seated at his desk, since he'd been requested to stay behind. He still had an obvious erection, a fact that he had finally realized, so he was reluctant to get up.

However, Sheila was sitting behind her desk. She waited impatiently for him to come stand in front of her. When he didn't, she finally said, "Mr. Plummer, I'm waiting."

He reluctantly got up and walked to her. He was careful to keep both hands loosely hanging over his crotch, because his erection still wouldn't go away.

Sheila leaned forward and stared at him suspiciously. "Mr. Plummer, is there going to be a problem with you in my class? You seem to be the target of a LOT of opinions that are very disruptive, and I can't allow that to continue. You're the student that was involved in that big fight Friday at the football game, correct?"

Alan dropped his head, "Yes ma'am. That was me. Most of the students blame me for the team being messed up, with several of the players suspended."

"And why is that?"

"Ms. Johnson, it's a long story. One that I would rather not get into. Especially with a teacher. No offense, ma'am."

Sheila looked at her student and wondered just how much of what the other students had been saying was true. The word is, the whole football team is after him because he's stolen away all the most desirable girls. I find that hard to believe. He seems more like the studious type. But then again, I've noticed he's had a sizable erection for pretty much the entire hour! And that's with him hardly even looking at me!

She asked, "Did you know that when I got this assignment this morning, I was given a special warning to keep an eye on you? The administration is concerned that you could be the focal point of trouble. For instance, revenge attacks or pranks from the friends of the guys who attacked you on Friday. Is that something that should concern me?"

"I don't know. Maybe. Maybe the guy who was snickering at me at the start of class was one of those friends you speak of, or a friend of a friend. I really don't know. I never paid much attention to that kind of thing before. We'll see, I guess."

She glared at him with her arms folded under her ample rack.

He felt uncomfortable being stared at. He asked politely, "Ms. Johnson, I really am hungry and this is my lunch period." He pointed to the clock. "May I be excused?"

He didn't consciously plan on it but, by pointing at the clock, he temporarily exposed the size of the bulge in his shorts. He quickly covered up again.

Sheila tried not to notice, but she couldn't help it. She almost forgot what she was going to say. "I suppose, Mr. Plummer. But know that this conversation isn't over yet. Like I said, I'll be keeping my eye on you. I run a tight ship. I don't want any trouble in my class. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

He was finally allowed to leave for lunch.

As he walked out the door, Christine was standing there waiting for him, intent on continuing her bodyguard role. He started walking with her towards the lunchroom.

Sheila was in awe over the beautiful busty blonde that was waiting outside the door for Alan. Wow! You don't see many students as stunning as her. I wonder if that's the same gorgeous blonde that supposedly helped him out during the fight. Christine, I believe her name is. One thing's for sure, she must be his girlfriend, judging by the way her eyes lit up when he walked over to her. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I saw her brushing her hands up against his like they were trying to figure out whether they should hold hands or not.

Alan really didn't feel like eating in the cafeteria, so he and Christine found Amy so he could ask whether they would walk outside with him to eat.

Naturally they agreed, so the three of them found a nice shaded spot under a tree where they could relax. Alan and Christine knew the rumors about the fight were still flying fast and furious, but they just wanted to forget about the whole subject for a while. Both of them had zero interest in being in the spotlight.

However, it wasn't easy to get away. Every few minutes someone would walk up and start to ask questions about the fight. Sometimes one of them would answer, depending on who was doing the asking. Telling the same story over and over was getting old fast.

To make matters worse, halfway through lunch, Simone came up to them and said, "I thought you all would want to know, everybody is talking about the big fight."

Alan rolled his eyes. "We know, believe me."

Simone added, "But what you don't know is what people are saying. The basic, true facts about who fought who and how it went down are getting around. But there's a lot of controversy, and people love controversy. The main thing is that people don't know how the two of you managed to hold off four big guys. There are two main theories."

"Go on," Christine said. She couldn't help but be curious.

"The first is what I call 'the luck theory'. Christine, that's that you got a lucky kick against that giant guy, Aaron. With him down, the others went to see if he was okay, and by the time they got that sorted out, too many people were coming and so the fight had to stop. The other theory is the 'Heather theory.' That's that Heather got there quickly, threw herself in between you two and the four bullies, and pretty much single-handedly stopped the fight, since the football players knew better than to touch her."

Christine was ready to spit bullets. "Oh, please! Give me a break! What about another theory: the 'skill theory?!' Surely some people must know that I'm trained in Aikido?! And although Alan's not a fighter, he capably held his own. Where's that theory?!"

Simone said, "I suspect there's a lot of truth to that theory. Unfortunately, people are inclined not to believe it. You were up against FOUR big guys! FOUR! Furthermore, Christine, you're a girl. And you happen to be very busty and beautiful."

"So what?!"

"I know, I know! I'm a girl too, obviously! It's annoying to me too, but a lot of people are going to judge you based on your looks, both boys AND girls. Everybody knows you're a sports star on several of our teams, but you just don't look like the fighting type. If you want people to believe your version of events, you need to mix with the crowd and get your story out, fast. If you sit here away from everybody, it's like you have something to hide.

Christine sighed. "This sucks! Look. I'm modest. I'm not the type to go around boasting about this or that, especially a fight. There are no winners in a fight; it's just that some lose more than others. It's nothing to be proud of."

Simone said, "That's very noble of you. Unfortunately, it pains me to say this, but Heather's out there telling everyone with ears to hear that she's the real heroine. I'm sure it hasn't slipped her mind that this could help her with the upcoming Homecoming Queen competition."

Alan asked Simone, "Are you setting people straight about that?"

"No. For one thing, she'd kill me if I did. And for another, I don't know what the truth is. But I do know her very well, and I know she has a tendency to, well, let's just say... think highly of herself. I don't want that to cause trouble with you, Alan, because I know her feelings for you are strong and she's already on thin ice there. She's not deliberately lying; I'm sure she really does think she was pivotal in the fight. Tell me: is there some truth to her saving the situation?"

Alan said carefully, "Yes, there's some. She did arrive in a timely way, and she did stick her neck out to help. But I now know that Christine could have wiped the floor with those guys, even though it was four on one. She had the situation well in hand by the time Heather got there. And there was no 'luck' about it!"

Christine smiled with satisfaction, glad that Alan realized the truth.

Simone sighed. "That's pretty much what I figured. I suppose Heather's taking more credit isn't that big a deal. But be careful; the other football players are pushing the 'luck' theory hard. It's a huge loss of face that some of their guys were basically stopped cold by a girl. No offense, Alan, Christine."

"None taken," Alan replied. "I have no illusion I was the hero. I would have been pulped into the ground if I had been there with anyone other than Christine."

Simone continued, "As much as the football players hate you now, and they do, they would rather portray you as the hero than have it be Christine, because her taking them down is such a big loss of face. But calling it a fluke lucky thing is even better, from their point of view. And having Heather come in early fits in with their wanting to explain away why they didn't win. So I'm thinking the luck theory and the Heather theory are going to combine. In fact, that's already happening. If you don't want that, you really need to speak up soon."

Christine looked at Simone suspiciously. "Why are you telling us this?"

"Because Heather is my best friend, and I'm trying to help her out. Alan, I like you a lot too. And Christine, you're not so bad either." Simone smiled at her. "But sometimes Heather does things that aren't in her best interest. Alan, if you talk to her and tell her to change her tune, I'm sure she'll do a very quick rethink. That's better than if you wait around and get pissed off at her later. The story of the fight hasn't solidified yet, but you have to act fast. Remember the lyrics to the Michael Jackson song 'Billie Jean?'"

Alan said, "I know the song, but what do you mean?"

Simone quoted, "'Be careful what you do, 'cos the lie becomes the truth.'"

There was a prolonged silence as all of them pondered those perceptive lyrics.

Simone left shortly thereafter. She didn't want Heather to get mad at her, so she had to return quickly to her blonde friend.

Alan, Amy and Christine were still sitting there discussing what they should do to get the fight story straightened out (and occasionally eating some lunch) when Mark walked up. He was also on the football team and was good friends with Rock and Ryan, both of whom had now been expelled, at least in part due to Alan. Mark figured that this was as good a time as any to pressure Alan and hopefully embarrass him in front of the other students. "Well, nerd. Are you happy now?"

Alan didn't even look up directly, but replied, "Mark, go away. I have nothing to say to you." Alan knew who Mark was only by word of mouth. He'd been warned about Mark, that Mark tended to hold grudges and not let things drop.

Some other students had seen Mark walk up to Alan and knew what he was up to, so they started gathering around.

"Nerd, I'm talking to YOU! I want you to admit right now in front of everyone that it's your fault that most of our star players are no longer going to be on our team, AND that you're to blame for Rock breaking up with Heather! You're the one who forced him to take drastic measures to defend his pride and take revenge!"

Alan realized he was in a sticky spot. The football players did have some legitimate grievances. He wasn't blameless, especially when it came to cuckolding Rock with Heather.

Amy and Christine jumped up and stood in front of Mark, ready to speak up and defend their boyfriend.

Mark taunted, "Look at the loser, everyone. He can't even fight his own battles. He has to have these two girls do it for him just like he did at the game on Friday."

Just as Amy and Christine were about to argue that, Alan slowly stood up behind them. He placed a hand on each of their shoulders and said, "It's okay you two. I can't let you fight all my battles for me."

Turning his attention to his aggressor, he continued, "Mark, what have I ever done to you? I don't bother you. I don't get wrapped up in school politics. Nothing. Why can't you just leave me be?"

"Because we all know what you're up to! You sabotage the football team because you think you have some type of 'sex god' status now. I don't know what Heather sees in you, but it's fucked up and it's causing all sorts of trouble! Our football team won't win another game all year because of you, you fuckhead! You seem to have forgotten the natural order of things, which is that nerds like you don't deserve a chance with any girl at school, let alone all of the hottest ones! Somebody needs to put you back in your place!"

They didn't realize that Heather and Simone had been standing nearby. Heather really didn't want to go over there because of her dislike for Christine, but after a brief discussion with Simone she decided it would be a good time to defend Alan.

Heather stormed up and got directly in between Amy, Christine, and Alan on one side and Mark on the other. Sir might have thought I didn't do much to help him out on Friday when I did something similar to this, but I'll show him who deserves to be his favorite Bitchslut!

Simone just kind of stayed back, moving near Alan to support him.

Heather demanded, "Back off, Mark! Enough of this crap! What are you trying to prove? Have you forgotten who I am? I'm Heather fucking Morgan! I, and I alone, run this school. Your little clique only exists because I allow it. I am the queen bitch around here!"

Then Heather started addressing the crowd that had been forming, "You all know who I am! You know that if you cross me, I'll squash you like a bug. You all need to leave Alan alone about his damn love life! Yes, it's true that I've had sex with him!"

The crowd gasped. More people were coming to see Heather make a spectacle of herself.

"What's wrong with that? The key fact is that I was the one that approached Alan. He didn't steal me away from Rock or anyone else. Rock and I were done by then. Rock refuses to admit that because he wants somebody to blame. He can't handle that a 'nerd' like Alan is more desirable than he is! And let me tell you, Alan IS! Just about everyone here thinks that he's a nerd and a nobody, but it's because they don't know him. I really care for him. Yes, he's Amy's boyfriend, but they have an open relationship and she lets him sleep around. So tell me, just what did he do that was wrong?"

She looked directly at Mark. "I was done with Rock! I'd already broken up with him." Actually, that wasn't true, but she figured she could rewrite history. "Alan's free to date whoever he wants, with Amy's permission, and I came onto him, thanks to the rumors about his great sexual prowess! And you know what? Those rumors were RIGHT ON! So tell me, Mark, what did he do wrong? Wouldn't you do the same, in his shoes?" She struck a provocative pose. "Are you telling me you wouldn't want to have sex with me?"

Mark was put on the spot in front of a crowd of over thirty students, including the entire cheerleading squad. He tried to bluster, "Well, obviously I would. Duh! But I'm a star football player. That's what's right! The best belong with the best. Having some guy like him, some total loser nerd nobody, come in and poach on OUR girls? Steal away the likes of YOU?! That's fucked up!"

Heather roared angrily, "I'll tell you what's fucked up, that you think that I or any other girl belongs to you or guys like you! What did you ever do to deserve that? Throw and catch an oval ball? Please! Don't talk about 'the best with the best' until your team at least has a winning record! I'll tell you why Alan is fucking me, and Amy, and probably some other sexy girls besides: because he's damn good at it! In fact, he IS the best! So yeah, in a way you're right. He IS a threat to you, because he's way better than you where it counts: in bed! And if you don't like that, then tough shit! There's nothing wrong or underhanded about what he's doing. These rumors and this picking on him needs to stop now. Is that clear? Or do any of you want to cross me and learn the consequences?"

When no one answered, she focused again on Mark. "That goes for you and all your other sorry little teammates too! Do you understand? You called me a slut, and you're right! I am a slut. I'm Alan's slut!"

Simone, Alan, Amy, and Christine just stood there with their mouths hanging open at Heather's all-but-stated admission that she was in love with Alan. They all knew her claim that she was "Alan's slut" would be the juiciest piece of gossip in ages.

Donna had been standing nearby and was also in shock. She had known that Heather had a temper, but she had never seen it openly displayed like this before. Seeing how upset and protective Heather had gotten over Alan, she knew that she had just witnessed something that could turn the tides of the Homecoming title to her advantage. Okay, you bitch! Now I know your weakness: your little nerdy lover boy! You'll wish you'd never shown me that you truly care about him. You might "run" this school now, but you better enjoy it while you can! After that little speech, I'm going to win the Homecoming Queen crown in a landslide!

Mark decided to retreat, to think over this new information. "Fine, Heather! I'll let it go for now, but this isn't over between me and that little punk." He then turned quickly and walked calmly back towards the door.

Heather turned around to look at the four people behind her: Alan, Amy, Christine and Simone. She saw the shock on their faces and realized that she was about to cry. She knew that if she didn't walk away soon, she would, and she NEVER cried in public.

Amy and Christine were still speechless.

Simone, seeing that her best friend was upset, walked off to comfort Heather after giving the others a quick smile.

Alan stood there for a few long moments, taking in what had just happened. "Aims, why don't you and Christine let me have a few minutes here with Heather?"

"M'kay," Amy replied. She seemed remarkably unfazed by Heather's dramatic admission.

But Christine gave him a furious look.

"Please, Christine, just give me a minute. Please? Heather really stuck her neck out there and I need to thank her."

Christine growled with clenched fists, "Who gives a shit about Heather's neck? She deserves whatever she gets!"

"That's no way to be, Christine. You're just going to have to trust me on this. Why don't you two meet me at the theater room once school lets out so we can talk about our date?"

Christine stared daggers at him, but finally nodded.


Alan started towards Heather and Simone. When he got there, Heather had her face buried in her best friend's shoulder, still trying hard not to cry.

Simone felt a hand touch her other shoulder and looked up to see who it was. When she realized it was Alan, she simply tapped Heather's arm and nodded in Alan's direction.

Once Heather looked up and saw Alan standing there, her gloomy mood instantly changed for the better.

Alan asked, "Simone, may I have a minute or two alone with Heather, please?"

Simone looked at Heather for approval. Once she got it, Simone stood up and hugged Alan before walking off to catch up with Amy and Christine.

Heather still had a sour face; she worried she'd gone too far with that speech. "Well I guess I really screwed up this time. I'm sure my reputation has been ruined now. The funny thing is, I really don't care!"

Alan knelt beside her. He took her hands, then reached up and softly caressed her face. "Heather, that was very brave of you. You don't have anything to be ashamed of."

"But Sir, he had no right to keep treating you like that! I can't prove it, but I'm certain Donna had something to do with it. I know what she's doing. She's trying to use you to get to me, and it's working. I screwed up big time, and got carried away with my emotions. Now I've added fuel to the fire. The football players are going to hate you even more than before! I should never have tried to interfere with your personal life."

"Heather, look at me. I'm extremely proud of you for what you just did. You took a very big chance there, and that just shows how determined you are. It also shows me just how much you care, and that can never be a bad thing. Plus it confirms my opinion of the 'good' Heather that's inside you. You should be proud of yourself."

Heather looked up and saw that Alan really meant what he said. "But what if I just made your problem worse? Because I almost certainly did!"

Alan thought about that for a moment before answering, "I honestly don't know. Let's face it though: the rumors were already swirling around that you and I were intimate. That's probably the main reason Friday's fight happened in the first place. People were going to find out about you and me anyway. Maybe all you did was speed things up."

Heather groused, "That's a charitable interpretation. I screwed things up, royally!"

He knew there was a lot of truth in that, since it was one thing for others to think he might be fucking Heather, but it was another entirely for her to dispel all doubt by publicly proclaiming that she was "Alan's slut." He knew there would be a firestorm over that.

He tried to be diplomatic. "One thing that I'm sure of is that you are solely responsible for buying us more time to ward off any of those other potential rumors you were telling me about earlier. I'll have to talk to the other person involved, along with Amy and Christine, to see what our best approach is from here."

Alan stood back up and pulled Heather up with him. They stood there looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Alan looked at Heather for any resistance to his next move, but didn't detect any. Both of them knew that there was still a crowd around, although much smaller than before, almost all of whom were paying really close attention to the two of them.

Alan slowly pulled Heather into a loving embrace.

She instinctively opened her mouth, prepared for what was coming next.

Alan leaned in and began kissing her right there in front of everyone. He started off innocently enough, but as the kiss drew out longer, the more passionate it got. He ended up reaching down and grabbing her ass with both hands, pulling her in closer.

Heather was so overcome with lust and love that she almost melted in his arms. Damn you, girl! Look what you've done! You just messed everything up. Your reputation is shot. You'll be the laughing stock of the school making out with a 'nerd' in front of everyone. But he's not a nerd. He's my Sir and no matter how much I try to deny it, I love him, damn it! Wow! Me! Heather fucking Morgan is in love. Who would have ever thought that was possible?!

Without knowing for sure whether Amy and Christine were still around, but hoping that they were, Heather reached down and grabbed Alan's throbbing cock through his shorts. That's right, you two! I may be last on his list right now, and maybe I'll never be first, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to take every chance I can to rub it in your face that he's fucking me too.

Alan and Heather kept on kissing and making out for several minutes until the bell rang that indicated the lunch period was over and they had five minutes to get to their next class. When they finally stopped and pulled away from each other, the students that had remained after the little showdown erupted in cheers and applause.

Christine had seen it as well, but instead of being happy, she was ready to rip Heather's head off. "Amy, did you see that? What does that slut think she's doing?"

Amy said, "Well C, it looks to me like she's making out with OUR boyfriend. Oh well, such is our life, I guess. We're his girlfriends, but he gets to fuck whoever he wants."

"Aaammmiieeee! You can't be serious! How can you stand there and think it's okay if that tramp is all over him like molasses?"

"C, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, you're going to have to get used to it. Consider this some well-needed practice."

Alan and Heather had forgotten where they were until that moment. They looked around and saw that the other students, including Joy, Janice, and Kim, were actually cheering them on. That made both Alan and Heather blush.

Alan laughed and said, "Well, I guess we really are going to be the talk of the school now. Sorry about that, Heather. I just couldn't help myself."

Heather was blushing with embarrassment, which was rare for her, but she couldn't stop smiling at the same time. "I know what you mean. I completely forgot about everything that was going on around us. Don't apologize. I loved it and wouldn't trade a second of it for anything!"

She tried to recover her composure at least partly before continuing, "I want you to know that I meant what I said. I'm truly sorry for meddling in your relationship with you-know-who. Please tell her that I'm sorry when you see her again."

Knowing that they had to start heading to their classes, Alan said, "To show you how grateful I am for what you just did, I want you to know that your punishment is lifted."

"Sir, I didn't do it for that reason."

"I know. That's exactly why I'm lifting it. I could see the sincerity in your eyes and how emotional you got. If you feel that strongly about me, maybe you'll stop stabbing me in the back. I'm willing to give you another chance."

Her face brightened with hope. "Thank you, Sir! I won't let you down this time. I swear!" She said that and meant it, but at the same time, she wasn't about to stop angling to try to improve her position with him relative to his other lovers. With her skewed sense of right and wrong, she didn't consider that to be back-stabbing.

He nodded firmly. "Good. Now we better get going or we'll be late, my sexy little Bitchslut." He started walking off, holding her hand.

Heather swooned when she heard Alan calling her "Bitchslut" once again. Her smile was absolutely radiant, and her heart soared and thumped hard.

"Heather, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Can you ask Kim, Janice, and Joy to meet me after school?"

Heather asked curiously, "Okay, but why?"

"Remember the little romp we had over at Kim's house? Well, I've had a few of those without you. I'm trying to get one scheduled for today, to keep the tradition going, and you're invited if you want to go. But I need to see if it's okay if I bail on it and send in a replacement."

"A replacement?! Who?!"


"Oh. Him?" Heather frowned disapprovingly. "Good luck trying to sell that! He may be okay, but he's not you. I'm not going to go if you're not there, that's for sure!"

"Well, I won't be."

"So forget it! Sir, as far as I'm concerned, this ass belongs to you!" She dramatically turned and flipped her miniskirt up to show off her tanned ass. She was wearing panties, but it was a very sexy and inspiring sight just the same.

She took his hand again and they resumed walking. "I'm glad everyone in school now knows that I'm your slut! One of your many sluts, that is. It feels good to come clean. I can do things like that just now and not worry about who sees it. Anyway, I'll talk to those girls and have them see you, but if you're not going to be there to fuck them, I doubt there's anything you can say to them to make them go."

"Thanks. We'll see about that."

Just before they got inside, they passed Ms. Johnson standing near the door. She'd been lurking in the shadows, and they were so into each other that they didn't notice her, even when they passed within a few feet of her.

She'd been standing there the entire time and even though she wasn't able to hear most of Alan and Heather's conversation, she did catch the tail end of it, when they had been coming closer. "Sir, as far as I'm concerned, this ass belongs to you?!" Are you kidding me?! And "I'm glad everyone in school now knows that I'm your slut! One of your many sluts, that is." Holy shit! Just who is this Alan guy?! I'm brand new here, but even I can see that Heather must be one of the most desirable girls in the whole school, if not THE most desirable!

She started to hurry back to her next class. Mmmm. Interesting, to say the least! All of these rumors about this boy. Then he's sitting out there eating lunch with those first two beauties and then all of that between the other two before the big make-out session. So just what is the story with this kid? I thought that beautiful busty blonde who met him after class was his girlfriend, but maybe THIS beautiful busty blonde is his girlfriend? But then again, who knows, if he really does have "many sluts?" I know it's none of my business, but dammit, I just have to find out the full story!

She thought about Donna and the way Donna had gloated and smirked in response to Heather's big speech. She didn't know Donna's name yet, but she recognized her from one of her classes earlier in the day. At least now I know someone who might be able to help me find out. That dark-haired Italian-looking girl, she's acted like she's Heather's enemy, if anybody is. I'll bet she'll be able to spill all the dirt on her if I ask. Then I'll be able to start finding out what's going on here!

Christine was still furious over Heather's speech and the prolonged kiss that followed.

Amy had a different fifth period class than Christine, but she walked with her new co-girlfriend for a while to help calm her down. She could see that Christine had her hands clenched and was still gritting her teeth.

Amy said, while being mindful of their surroundings, "C, calm down please. Sure, we all aren't exactly happy about Heather. And by we, I mean... you know."

Christine nodded unhappily but knowingly. She knew that Amy was referring to all the women in the harem.

"Right. But this kind of thing is an everyday thing for us." Amy looked around carefully and spoke in a quiet whisper directed towards Christine's ear, which allowed her to speak more freely. "Alan, he's the head of the harem. Our role is to serve him. What he says goes. Apparently he really likes to fuck Heather, and he gets a kick out of keeping her as one of his personal sluts. That's the power he has over women, including you and me. We just have to grin and bear it, at least until we manage to talk him into doing without her."

Christine bristled at being reminded once again of what she was getting into by being involved with Alan. "I know that you're right, Aims, but it just royally pisses me off seeing him with his lips locked on that little tramp! I'm honestly starting to wonder whether I'll actually be able to go through with this whole co-girlfriend thing. Especially since I don't know who all his other women are."

Amy pointed out, "You do know a couple, like a certain redheaded mother who shall remain nameless, plus someone who can't be at school today. And you know of Miss X, though you haven't met her. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you. But at least be glad to know there's no one else like Heather."

Christine looked around, careful that no one else could overhear. She wanted to ask more about Miss X and other things, but already she had to hustle off to her own next class. She concluded, "Thanks for telling me what you can. To be honest, it's not really that that's bothering me the most right now. I'm just so PISSED about Heather! ARGH! But at the same time, it makes me really damn horny thinking that's my boyfriend, our boyfriend, openly making out with the head of the cheerleading squad who just happens to be perhaps the most desired girl in school. It makes no sense! I'm pissed at myself for feeling that way!"

"Welcome to my world, C! Welcome to my world!" Amy giggled. But then she leaned in close to whisper again, "If you really want to see him get rid of Heather, there's one thing we can do."

"What's that?"

"We need to out-slut her! The two of us should work together to keep his big thingy throbbing with pleasure for so long and so often that he'll much prefer being with us than her. If all of us, meaning all his other lovers, work as a team to go the extra mile, she won't be able to keep up! For instance, why should he spend time with her when he can spend time with you AND me, endlessly slurping on his thingy together? Are you in? Are you willing to help with that?"

Christine nodded grimly, with renewed determination. "Hell yeah! Just tell me where and when. I'll be there!"

Amy was already starting to walk away towards her own class. "See you after school, m'kay? Maybe we'll start then!"

Christine nodded, then broke into a run to make sure she wouldn't be late for her class.


The bell had barely finished ringing for Alan's fifth period calculus class when he saw Simone walking into the room, carrying a note. She walked straight up to the teacher, Mrs. Metzger, who was standing near her desk, and handed the note to her. Mrs. Metzger looked the note over and said, "Interesting. Mr. Plummer, it seems that the guidance counselor wants to speak to you about the incident on Friday, and after that the school nurse is supposed to check your injuries to make sure everything is okay. Please follow Simone and she'll take you to them."

Those sounded like very legitimate excuses to miss class. However, the fact that Simone was the one delivering the note made Alan highly suspicious. He knew that Heather somehow had acquired a whole stack of hall passes and that she and Simone liked to use them for personal reasons. However, he kept his conclusions to himself, so he stood up, gathered his things and told the teacher, "Yes, ma'am. Sorry for being such a bother."

"You're no bother, Mr. Plummer. Just make sure you get these things taken care of."

Alan proceeded to follow Simone out of the room and down the hall.

They had just gotten out of sight from Alan's classroom when Simone pushed Alan up against the lockers in the empty hallway. Her eyes were full of fire. "You have no idea how hot I got watching you and Heather make out like that! And in front of everyone, no less! It makes me want to tell you to fuck me now!"

His penis immediately grew stiff, thanks to the overwhelming passion radiating from his escort.

She noticed his engorged state right away, because she already had a hand on his crotch.

He deadpanned, "So you're telling me that hall pass isn't legit?"

She answered by kissing his lips.

The two of them kissed with a lot of heat. His hands went to her ass, but he was careful to only clutch her ass cheeks from the outside of her shorts instead of putting his hands inside them. After all, they were in a hallway where anybody could come walking by.

Simone was less careful. She slid a hand inside his shorts and began jacking him off. She figured that if somebody did see them from afar, that person wouldn't be able to tell where her hand was due to the way she had her body pressed against Alan's, with him pinned against the wall.

They necked like that for about a minute. But Alan was extremely nervous about getting caught. It was true the hallways were nearly always empty during class time, but one could never rely on that. He had to remove his hands from her firm ass and physically pry her face away from his. "We can't do this! Not here!"

She growled needfully. "Grrr! You're right!" She was still jacking him off. "Dammit! I'm so hot for you right now, after seeing that kiss! I'm seriously tempted to drop to my knees and suck you right here. Fuck the risk of getting caught!"

He groaned lustily, because she was getting to him. He brought his hands to her chest and fondled her tits through her top. "You... you can't do that!"

"I know! Grrr! I'd do it though, except that I know you last too damn long. We might still be at it by the time fifth period lets out! Can you imagine the looks on everyone's faces if they saw me naked and kneeling, feasting on your cock? 'Cos if I'm gonna do it, I've gotta do it naked!" She chuckled wickedly.

He groaned loudly. She was still aggressively jacking him off inside his shorts.

She continued, "Unfortunately, that could never happen, because Heather would come looking for us. We need to stop because a certain dreamy-eyed blonde demands your presence. You have no idea how all she kept babbling about is how she finally admitted to herself, and everyone else, that she's in love with you." She pulled away from him slightly, allowing her to look down at the hand that was stroking him and making a lewd, moving bulge in his shorts. "She's in love with THIS! Can you believe that she told everyone out there that she's your slut?!"

He panted, "I know! That's pretty crazy! But this is crazy too. We need to stop!"

Simone finally managed to pull her hand back. "Fuck!" She brought her hand to her face and ostentatiously started licking her fingers clean of his pre-cum. "She's such a lucky fucker. She's waiting for you near the theater room. Go to her! Fuck her! Fuck her good! And tell her that I warmed you up first!" She made a big production out of licking her middle finger clean, sucking it like a mini-penis.

He stared in lusty amazement. Then he did his best to position his boner less obviously and try to make himself presentable.

Simone wasn't quite done with him though. She wrapped her arms back around him. "What about me? Promise me that you'll fuck me again soon!" She looked eager to kiss him again.

However, he pushed her away, because he worried that if they resumed necking, he might not be able to stop. "Anytime, Simone. You're a hottie! We'll talk about that later."

He went off to the theater room, where he found Heather waiting right outside the door. He walked up and used his key to unlock the door.

Heather didn't even bother with "Hello." She said lustfully while he was still unlocking the door, "I'm sorry, Sir. I don't mean to be demanding. As your lowly Bitchslut, I don't have the right. But I need you, now! After what happened at lunch, I couldn't wait any longer after you said you were going to lift my punishment. I need you in my ASS!"

He opened the door quickly, then closed it once he and Heather had slipped inside. He thought, I sure as hell hope nobody was listening to that! Good thing the coast is clear. She's too horny to be careful today!

He turned to her and said, "It's perfectly fine. I'm kind of in need of some extra relief today myself. I didn't bring any lube with me though. Did you?"

"NO! I didn't think about it. I guess mainly because I had no idea this was going to happen today. What are we going to do now? Can't you still fuck my ass?"

"Sorry Heather, but no. It would be too painful for both of us and you could get seriously hurt. Those tissues are too delicate; they would probably tear and send you to the E.R. We can still fuck though... if that's okay with you?"

"Okay? OKAY? Hell, you'd BETTER fuck me, damn it!" Then she remembered that she was getting too bossy. "What I meant to say, Sir, is 'Yes! Please fuck me, Sir!' It's been too long since you have taught this bitchslut her place!"

Alan laughed, because for once he actually didn't mind her aggressiveness. He also realized he was being too timid in asking her if they could fuck the other way. So he said, "Do NOT under any circumstances take the fact that I'm willing to overlook your inability to maintain your composure as my weakness. It just so happens that you've caught me in a much better mood than I was in earlier, my little Bitchslut, but I'm still going to have to spank you for your outburst."

Heather couldn't throw her clothes off fast enough so she could get spanked while being bent over the first chair she could get to. She hoped he would immediately fuck her doggy-style in that same position once the spanking was over.

He smiled as he watched her strip. Such a troublesome bitch, but such a total babe! What a body! He said, "Looks like someone is a little too eager. Remember Bitchslut, this is supposed to be punishment, not pleasure. Don't let me catch you cumming until I tell you to, understand?"

Heather was only able to nod her agreement because she was so worked up, knowing what was about to happen, that she thought she was going to pass out.

He continued, "But first I think I'm a little over-dressed, don't you?" He pulled his T-shirt off and slid out of his shorts before dropping them on the floor.

She licked her lips and stared hungrily as she saw his full erection.

He held his boner with one hand. "You may notice my dick is a bit wet. That's because Simone warmed it up for me first. She told me to tell you that."

Heather was pissed. Fucking BITCH! That cock belongs to ME! Maybe I should spank HER!

He correctly read Heather's angry expression. "Hey, don't get mad at Simone. Do you have a problem with her warming me up?"

"No. No, Sir!" Actually, on second thought, that's pretty fucking hot! I wonder if she sucked him off a little, maybe in the stinky bathroom. Maybe right in the fucking hallway! Shit! That's really hot!


She stood at attention with her hands on her head and her tits thrust forward. She was blushing furiously and didn't seem to realize that she was striking such a submissive pose. She couldn't seem to help herself. "Sir! Bitchslut Heather here! Ready to serve, Sir!"

"Good. Very good." He examined her closely. He ran a hand across her beautiful face, then slowly caressed his way down her body, fondling her tits briefly before ending up just shy of touching her clit. All the while he continued to hold his boner with his other hand.

Heather loved it. She couldn't imagine better foreplay, even though she was burning hot already. He made her feel completely owned and objectified.

Finally, he barked, "Assume the position."

She quickly turned around and bent lewdly over the back of the chair.

He made his way up behind her. "Alright now, I want you to know that I expect you to get no pleasure out of this."

Her body was practically shaking with need. "Just spank me already, damn it! Please, Sir, spank me and then fuck me NOW!"

Heather hadn't intended on emphasizing the "now" part of the sentence the way she did. It just so happened that just as she said that word, Alan spanked her. She was already so out of it from pure lust that she didn't think of the smack as painful, even though he had smacked her ass hard enough to leave a red imprint of his hand. For her, it was pure pleasure, because her "Sir" was the one doing the spanking.

Alan said to her, "Bitchslut, I think it's about time I go down on you for a change." He immediately dropped to his knees behind her as she was bent over the chair and began licking the outer lips of her pussy. Just the slightest touch of his tongue was driving her mad with desire.

He took a break from his tonguing and started tweaking her clit between his thumb and index finger. "This is a reward for your no longer having sex with any other guy, ever. If you were, I wouldn't do this because of the chances of catching an STD. Now isn't it better to commit yourself to only me and other girls to get this? Or would you rather keep having boring sex with guys who don't know what you need like I do?"

It took Heather a few seconds to catch her breath before she could answer. When she'd publicly proclaimed that she was "Alan's slut," she didn't intend that to mean that she wouldn't ever fuck any other guy, no matter what. But then she thought about the idea, and in particular recalled how he'd mentioned the opportunity for her to fuck Sean this afternoon. She realized, I don't want Sean now, or later! I don't want anybody else! Who could come close to satisfying me but my Sir? Nobody! If I want variety, and I do, I can still fuck Simone and other girls. I'm sure he has no problem with that. But when it comes to men, Alan is the only one deserving of me!

She was astounded and thrilled at this epiphany. She nearly came on the spot. She was able to manage a lustful whisper, "No, Sir! No one else knows how to put me in my place. Your cock is the only cock I need, and the only one I want! No one else can satisfy me the way that you do!"

Alan moved his fingers from her clit and plunged them into her cunt while moving his tongue action to where his fingers had just left.

That drove her into a newfound frenzy. She screamed out, "Oh my God! That feels so good! I've had others go down on me before, but like everything else with you... it's even better when YOU do it! How in the hell is that even possible? Please, Sir, I'm begging you! Please let me cum! I can't last much longer!"

"No, you may not!" Since he had to pull off her pussy to respond, he took his free hand and smacked her hard again.

"Please, Sir! If I don't cum soon, I'm gonna die!" Her ass was wiggling wildly because her orgasmic need was so urgent.

"Not yet. I'll tell you when. If you cum without permission, I'll stop what I'm doing and leave." He saw that Heather wasn't lying and really couldn't hold out much longer, so he changed his tactics. He knew he couldn't make her hold out forever.

"I'm going to walk around you and you're going to blow me. Is that understood?" He felt in absolute control, not only over Heather, but of everything and everyone at that point. He felt totally triumphant.

All she could manage was a nod. Damn him! Why won't he fuck me yet? Just because I admitted to the whole school that I love him and I'm exclusively his slut and personal cum dump doesn't give him the right to fuck with my mind like this, or does it? Hell, who am I kidding? It does!

And that's hot! I hate it when he treats me like this, but I love it too! I know that if he did everything I told him to, my desire wouldn't be as strong. I'm sure that's why everything is just better with him. He doesn't give a minute's thought to me being bitchy or ordering others around. He just says what he's going to do and then does it, consequences be damned.

Alan let her remain bent over the chair, but walked around to where his cock was inches from her face. She had to prop herself up on her elbows to be at the right height for him. That was awkward and uncomfortable for her, but somehow that increased her cocksucking need even more. Luckily, he was holding his boner stiffly towards her face, since she couldn't use her hands on him.

She immediately lunged forward, taking as much of him as she could in her mouth all at once. She went straight to work. Mmmm! Yes! Delicious! I'm going to show him that he's been SO wrong all those times when he told me that Simone and the others could suck him better than me. I'm Heather fucking Morgan, dammit! He may have plenty of other busty, eager sluts, but I'm his one and only Bitchslut! And bitchsluts suck cock the best! I'll show him!

He could tell that she wasn't going to make it easy for him. He took one hand and fondled her breasts while the other reached over her back and began caressing her ass. I don't care what anyone says about her; Heather has to have one of the firmest asses around!

Not wanting her to lose her steam, he would often allow that hand to slide down between her ass cheeks and make its way to her slit. I may not be able to fuck her ass today, but I can still give her a good time.

After a few minutes of her very excellent cocksucking, he rewarded her by sliding a finger into her anus.

Heather was hit by another powerful surge of pleasure. Oh God, I'm gonna cum! I've got to! But I can't or he said he'll stop and leave! Fucking bastard! I need to get fucked so damn bad, even if it's only in my cunt this time! He's going to kill me, he's so fucking great! And here he's talking about sending his friend Sean in as a replacement for him. HA! He might be able to pawn his friend off on the other cheerleaders, but I don't give a shit if Sean is hung like a fucking horse! My ass, my pussy, my mouth, my tits... hell, my entire body belongs to the only man who truly deserves it: Alan! My Sir!

Alan had been clenching his PC muscle for some time and knew he needed a break, but didn't want to take one for very long. Eventually he pulled his shaft out of her mouth and asked, "Heather, do you trust me?"

Finding it hard to breathe, she somehow managed to answer seriously, "I have no reason not to. You've always tried to be as honest with me as you could about most things. You were upfront from day one that you were going to turn me into your personal cum dump, and you have!" She was going to say more, but worried that she would trigger a big climax.

"Good. I'll be right back." He had seen a small strip of cloth nearby and went to get it.

She was grateful for the break. She closed her eyes and tried hard to calm her breathing.

But in less than a minute, he walked back to her. He took her arms and held them out in front of her. He took one end of the strip of cloth and tied a knot around her wrists. She continued to remain bent over the chair, with her ass poking outrageously up in the air, way higher than her head.

"Sir! What are you doing?"

Seeing the shock on her face, he answered, "You said that you trusted me. Now's the time to prove it. I promise you that I'm not going to do anything to you that you won't enjoy." He then took the other end of the cloth and tied it to the legs of the chair that Heather was bent over.

She was excited, but afraid. Her heart was racing fast. If there was one thing she hated, it was losing control. "I can't believe you're tying me up! I've never allowed anyone to do that before!"

"Think of it this way: if you don't like it, then we won't ever have to do it again. But if you do like it, then I'll give Simone orders as my assistant to make sure she ties you up the next time the two of you are together. Deal?"

Heather's mind went crazy imagining Simone tying her up to the headboard of her bed and then straddling her wearing a strap-on before she remembered that Alan was still waiting for her answer. She wanted to give up on the idea already, but she was determined to go the extra mile for her Sir. "Yes, Sir, we have a deal. But Sir, you promise though not to do it again if I absolutely hate it, right?"

"I promise," he confirmed. Once he was sure she was tied the best that he could, given that it was more for excitement than to restrain her, he rubbed her blonde hair and made his way back behind her. "So, my little Bitchslut, do you still want me to fuck you?"

"Absolutely! I don't just want it... I NEED it! Please fuck me!"

He asked, "What about your orgasm? You're not going to cum without permission, are you?"

"No, Sir!" Her dislike of getting tied up had brought her back from the precipice of climax. She was very grateful for that, because she knew she'd be desperate to cum again before too long.

He got right behind her and grabbed her perfect ass with both hands. He brought the head of his cock to rest right up against her swollen and needy pussy lips. He just left his cock there without going any further, other than to make sure she felt it.

She kept trying to move backwards, hoping to spear herself on his erection, but each time he would see that and move back just enough to keep it touching her but not allowing it to penetrate. Now that she was tied up, she didn't have the ability to move much, and it was driving her crazy. She growled angrily, "You fucking bastard! Don't fucking tease me! Please, Sir! Can't you see that I need this? Can't you see that I'm trying to show you that I can change?"

"Yes, my sexy little bitchslut. I can see that. But good or bad, I'm going to tease you and use you for my pleasure."

She howled needfully upon hearing that. It was frustrating, but it was exactly the kind of thing she loved to hear.

He added, "Remember, you can't cum until I say so." He slowly pushed his cock forward into her tight cunt until he was completely inside her. He had made sure to go slow enough that she felt every single inch as it entered her.

He left one hand on her ass while bringing the other up to grab her shoulder. He used the hand on her shoulder to pull her back onto his shaft as he thrust forward. At the same time, he used the middle finger of the hand that was still on her ass to gently glide in and out of her asshole.

Heather was in pure ecstasy. The best of both worlds! His gigantic cock is balls-deep in my cunt while he's fucking my ass with his finger! No way could it ever get better than this! Actually, she almost certainly would have preferred it if he'd been fucking her ass and fingering her cunt instead, but in the heat of the moment this seemed to be the greatest thing ever.

Her entire body bucked and shook as she struggled with all her might to hold off her cum. "Oh, Sir! That feels so fuckin' GOOD! Teach your little Bitchslut who's boss! Nobody will ever be able to take me the way you do! Like it or not, you're stuck with me!"

Alan could see that she was still very close to cumming, but so far had been obeying his order not to, so he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts. Dear God, will you look at that amazing body?! How lucky does one guy have to be to have all these total babes to fuck at will? Not only that, but I could be in the middle of my calculus class instead! Somehow, I think this is better! He laughed out loud at how true that was.

He knew it wouldn't be long before he would pass the point of no return. "Okay, my sexy bitchslut, not yet, but when I say cum, I want you to cum! Understand?"

"Shit! Please! Please say it, I beg you! How long is this torture going to last?!" Torture my ass! If this is torture, I don't ever want it to end! It is torture, but of the best fucking kind! Literally!

He pounded her for several more minutes without any words being spoken by either of them, because by this point they were both having to do everything they could to not cum. But eventually her need to cum grew so great that she simply started yelling over and over, "Please! Please! Please!" Every time she could gasp out a word between her heavy breathing, she would beg "Please!"

Finally he yelled to Heather, "Cum now!"

She screamed like a banshee, her relief was so tremendous.

He was too far gone to care about how loud she was, because as soon as he felt her begin to cum, he stopped clenching his PC muscle and began firing rope after rope of cum into her hot twat. He was extremely relieved to let go too, though maybe not quite as much as she was.

Heather was on Cloud Nine. She was riding wave after wave of what she thought was absolute heaven. Her orgasm went on for what seemed like forever. Even after her primary orgasm had begun to fade, she kept getting aftershocks that would send her back into orbit.

Alan felt completely drained as he was coming down from his euphoric high. He pulled back out of her and rested up against another chair. He noticed that she had finally stopped screaming, so looked at her to make sure she was still alive.

Once he had recovered enough to talk coherently, he said, "I hope that didn't disappoint you too much. I know that you prefer anal, but hopefully that will hold you over until, say... maybe... tomorrow." He smirked.

She looked up at him when she heard him say that. "Tomorrow? I don't know if I'll be ready for another fuck anytime this year, not after that!" She knew he was teasing her, since it was obvious that she'd just received and enjoyed a tremendous fucking, so she was teasing him back.

"Oh, well. Good then. I won't have to worry about bringing any lube in for a while."

"You bastard! You better be glad my hands are still tied!" She thought, This is so humiliating! He's still got me tied up like some kind of human shish-ka-bob! And I'm bent over so awkwardly. Being kept in a pillory like they did in the Middle Ages would be less embarrassing than this! But she was still getting off on it enough to not even ask him to untie her just yet.

He grinned. "'Bastard,' huh? What happened to my sweet loving Heather?"

"Sorry, Sir, but you know that I was just joking. I'd be content if you wanted to fuck me twice more today and then six times tomorrow! But to answer your question: no, I'm not disappointed at all. It's true I love anal, but I was so horny from earlier, plus thinking about how I told the whole world that I'm exclusively your slut, that I could have creamed just from you rubbing my hair." She meant it too.

He regained enough energy to walk back around and untie her hands.

She was actually somewhat disappointed to be freed, but then again her bonds had been starting to get more uncomfortable than thrilling, particularly now that she was coming down from her great climax.

As soon as he had loosed one hand, she used it to playfully punch his arm. He grinned widely but pretended to be upset. "Hey! What's that for?"

She sat in the seat she'd just been fucked over. She still needed to rest and recover. "For not letting me cum until you told me I could! And you waited so damn long! I honestly thought I was going to die from pleasure. You can't keep doing that to me, Sir! I can just see the headlines now: 'High School Head Cheerleader Dies Because Her Sir Won't Let Her Cum.'"

Alan and Heather both shared a good laugh over that. He sat down in the chair next to hers, because he too needed to rest.


Heather continued, "Sir, while I'm still the 'good Heather' as you put it, you were honest with me earlier and I want to be honest with you. It's not going to be easy for me to change. I've been a scheming, vindictive bitch most of my life, but you've shown me that there is more out there if I treat people with respect. We're still going to have our ups and downs, I'm sure of it. The hardest part for me will be getting used to having to share you. Especially after you brought that total babe with you when we met at the beach the last time."

"Xania," he pointed out.


"I have others like her, you know. I like 'em beautiful and busty. That's why I can have a 'take it or leave it' attitude with you. There's a lot of women out there who would do most anything to get fucked like I just fucked you."

Heather thought, Don't I know it?! Jesus H. Christ! I can't imagine there's ANY woman who wouldn't walk on burning coals to get fucked like that! I have no doubt he has more like Xania, which leaves me with no leverage over him. Nada! Zero! Shit!

She said carefully, "I'm not sure I can deal with having to share because I've never had to share anything with anyone before. I've always grabbed and grabbed, trying to take it all. But I want to try. I see now how much better life can be. Please try to be patient with me."

Alan thought seriously about that before answering, "I appreciate your honesty. I'm sure that wasn't easy for you to admit. Our relationship isn't going to be easy, but if you're truly willing to try, then so am I. I do care about you, or I would have ended this a LONG time ago. I'm not trying to upset you when I say this, but I do have many other amazing lovers. Most of them you don't know yet, and I don't want for you to know about them either. They're none of your business, and you'll only get more jealous and meddling the more you know. Is that understood?"

She nodded obediently, and for once she actually meant it. After meeting Xania, her ego wasn't ready to find out about more women like that, at last not any time soon.

"I can only hope that if the time comes that you learn about some of the others, I can trust you. But it will never be about just you, so you'll have to learn to share if you are serious about wanting this to work. Remember that I have a harem, and you're not even a part of it! Even though I forgave you today, you're still right on the edge. I doubt that's going to change much anytime soon."

It pained Heather to be reminded of his other lovers, especially since she had a strong feeling that his relationship with Christine was growing beyond what he was letting on. But she also knew that she was completely addicted to having sex with him and couldn't imagine not having him fuck her in his special way. "Sir, I'm fully dedicated to serving you and your cock. I'm your devoted Bitchslut, and I'm damn proud of it! But we both know that when we all go off to college, you and I probably won't have a chance to be together much. Right now, I want to think about the here and now, and fully enjoy the rest of this year we have together. I do promise that I'll try my best, but I also expect you to put me in my place if and when I screw up."

"Sounds good. In fact, you might want to act out some, just to get spanked. To make sure that doesn't happen, remember that there are two kinds of spankings: sexy and harsh. This was a sexy spanking. Good bitchsluts get rewarded with those. Bad bitchsluts get spanked harshly. Trust me, you don't want one of those."

She nodded. She had no doubt that if he said he was going to truly punish her, she wasn't going to like it.

After some more thought, she said, "The one thing I'm concerned about is pledging my loyalty entirely to you. I love the idea of getting fucked by your cock and your cock alone. But I'm also worried. Not that I'll cheat with other guys. Other girls are fine though, right?"

"Right. Assuming you're prudent about sexual diseases. I'll still need to have you tested from time to time, just to be sure."

"Phew! I couldn't manage without sexing it up with Simone pretty much every day. Like I said, I'm not worried about cheating with other guys, because fuck them! I already know I'd be miserable, because they would just remind me that I'm not with you. No, what I worry about is that I'll suffer! Because I'm highly sexual. Let's face it: I'm a slut. YOUR slut. Your Bitchslut. But a slut just the same. I need a LOT of sex! And given all your many other lovers, you're not going to fuck me as much as I need to be fucked!"

"That's a problem," he admitted. "I hate to be brutal, but it's better if you know the truth: there are others who are a higher priority for me. Amy, for instance. She's been nothing but sweet and loving while you keep playing games and tricks on me. And it's not just her. I've only got so much sexual energy each and every day, and I might not have time for you."

Heather said sadly, "I'm glad you told me that, even though it hurts, because that confirms what I already knew. It's better if you don't try to sugar-coat it and give me unrealistic expectations. I'm warning you now that I'm going to be pushy and tempt you at every turn, because I do have a really big fuck need. I'm sure that I'm going to have sex with Simone even more than ever before, until our dildos break from overuse, and with other girls too. But that's not the same! Nobody makes me feel like you do, Sir! Nobody! Nobody comes close!"

He nodded. "I appreciate that. We'll just have to try things out and see what works. Maybe eventually I'll have to train an apprentice to keep you happy when I can't be there, because I warn you I can't promise you I'll have time for you every day."

Heather stood up dramatically. "No way! No apprentice! No substitute! I'm YOUR Bitchslut and your Bitchslut alone! I just told the entire school that, minus the 'bitch' part, and I meant it!"

He looked her naked body up and down, from head to toe. Hot damn! She is a babe! I can never get over how sexy and sultry she looks. And she looks even sexier when she gets all upset like this.

He said, "Okay. We'll try this out for a while and see if it works. For now though, we need to get straightened up, because the sixth period bell is going to ring before long. Now, don't read too much into this in terms of long-term expectations, but let's meet back here tomorrow for lunch."

"YES! If I can wait that long! I might have to get Simone to help me make sure I don't rape you in the hallways or something before then!"

He chuckled. That reminded him of how Simone had practically "raped" him in the hallway earlier. "That reminds me, bring her along too. I want you two to take turns bobbing on my dick... for starters."

"Yes, Sir!" Heather was secretly thrilled that he didn't just ask or suggest that Simone join in; he'd practically ordered it. She didn't mind at all, because she loved the idea of a threesome with Alan and Simone. In fact, that was possibly better than being with either of them one-on-one.

Alan helped Heather up and handed her her clothes. She was hoping for a little more, so she reached down and grabbed his penis, but found it flaccid. "Damn! I guess that's a sign the party's over."

"Yep. Sorry 'bout that. I'm only human, you know. But before I go, I want to ask you for two other favors. The first is that I want you, me, and Amy to get together later today concerning your confession earlier and what we talked about today. We need to discuss what this means, and how we should move going forward. Understand that you're NOT going to become my official girlfriend, or co-girlfriend or anything like that! Is that clear?"

Heather had been dreading that he would say something like that. So while she wasn't surprised, she tried to play dumb. "But... but I just told everyone that I'm your slut!"

"True. But being one of my sluts is a far cry from being my girlfriend. I sure hope you understood that when you said it. and that you still understand it now. Otherwise you're going to go right back into my dog house!"

She sighed in defeat, realizing she wasn't going to get him to budge by pretending she expected to be a co-girlfriend. "Fine! Please, no more dog house. But that's going to make my life difficult. I mean, really damn difficult! Do you realize how embarrassing it'll be to go from being the girlfriend of Rock, the school football star quarterback, to being a mere slut for you? What am I going to tell people?!"

"That's not really my problem, but it's the kind of thing we're going to have to discuss, with Amy's input. Whatever happens, Amy's got to be cool with it. If she's not, then I'm not."

Heather grudgingly nodded to acknowledge that. Fuck! I'm losing my edge!

"Second, I want you to meet with Christine later today after school as well. The two of you need to come to a reasonable compromise about how the fight went down. I know you don't like her, but consider this a test to see how serious you really are. I don't really care about you claiming credit for winning the fight versus her claiming credit. The main issue is that the football players are going to try to put forth the story that they were somehow cheated out of victory. If they're successful with that, and even convince themselves of it, the logical conclusion is that they need to fight me again to 'put me in my place.' In fact, Mark used that very term earlier today."

She said, "Yeah, I noticed that." That term had special meaning for her because she secretly loved it whenever Alan "put her in her place."

He continued, "So it's important to make sure their account doesn't get established as accepted fact. We need an account that credits you, yes. You definitely deserve credit. But one that also credits the fighting skills of Christine and me, to ward off future attacks. Do you see what I mean?"

Heather sighed. "I do. But do Christine and I really have to talk? I have no problem meeting with you and Amy; she's your girlfriend and she's going to be impacted more than anyone else. But you know Christine and I don't get along AT ALL. Why do I have to talk to her about anything?!"

"Like I said, consider it a test. And it's important if you don't want to see me severely beat up. Besides, if you're going to have a place in my life, and so is she to some extent, you'll need to at least be sociable with one another. I'll talk to her too and tell her exactly the same thing."

Heather groaned petulantly, but said, "Okay, fine. Ugh! I don't think that I need tell you that I won't like it, but I'll do it. I'm going to show you any way I can that I deserve to be your Bitchslut!"

He nodded. "We'll see."

Alan knew he had to get away from there before Christine came looking for him to resume her bodyguard role between classes. He figured correctly that if Christine saw him there with Heather, she would freak out. He told Heather to leave the theater room first, and that he'd be along shortly.

After Heather left, Alan sat there for a little longer thinking about what had just happened with Heather. Shoot. I'm not exactly keeping my promise to Glory about trying to get Heather out of my life. If anything, it sounds like I'm stuck with her at least until the end of the school year. I've made similar promises about her to pretty much everyone else in the harem too.

He thought about Suzanne's disapproving face and frowned. I need to get with Mother later and run this by her to get her opinion. I've told her many times that I'm trying to get Heather out of my life. At least she understands that fucking Heather serves an important psychological need for me: it lets me release my "Bad Alan" side in a safe way. But Mother also expects my desire for Heather will fade over time. What if it doesn't? What if it even grows stronger?

Once he figured he had given Heather time to get out if sight, he stuck his head out the door to make sure the coast was clear, then headed towards his next class. He'd washed up somewhat using the sink in the theater room, but he couldn't fully clean himself that way. He hoped that he wouldn't still smell of sex when he later met Amy and Christine.


Susan had taken her time carefully sewing Glory's collar back together. As one of Alan's slaves herself, she could understand the frustration that Glory and Suzanne must be going through. Frequently rubbing her own collar to reassure herself, she thought, I don't know how they're managing it! How could I be a proper big-titted mommy-slave-wife cocksucker for our master if I didn't have my collar? Everybody says there are going to be times we can't wear ours outside the house. I'll need to wear mine secretly, under my clothes, because otherwise, well... I just don't know what!

When she had finished her task, she held up to inspect it for any other blemishes. She called out to Brenda, "Brenda, come here a second, please. I'd like for you to look at this and see if you think it'll be okay."

"Yes, Mistress Susan, I'll be right there." Brenda said this as she was dusting in the Plummer's living room. She finished the coffee table that she was working on and went to see how well Susan had fared.

Brenda found Susan still sitting at the kitchen table holding the black piece of cloth in her hands. Brenda took one look at it and squealed, "Oooooh, Mistress Susan, it's perfect! If she's anything like you describe, she'll love it."

"Thank you. I sure hope so. I'm sure she won't be able to wait for Master to put it back on her."

"Mistress, earlier when you said you had a feeling I'd be meeting her sooner rather than later even if I didn't go to the hospital, what exactly did you mean?"

Susan giggled briefly before answering, "Can you keep a secret?"

"If I need to!"

"Well if you want me to tell you, then you'll have to promise not to say anything to anybody."

"I do. I promise. Tell me!" Brenda said, as excited as a little schoolgirl.

"Suzanne and I talked briefly about this earlier. She's going to try to find a way to fix it so that Ms. Rhymer has to come here instead of going back to her apartment."

Confused, Brenda asked, "How is Mistress Suzanne going to be able to do that?"

"I have no idea, but she has a knack for making things like that happen when no one else could." Susan thought, Sometimes it actually scares me to think about how Suzanne can make people do things they wouldn't normally do. Good thing she's my best friend, because I sure would hate to have her as an enemy.

Brenda firmly replied, "I think that's good, Mistress Susan. If Ms. Rhymer is really going to be a part of Master's harem, it's only right that she should live here." She felt sad that she couldn't say the same about herself, but she had Adrian to take care of.

Susan said, "I agree. I have to admit that I had my doubts about her at first. But Tiger really cares about her, and as his mother I could never deny him that." She looked at Brenda, who was standing there in her French maid uniform, with so much lust that even a blind man could see the fire in Susan's eyes.

She smiled and said to Brenda, "I think that's enough work for now. What do you say we have some fun?"

Brenda's face lit up. "Oh My God! I thought you'd never ask!"

"Good. Now why don't you wait down here and I'll call you up to my room when I'm ready."

Brenda asked anxiously, "More waiting? Do I really have to?"

"Yes. Now do what you're told, like a good slave." As Susan walked by Brenda as she headed to the stairs, she quickly smacked Brenda's ass.

Brenda was already hot just from the prospect of what was about to happen. When Susan had given her ass the sudden smack, it took everything she had to keep from at least having a mini-orgasm right then and there.

Several minutes later, after Susan had disappeared upstairs and while Brenda was pacing around anxiously, Brenda heard Susan yell, "Okay. I'm ready."

Brenda ran up the stairs as fast as she could. When she walked into Susan's room, she didn't see her mistress standing anywhere, but she was certain that was where she had heard her call out from. "Mistress Susan, where are you?"

Just then, Susan came walking out of her bathroom completely naked, wearing only a blue strap-on that she'd purchased on her last trip to Stephanie's. "Slave, I think you're overdressed."

Brenda said, "Oooooh, Mistress Susan!" She giggled while shedding her uniform before continuing, "You sure do know how to torture your slaves!"

Brenda ended up flat on her back lying on Susan's bed with Susan's tongue doing an amazing acrobatic performance on her clit. Brenda's back was arched from the sheer pleasure of Susan's tongue work. Susan had developed her lingual skills from frequently sucking her son's erection, and put those new skills to work on Brenda.

It was only a matter of time until Susan slid up Brenda's body, licking a path that began at her slit, then straight up the middle of her tummy, between the more than ample cleavage of her massive breasts, and then along the side of Brenda's neck until she was completely above Brenda's head with her own breasts swaying right in front of Brenda's face.

Brenda took the hint immediately. She began feeding on the near-constant supply of milk that was available from Susan's "udders."

Susan moaned, "Oh God, SO hot!" She thought, How could I have ever believed that bringing her into our family was wrong? I wouldn't have felt so bad if her boobs didn't make everyone else's look tiny, but now that I'm lactating, I've definitely got an edge over her.

"AAAAAAYYYYYIIIEEEEEEE!" Susan screamed as she felt shivers running down her spine from a nice climax.

Brenda continued to suckle on Susan's globes for what seemed like forever. She kept going until she was sure that she had drained both of them completely dry.

"Slave, are you ready to take your punishment?" Susan barked.

Brenda quickly rolled over and got on her knees, with Susan moving in to position behind her. "Yes Mistress, I've been a bad slave and you should punish me." Oh God. It's finally going to happen! Getting fucked by Master's mommy is almost as exciting as getting fucked by Master himself!

Susan crawled her way up to Brenda and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. She saw that Brenda had already made sure that her rectum was fully lubed and ready for action, so Susan began to slide the strap-on into Brenda's waiting ass.

As soon as Susan was all the way in, she gave Brenda two quick whacks on each cheek.

"What was that for?" Brenda asked.

Susan thought about what Alan might say. Then she said, "Nothing at all! You've been a good slave today, but you're still a slave, and slaves get spanked!"

That was exactly the right thing to say to Brenda. She swooned.

By this point, Brenda was delirious with lust. She had to fight back the urge to scream at the top of her lungs, not from pain but from pure ecstasy. She had been constantly aroused to some degree since she'd first walked into the house. Now it was finally time for the payoff.

Brenda closed her eyes and was imagining that it was Alan and his cock, instead of Susan with the strap-on. Oh Master, tame your shameless slave! Teach me my place and role as your servant! Teach me over and over again with your big cock! Big-titted slaves get fucked by their masters!

Susan was able to reach around her busty servant with one hand and massaged Brenda's breasts while easily sliding the strap-on in and out. She moved the other hand to Brenda's sloppy wet cunt. I swear she could refill the Pacific Ocean with that thing! If Tiger was here, I could be sucking on his wonderful cock like big-titted mothers are supposed to, and Brenda could help! Then he'd fuck both of us with a REAL cock!

Brenda moaned lustfully, distracting Susan from her thoughts of blowing her son. "Mistress Susan, that feels SO good!" Even though she'd had a mini orgasm as soon as her loving mistress had began fucking her, she could feel a much more powerful one coming on. She knew that as soon as she gave in to her impending climax, she would be completely wiped out.

Susan could see that Brenda was struggling, so she eased up on the intensity of her thrusting. She was trying to keep Brenda right at the edge of orgasm for as long as she possibly could.

Susan had been pounding Brenda's ass for thirty solid minutes, at varying speeds and styles, causing sweat to pour from Brenda like someone had dumped a bucket of water over her. Brenda had her head bent down with eyes closed. She was completely exhausted, abd Susan was getting quite tired herself.

Suddenly and without warning, Brenda's head shot up and her back arched because she knew she was about to have an amazing climax. She felt the orgasm start at the tips of her toes and begin coursing its way up her legs. It wasn't long before her whole body was shaking so profusely that she couldn't hold back any longer.

Brenda screamed and screamed as the tsunami of her climax went on for what seemed like forever, receding only when she collapsed onto the bed limp as a dishrag. Even though she seemed almost comatose from exhaustion, she continued to have a steady stream of mini climaxes.

Seeing that Brenda was going to be out of it for a while, Susan got up and went to go take a shower. She knew that it was almost time to leave to go pick up the kids at school.

Susan was able to get showered and completely dressed before Brenda started coming around. "Brenda, why don't you just crash in my bed for a bit? I've got to go pick up Alan, Amy, and Katherine at school, then take Alan back to the hospital. I'm going to be gone for a while so you should have plenty of time by yourself to get some rest."

Brenda replied sleepily, "Thank you, Mistress Susan. I think I'll just take a short nap before heading home to Adrian."

"That's fine, Brenda. Take your time. You might want to use my bathroom to take a shower before you leave. You've kind of got some of my milk dried on your face and tits. Plus, you smell like a whorehouse. Of course, around here that's a very good thing."

Susan smiled, and Brenda returned the smile. Susan added, "You can just let yourself out when you're ready Please lock the door when you leave."

"Thank you, Mistress. If I may, I have a question."

"Sure. What is it?"

"What about my visiting our master at the hospital? Remember how you said I could do that? I shudder to think about how his balls are filling up with sperm, with no big-titted mommy to relieve him."

Susan frowned. "Yes, that worries me too. His first day back at school is bound to be very eventful, with everybody talking about the big fight on Friday. I doubt he even had time to get a quick fuck or suck from one of the cheerleaders. And sure, Angel, Amy, and I will make sure to suck him good all the way to the hospital, but that probably will just take a little bit of the edge off of his great cum need! Why, it might be EIGHT hours since his last orgasm!"

Brenda sat up, distressed to hear that. "How awful!"

"I know! And it's not easy to take care of his needs in a hospital, that's for sure. How am I supposed to get naked and give him a nice long stealth sucking for a couple of hours? It's impossible!"

Brenda was just as distraught to hear that as Susan was. "Oh dear!"

Susan stared into space, speaking with determination. "We're going to have to do what we can to ease his suffering. As his mother, there are limits to what I can do in public. I could use your help there."

"Oh, definitely!" Brenda sat up higher.

Susan looked to her. "I warn you, it won't be easy! It could be highly dangerous, not to mention humiliating."

Brenda was so energized that she stood up. "Dangerous AND humiliating? Sounds great! I'm there already! Gaawwwd! Can you just imagine how stiff and lively his cock will be, if I get to suck him off in a public place?"

Susan smiled at that. "I know!" But then she tried to get serious again. "But I warn you, you could get caught and be publicly humiliated. Not in the sexy way that Tiger usually humiliates us, but the bad kind, where you could get kicked out of the hospital, or even turned over to the police!"

Brenda stood up straight and tall, with her big tits thrust forward and her head tilted back. "I know. But that's the risk a slave must be willing to take for her master! I'm ready to face any danger! Getting a mouthful or face-full of Master's sweet cum is reward enough for any risk!"

Susan smiled. "Good attitude. But what about Adrian? We don't want you to skip out on your motherly duties."

Brenda frowned at that and slumped a little. "Hmmm. That could be a problem. I'll have to go home and help him settle in. He'll probably want to fuck me straight away, after spending all day at school. But then he'll be busy with his homework for a couple of hours. With Anika there, and his sexual needs satiated for a while, he won't miss me at all."

Susan nodded. "Okay then. Call me on my cell phone to work out the details of when you'll be coming by the hospital."

"Sounds good." There was a pause, then Brenda said sheepishly, "Mistress, I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle this situation. It feels like I have two masters! I enjoy having sex with my son, and I feel good knowing how happy it makes him. I can see his overall attitude is improving a lot already. But I feel disloyal, like a traitor. Alan is my one and only master. I'm his slave! My body should belong to him alone!"

Susan nodded. "I feel your pain. Unfortunately, we don't have time to talk about that right now. Why did you wait until I'm literally stepping out the door to bring that up? We'll have all day together tomorrow, and most every day after that, so let's wait until then. Okay?"

"Yes, Mistress," Brenda bowed and nodded obediently.

With that Susan grabbed her keys and purse, making her way out of the house headed towards her minivan. I'm sure Tiger has probably had a rough day at school. I hate to think how many of those bullies picked on my master-husband. Hopefully Angel, Amy, and that sweet, super-stacked Christine were able to cheer him up if anyone did anything stupid. I hope at least one of them gave him a nice long cocksucking!.


By the time Alan got to his sixth period P.E. class, just before the bell rang, his teacher Mr. Rutgers had already informed the other students that, due to the fight, he would not allow any foolish behavior directed at Alan. He told them that anything between them and Alan needed to stay out of his class. Reluctantly, even those other students who were out to get Alan agreed.

Alan was rather surprised at how normal the class went and wished that was predictive of the morrow, so that everything would be back to the way it had been before the fight, even though he knew that was impossible. Fortunately, because he had tennis while the football players were practicing football, most of the guys who were pissed at him would not be among his tennis opponents.

His being apart from the football players was true of most of his other classes as well, since he was in the gifted track and most of the football players were not. That made the periods at school outside of and between classes the time that he was at most risk.

Once the final school bell rang, he went to the front entrance of the school to see whether Kim, Janice, and Joy were there to meet with him. He was relieved when he saw them standing right outside the doors. Man, who would have thought that I could simply ask three cheerleaders to wait for me after school, and they would actually do it? I'm really coming up in the world.

He told them that he was going to have to skip the S Club meeting, not only that week but possibly the next few weeks. The three cheerleaders were saddened to hear that they weren't going to get fucked by him, since they had been looking forward to it all weekend. Kim felt especially disappointed since she was starting to feel left out. Her expectations of spending time with him were higher than Janice's or Joy's.

Kim said, "Awww, do you really have to miss it? You know I don't get into cock that much with most guys, but I've been missing your fat fuck-stick for far too long,"

"I'm sorry, Kim. Maybe I can squeeze in some time with you this weekend. Would that work?"

Janice and Joy looked at each other and then both looked at Alan with sad puppy-dog eyes. Janice spoke for both of them. "Not if we can't come too! We're missing your little friend too! Well, he's not so little but you know what I mean."

"That's fine with me, if it's okay with Kim. We'll talk about the details later and get it sorted out by Friday. Surely we can work something out for Saturday or Sunday," he answered.

That excited the three girls, just knowing they had an incredible fuck to look forward to.

He went on to explain that he had already talked to Sean and that Sean had agreed to show up to keep the S Club tradition going for that week. Alan asked the girls to make sure that Sean had an excellent time.

Heather had thought that the girls wouldn't agree to an Alan substitute, but in fact they agreed quite readily. They weren't emotionally hooked on Alan like Heather was. Plus, even if Sean was a total dud, Kim secretly relished the chance to have sexual fun with Janice and Joy, and Janice secretly relished the chance to have sexual fun with Joy. But they also had good reason to believe that Sean would be much better than a total dud.

Once he got each of them to agree, he ran off to meet Amy and Christine back at the theater room.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing.

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