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6TD: A Different Path – Part 2
Kiss Me Deadly
Day 2: Monday, December 2

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Judy was lying naked in her bed at home, dreaming that she was back in the hospital room with Alan. In her dream, she walked in on Alan and Glory Rhymer as they were embraced in a passionate kiss. Glory had already pulled his shorts down and was openly jacking him off right in front of her. Judy imagined Glory looking to her and asking for help in relieving her man's cock, since Glory was still bed-bound and hooked up to an I.V.

Judy was more than willing to help, after seeing his thick pussy-splitter soaked in pre-cum. She pulled her pants down and bent over the bed next to Glory, revealing her shaved snatch.

Alan silently stood right behind Judy, rubbing his hands over her entire body. He undid her scrubs, then unfastened her bra, removing them both and then her panties, tossing everything onto the floor. Now she was fully naked in her dream (just as she really was in her bed). He delivered a few swats to her firm ass - first her right cheek, then her left. Doing so made her so hot that she felt she might explode, because she had a spanking fetish that most of her male partners hadn't been able to handle.

Alan grabbed both of her ass cheeks at once and pulled her onto his hot, thick pole. She enjoyed being stretched as she was being impaled. After he began sliding in and out of her wet cunt, he reached around and held on to her breasts for leverage.

Just as he picked up the pace of his thrusting, she woke from her dream. Her sheets were soaked from her pussy juices.

She sighed in frustration. Damn my needy pussy! Damn that Alan guy! I need to have my pussy pounded into complete submission! If only that could really happen. He's got to be the sexiest guy I've ever met! Admittedly, it's not how he looks or acts, or really anything about him per se. It's not even the fact that he has a big, nice penis. It's the fact of his women that does it for me! Those collars! Gaawwwd! He must be something incredible! He must be the greatest fucker on Earth to have both Ms. Rhymer AND Mrs. Pestridge openly refer to him as "Master!" Fuck, that's hot!

I'm sure I'd lose my job if I had sex with the fiancée of one of my patients. Especially if I did it in the hospital in the same room the patient was in. But I'm not sure how long I can wait without feeling it myself. Ooooh, maybe she'd let me eat her pussy while he fucks me! She must be open to sharing him already, right? So why not with me too?!

Judy got up afterwards and went to her dresser drawer to get one of her many dildos. It required a few minutes of searching for the right one before she found it. At nine inches long, it was thicker and longer than most real penises that she'd experienced. It had a mostly rubber outer layer, and ran on batteries to cause varying waves of vibrations.

She quickly made her way back to her bed and slowly inserted the head of the dildo into her already soaked slit. Once the head was in, she turned on the vibrator. It started slowly, but then it would randomly fluctuate in intensity. She began thrusting it to the same rhythm that Alan had reached in her dream just before she woke up. Oh yes! Fuck me like you do your fiancée! Alan, please! Every time you fuck her, think of me!

She came with a body-shaking orgasm that was one of the strongest she'd ever had. Holy Hell! I can't believe how good that was! I've fucked real cocks that didn't made me cum like that. It must have just been the extended buildup from seeing him last night and then the dream this morning. No way he could really be that good. ... or could he? He does have a LOT of gorgeous bombshells wearing that same black collar. There has to be SOMETHING going on to explain it. It can't be wealth. I've seen plenty of very wealthy patients, but none of them had their own harems! He has to be an incredible lover; there's simply no other feasible explanation!

I need to come up with a good way to find out for myself. He can't be too committed to either of those two if he's fucking all of those other hotties who were wearing black collars!

— — —

Back at the hospital, Alan woke up with a start trying to remember where he was. He glanced over at the clock and saw it was almost 6:30 A.M. Damn that was a nice dream! I never thought I would say I miss being awakened by a morning blowjob, but after that dream, it sure would be nice to have one now. Too bad Glory is still unable to play. Surely I can talk Mom, Sis or Aims into a little help on my way to school. Now that I have FIVE slave-wives, I suppose this is going to be really unusual, waking up alone.

In fact, Alan had been dreaming about how things might play out with Glory once they were married. In his latest dream in particular, Glory had been on her knees about to deep throat him. He loved how good she was at that. He had placed the Televibe inside her pussy and every time she would start to get her mouth close to his cock, he would turn the Televibe up to one of its highest settings, causing her to jerk back.

He had kept Glory right on the edge like that, with her stroking and licking his cock but unable to fully deep throat him, until she ignored his crafty attack and swallowed his cockhead anyway. Knowing that it would be too risky to tease her with the Televibe while he was fully engulfed in her mouth, he put the Televibe control aside. That allowed her to suck on and repeatedly deep throat him for a while before he told her to stop.

However, that was just the warm-up. He picked her up, sat her down on his spear, and turned around so that she was leaning against the wall. He was aware that trying to fuck her standing up would be very physically taxing, so he made sure to use the wall for balance and to help support her weight. Then he gave her a great fucking, making her scream from several intense orgasms before he reached his own peak and shot his creamy load deep into her burning hot cunt.

Alan got up out of bed, stretched a little, and sat back down in the chair next to Glory. He looked at her and saw that she was still asleep, so he got up and started back down the hall to a men's room intended for visitors and for patients doing rehabilitative walking.

When he returned to the room, he found a different nurse was taking care of Glory than the one that had been there earlier when he had gone to sleep. Her nametag read "Tyler."

Nurse Tyler had woken Glory to take the patient's vitals and ask whether Glory needed anything. The nurse had been introduced earlier during the midnight shift change. She had been regularly checking on Glory ever since, but none of those brief checks had required her to wake Glory, so Glory had slept through them all.

Tyler turned towards Alan when he entered the room. She smiled and said, "Hi there. I saw you sleeping in here earlier. You must be the guy she keeps asking for."

Tyler looked like she was in her mid-thirties. She had long brunette hair. She had a fairly nice figure, but if someone looked closely enough they could tell it was largely due to genetics, because she did nothing to take care of it and that lack of care was beginning to show. Since she was happily married, she wasn't really interested in Alan.

"Yes ma'am. That's me."

Glory beamed when she looked over and saw Alan walking in. "Good morning, my love." She was impressed that he was there so early.

Alan leaned over for a quick kiss and replied, "Good morning to you too."

"Were you here all night?"

"Of course. Where else would I be?"

Glory beamed at that.

Once Nurse Tyler had obtained Glory's temperature and pulse and left the room, Glory smirked, "How did you sleep? I bet you were having wild sexy dreams about Nurse Judy, weren't you?"

"Why do you say that?"Alan asked.

"Right! You can't tell me that you didn't notice how she was eyeing you every time she came in my room yesterday. She's a hot little number, isn't she? She's got the kind of curves I know you love."

"Maybe so, but she's not you."

Glory chuckled good-naturedly. "As if that's ever slowed you down! She was looking at you as if you were a rabbit and she was a hungry cougar wanting to be fed. Is this how it's going to be everyday with you?"

"Whatever! If you must know, yes, I was having a pretty wild dream, but it wasn't about some nurse. It was about all the things I'm going to do to you once you're well enough."

"Oooooh! Is that a promise?"

He laughed and sat back down beside her. "You bet your cute patootie it is! In my dream you gave me the most amaaaazing deep throating, and then I fucked you hard while standing up against a wall."

She whined, "Aaaaawww? And I missed all that?! Darn it!"

He chuckled. "Now go back to sleep and rest. You'll have to create your own dreams like that. I'm just going to sit here awhile."

"I'd rather stay up and talk to you if you're going to be awake anyway. I've just about had my fill of sleep for a while."

Alan smiled and said, "Sure thing, my love. So how's my sexy fiancée feeling?"

Glory just beamed at the reminder that they were now engaged. "Well, it only hurts when I think about how much I would love to get my hands on you. Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate our engagement the right way?"

She winked, then continued, "Honestly though, I have a piercing headache and my broken leg hurts like hell! But thanks to you, I'm still a LOT better off than I would have been if you hadn't gotten there when you did. There've been a few times lately when I thought that I would end up in this condition after one of our unbelievable fucks, but I never expected to end up this way from surfing."

He chuckled at that. "My love, just worry about getting better. We'll still have a proper celebration once you're well enough. Trust me. I'm certain that my family will make sure we do it right when the time comes! Then we'll have to see whether I can really fuck you back into this condition."

They both shared a laugh over that.

"Bastard," she mumbled playfully.

"So do you remember anything about what happened yesterday?" he asked.

She frowned as she tried to think. "I remember some of it. I still don't remember much about the trip here to the hospital, but I do remember some about my accident. I remember looking up and seeing you look at me from the cliff above the beach. I could feel your love even though we weren't touching; it felt as though it was burning through me. I saw that last set of waves coming in and figured that I had enough time to catch them before you got down to the sand."

She continued, "It's mostly my own fault. I was trying to show off, hoping that you would notice me more. I had planned on giving you your ring and note, and then if you accepted, maybe see if you wanted to go get something to eat and celebrate somewhere. Of course we would have had to go back by my place so I could take a shower, maybe with some help." She winked at him.

He nodded. "Of course!"

"I remember wiping out, because the wave smacked me off my board. I remember the board coming toward me and hitting me in the head, but not when it hit my leg. I guess I was already unconscious by that point." She looked at him, and it was like a light went off in her head. "I can only imagine how you felt when you saw what was happening!"

He admitted, "I was scared to death. I was dying of worry, afraid I wasn't going to make it to you in time. I knew I had to make sure I did whatever I could to make sure that I didn't lose you."

She reached out and squeezed his hand in understanding. The love between them practically filled the room. "You know what the one good thing I remember about yesterday?"

"What's that, my love?"

"The fact that you finally asked me to marry you has made me the happiest that I have ever been in my life! Then to have the rest of your slaves accept me was almost more than I could take. You have no idea how jealous I was knowing that you had asked four of your other slaves for their hands in marriage, but not me. I was really upset. I've realized that I love you more than I've ever loved anyone before. If I have to share you with twenty other women, then that's what I'll do!"

He chuckled, though a bit nervously, since the fact was she would have to share him with a lot of other women - although not that many. At times like this, he felt like a cad. "That's beautiful, Glory. I just hope I can be worthy of your love."

She asked with a worried face, "How is this actually going to work, all this sharing? For instance, what about the sleeping arrangements? Will we all sleep together in one giant bed? Are we going to take turns with you?"

He answered, "I'm honestly not sure yet. We still have a LOT of those details to work out. Since I don't really like the idea of selecting any of my wives over the others, one big bed sounds like a great idea to me, but we all know that wouldn't work out. Maybe we'll just have to rotate nights somehow."

"So do you have an idea of when you would like to get married?" she asked excitedly. "Would you marry us one by one, or all together?"

"I'm thinking one big multi-day wedding ceremony for my five special wives." He smiled lovingly at her. "Probably in the summer after school lets out. Then we can go wherever we need to have the ceremony. We can make a really big deal out of it, and have an extended honeymoon together. Who knows, maybe we could do it in some tropical paradise."

Glory was already wishing the school year would hurry up and end after hearing that. That's going to be really weird, sharing my wedding and honeymoon with four other brides. Four other SLAVE brides! Fuck, this is crazy! But love is love. I can't imagine being happy with anyone else. Hopefully by then we'll all be good friends, maybe even great friends. I just hope I can get over the incest issue eventually. If nothing else, I'll get to have Suzanne there with me. Actually, some tropical honeymoon could be the best time of my life!

He said shyly, "Glory, I plan on spending most every free hour I have visiting you here in the hospital, until you get better. But I kind of have something I need to do this afternoon right after school. Now, I can cancel if you need me to, but would it be okay if one of the others could sit with you until I can get back? I promise you, I'll spend the whole rest of the afternoon and evening here with you. Hopefully, they will allow me to spend the night again as well. Would that be okay with you?"

"Absolutely," Glory replied excitedly.

He was thinking about the S Club meeting that he was supposed to attend later that day. He was going to get with Sean and Kim at school and see if it would be okay if Sean was the only male to attend. Alan on the other hand was going to try to make it up to Amy and Christine for having to skip their date the night before.

Glory looked at him curiously. "Why is it that I get the feeling those plans probably involve you fucking someone else?"

"Well sort of," he answered. He was trying to be more honest with her while still trying to spare her feelings. He could see in her eyes that she already knew the general gist of his answer anyway.

"Young man, I need you to promise me something. You know that I'm going to still have to get used to all of this, but when I said I was all in, I meant it. No more secrets. Okay? If you are going to be out with one of your other slave-wives or lovers, tell me. I think that's going to be the only way that I'm going to get used to it. Just do it respectfully and tactfully when you tell me, please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I need that. Total honesty from now on. Our 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is history. Okay? Now, that doesn't mean you have to tell me every last painful detail, but at least please don't lie to me about what you're doing, and WHO you're doing."

"Okay. "He braced himself to tell her more. "Well, the one thing that I normally do on Mondays and Thursdays after school is a meeting with a few girls. They call it the S Club or the SA Club sometimes. It usually ends up with lots of sex."

Glory noticeably winced at the idea of that. But she pushed her jealous feelings to the side. "What does that stand for?"

His face soured. "I'd rather not say."

"Say it!"

"It's embarrassing."

"Good! Given the way you embarrass me daily, usually while you're sticking your big dick in me one way or another, I'd like to see you embarrassed for once." She grinned impishly at him.

He winced. "Technically, it means 'Service Club.' But some of the girls jokingly call it the 'Service Alan Club.'"

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Why am I not surprised? Sheesh! Okay, go on."

He continued, "But that's not where I'm going today. See, I had promised that I would take Amy and Christine out on a date last night. I know that Amy was upset that didn't happen, and I can only imagine that Christine was too. So I'm going to see about making it up to them somehow."

Glory was alarmed to hear that, even though she was trying to keep cool. "So you're having sex with Christine too?! That didn't seem to be the case when the three of us were at the beach the other day!"

"No. Not yet, at least. Well, kind of."

"Young man, explain!"

"My relationship with Christine is complicated. We weren't physically involved when she saw you at the beach, but I guess we were pretty close to crossing that line. Since then, things have moved pretty rapidly after the fight. We've kind of done a lot of things just in the past couple of days, though all short of actual fucking. She won't be ready to lose her virginity for a while, but she's pretty keen on the, uh, other stuff. And now Amy and her have agreed to be my co-girlfriends. Not publicly yet, but eventually."

Glory winced, closed her eyes, and shook her head. Good God! What have I gotten myself into? It's bad enough he's got FOUR other slave-wives! But that's only half the story. He's got all kinds of other lovers too! And not just anybody. Christine?! She's so god-damned beautiful and all-around impressive! How am I supposed to compete with her?!

She opened her eyes and said, "Thanks for sharing that. Tell me: has she sucked your cock yet?"


Glory winced. "Did she cum while doing it?"


"Did you fuck her big breasts, and did she cum from that too?"

"Yes, and yes." He was tempted to apologize, but decided he shouldn't be apologetic about what he did with his other lovers.

Glory thought, Well that's that then. She's a goner! She belongs to him now, since the two of them were probably in love with each other already. Orgasms with him aren't like normal orgasms; they're completely addicting. It's just a question of how deep she'll fall.

But she kept those thoughts to herself and said, "I must admit, hearing that kind of scares me."

"Scares you? Why?"

"You know why! Christine isn't just another pretty face!"

He squeezed Glory's hand reassuringly. "No, she's not. But you're not just another pretty face either. You're my WIFE now!"

She corrected him, "I'm engaged to be your wife. One of FIVE! And not just a wife, but a SLAVE-wife, emphasis on 'slave'! I'm part of your harem, dedicated to endlessly serving your cock!"

"True. But isn't that what you want?"

"Well... yeah!" Even she seemed surprised to realize that she'd said it and meant it. "I guess it can't be denied that having you for my own would be more than I or any other woman could handle, sexually. Nobody can keep up with your six-times-a-day needs, especially since I'm guessing six orgasms would probably be a slow day for you now, wouldn't it? But still, it's humbling."

He said, "The point is, I've had lots of lovers and I could probably have my choice of many more. My other four slave-wives were family already, so we're just kind of formalizing our existing loving, life-long family relationships in a new, sexual way. That makes you the only woman I really chose to be as close as we can possibly be. Yes, Christine is impressive, physically, mentally, and every other way. But I honestly think it would take a couple of years of everything going just right for my relationship with her to reach the point where my relationship with you already is. You and I, we're soulmates! Aren't we?"

Glory nodded and smiled, "We are!"

He smiled back. "So please don't feel threatened by her."

Glory felt a lot better after hearing that. She smiled. "Thanks." She thought, This is how it is. He has lots of other lovers. Lots! On any given day, he might have his dick sucked by five other women. Five? Hell, ten! Maybe more! There's no telling with him. So what if one of them is Christine? How is that any worse than Heather or Susan? It's actually better, I suppose. I just have to learn to deal with this sort of thing. This is the life I've chosen for myself. He's the best of the best, so of course he'll always be in high demand.

He said, "I know this is hard on you. I'm sorry about that. There is one thing that I want you to know though. I'm working on either getting out of the S Club altogether or at least changing to some kind of management role. Now, no one else knows that yet except you. With finally trying to accept this whole 'master' thing and then almost losing you yesterday, I've made up my mind to focus primarily on the most important people in my life, meaning you and my other slave-wives. It's true there will be a few others that I expect to have sex with on a regular basis, but even those mean a lot to me."

"So is Heather one of those few?"

Alan could see the anger and the hurt in Glory's eyes when she asked that question. "Not long term, no. Right now, probably. I'm hoping that is about to change. It's complicated. I can't just walk away from her without there being a big disaster. I'll tell you more about it later, if you really want to know. Maybe you can offer some advice on how I can separate from her with the least amount of damage."

"And Christine?"

"I hope to make her one of my regular lovers. She can't ever know about the incest; she wouldn't be able to handle it. She can barely cope with what little she knows about the harem. So I don't see her ever wearing my collar, much less becoming one of my slave-wives. My feelings for her are really strong. Like I said, I do want to have a special intimate relationship with her, but there are some major difficulties that will probably prevent her and me from ever getting really close, like I am with you."

Glory immediately and unthinkingly reached to her collar and caressed it. Then she remembered that it was borrowed, because hers had been cut off by the paramedics, and that made her sad. "Thank you for being so honest, my love. It hurts. It hurts like hell, but I've made up my mind that I'm going to do this even if it kills me, because I can't live without you."

"Well, like I said, only you know all that right now. Please don't tell any of the others yet."

"I promise."

He leaned over and gave her a kiss. She could tell that she was recovering some of her energy from the increasing passion that she was applying in kissing him back.


For the first time in weeks, the Plummer house was almost silent all morning before school. Actually, it was uncommon now to not hear some type of sexual hijinks going on somewhere in the house at almost any time of day.

Katherine came downstairs a short time after her alarm clock had gone off. She found Susan sitting at the kitchen table, just looking off into space. Both of them were dressed in completely non-revealing clothes, which was unusual by itself.

Susan saw her daughter sit down beside her, so forced a smile. "Good morning, Angel. Let me get up and fix you some breakfast. We're going to have to hurry so we can go pick our master up for school. Suzanne and Amy are going to meet us out front once they're ready. Amy is going to ride with us to school while Suzanne is going to sit with Glory until I can get back."

Alan had called earlier and told his mother that Glory had talked him into attending school that day after all.

Katherine was rather stunned. "Brother is actually going to school today?!"

"Yes. Glory talked him into it."

Katherine respected Glory even more for making him agree to do that. "Sure, Mom. Sounds good. While you do that, I'll go gather a change of clothes for him, along with his backpack. Mom, Alan really loves her, doesn't he?"

Susan smiled. "Yes, he does. But remember, he loves all of us. He's a very special master that way."

Katherine smiled widely. She ran back upstairs to get ready for school.

When she was finished, she came downstairs just as Susan was setting a plate down for her breakfast. Susan had fixed eggs and toast as something quick to eat.

Katherine asked her mother, "It's just not the same without Brother around, is it? Can you just imagine how much his cock must be needing some relief?"

Susan sighed sadly. "I know! He only had TWO orgasms yesterday! It's a tragedy, especially for a Sunday. I know it was his day for rest, but had it not been for Glory's accident I could at least have stealth sucked him for a few hours."

"Me too. We could have taken turns. But at least we can make it up to him today."

Susan fretted, displaying a frown. "I hope so! His balls must be double their usual size, if he hasn't cum a single time since last night!"

"Don't you wish he was here right now so he could paint the back of your throat in hot, sticky cum?" Katherine was trying to lighten the mood.

That query caused Susan to space out about her son, as she so often did. This time, she was picturing Alan walking into the room, telling her to get on her knees in front of him and then poking his massive cock right in her face. Mmmm! Tiger, your big-titted mommy-slave is here! Let me take care of that for you. Sit down and eat your breakfast while I kneel under the table and try to perfect my deep-throating technique!

Katherine knew she had hit a home run by the smile on her mother's face. "Mom. Mom. MOM! Earth to Mom! Stop it. You're drooling already."

Both of them broke into laughter at that.

Susan was trying hard to be more of a mother than a lover during the time that Alan was so stressed by Glory's accident. She resolved to put her strong cocksucking desires aside, at least for the time being. "Okay already. Enough of that. You know you can't tease me about such things without me getting a little dreamy, especially when I can't even wake him up with a loving blowjob!" She sighed at that missed opportunity. "Now eat. If I know Suzanne, and I do, she and Amy will be ready before long."

They both finished their breakfast in record time. When Susan got up to clean the dishes, Katherine walked up behind her and grabbed an ass cheek through Susan's dress.

"Angel! What are you doing? We don't have time for that." But even as Susan protested weakly, she was already unbuttoning her blouse.

Katherine saw what her mother was doing and reached up and unfastened her mother's bra. As soon as Susan's breasts had been freed, she let go of the bra and began to fondle her mother's enormous bare jugs. "Turn around, Mom. We need to milk our beautiful sex cow. What kind of slave would I be to Master if he had to worry about me not taking care of milking his cow's udders?"

"Good point!" Susan happily turned around and cupped her huge breasts from below. They were even larger and heavier than usual because they were full of milk.

Meanwhile, at the Pestridge house, Eric had gotten up and left before Suzanne had woken up, even though he and Brad had arrived home fairly late from their trip the night before. Brad was up in his room doing anything he could to continue to be distant from his mom and sister. That left Suzanne and Amy to enjoy a quiet breakfast together, which consisted of fruit and pineapple juice.

Suzanne was noticeably touching her neck where her collar had been. After they finished eating, she said "Okay, let's do this."

"M'kay," Amy agreed with her typical bubbly style.

"Mother, do you think Beau loves Glory more than the rest of us?" Amy quietly asked after they had made it outside their house. She was determined not to speak of such things inside, just to be extra careful.

"No, Honey Pie, I don't. That's one of the things that makes him so special. He loves you, me, Susan, AND Kat like that too. It's not just the sex; it's the love. That's why we're all his slave-wives now, and that's why the likes of Akami and Xania could never really be part of our harem. Sure, he cares about them and loves fucking them, but he doesn't love them like he does us. I'm absolutely certain that if it was any of the four of us in Glory's situation, he'd feel exactly the same way."

That made Amy feel better, because she could hear the honesty in her mother's voice. She knew that Suzanne meant every word of what she had said.

"Mother, you'll get it back soon," Amy said as she watched her mother absent-mindedly rubbing her fingers on her neck.

"Huh?" Suzanne was confused by her daughter's statement.

"Your collar, silly! I see how you keep touching your bare neck. Our master will make sure you get it back soon."

Only then did Suzanne realize what she had been doing. She laughed at how obvious it was that she was missing it, "Oh, that. Sorry. I never realized how naked I would feel without it." Glory had better appreciate this magnanimous gesture that I made for her!

"Mother? I thought we were to meet them out front beside the minivan?" Amy asked when she realized they were heading towards the Plummer's back door instead.

Suzanne smirked, "Well, if I know Susan, and I do, I'm pretty sure she's gone far too long without some sexy loving. What do you want to bet that she and Katherine are up to 'no good' right this minute?"

Amy replied gleefully, "It's more like they're up to 'good!'" She giggled.

Suzanne and Amy made their way through the gate that connected the backyards of the two homes and up to the Plummers' back door, where they heard Susan moaning.

Suzanne turned to her daughter and whispered, "See, what did I tell you? She can't keep her big tits in her blouse no matter what I tell her."

"Too cool! Can't we join in?" Amy giggled.

"No! Or we'll never get out of here on time!" Suzanne whispered this even as she was pulling Amy into the house. They tiptoed to right outside the gap from the dining room into the kitchen.

"Aaaiiiiieee!" Susan screamed, due to an over-the-top orgasm.

That caused both Suzanne and Amy to laugh. They saw Katherine with her lips locked to her mother's right breast, suckling her dry. At the same time, Susan had her hand up her daughter's skirt, fingering her daughter's tight cunt.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Susan and Katherine recognized that scratchy yet sexy voice. They saw Suzanne standing there with her arms crossed, and both dropped their heads in shame.

"Just look at those two, Honey Pie. I can't leave them alone for more than a few minutes! How much longer are you all going to be?" Suzanne walked past them to pour herself a glass of juice.

"I know! Isn't it wonder-rific?" Amy exclaimed.

Suzanne turned back around just in time to see Amy go over and started massaging Katherine's firm boobs. "Amy! What are you doing? Stop that right now! You're supposed to be helping me break the two of them up."

"Sorry, Mom. It's just too tempting."

Suzanne was half tempted to give in herself, but she knew they had to get moving so they could get the kids to school on time. She completely understood the sexual frustration they were all feeling from Alan not being at home.

Without thinking, one of her hands found its way down to her own eager pussy, where she touched herself through her clothes. Down, girl! Not right now. She pulled her hand away and snapped back out of her short daze. "Come on, you three. We really need to be going."

Amy, Susan, and Katherine stopped what they were doing and straightened themselves up. They all left a short time later, heading to the hospital with Suzanne at the wheel of Susan's minivan.


Alan and Glory were just making more small talk when his four other slave-wives walked into Glory's hospital room.

Amy and Katherine walked straight in and kissed both sides of his cheeks at once. That quickly turned into French kisses with him from both of them. They didn't mean to be rude in front of Glory, but they were lost in the moment and forgot about Glory's incest objection.

Susan, still not sure how comfortable Glory was going to be with the incest, just squirmed in anticipation, not knowing exactly what to do.

Glory saw Susan and laughed. "Oh, go ahead already! I can't stand to see you suffer anymore. I just saw Katherine kiss his lips and it didn't kill me, so you can do the same."

Susan's face lit up, brightening the entire room.

Glory rolled her eyes, but she grinned too. "You all sure aren't going to make this transition easy on me, are you? Sheesh!"

"Nope!"Susan walked up to Alan and passionately kissed him on the lips. Still, mother and son were relatively restrained for Glory's sake, keeping their hands to themselves and making sure the kiss didn't last long.

Suzanne looked right at Glory, and added, "I guess you got your answer."

Glory thought, Interesting. I feel disgusted and jealous seeing Alan make-out with his sister and then his mother, but it's not so bad. It's not like I want to throw up. But then again, his penis didn't get involved. I have very strong feelings about his penis. I'm not ready to see them do anything with it, and I don't think I will for a long time. Kissing, though, I can handle that.

Katherine tossed Alan the bag containing his clothing. "I think you need to go wash up and change for school."

"Okay. But can I see the two of you lovely ladies outside please?" Alan asked Susan and Suzanne.

Glory looked at him curiously.

He just smiled and led the other two out into the hall and closed the door behind them. "I know I have asked the two of you for more help than I will probably ever be able repay, but I would like to ask for another favor."

Susan spoke up first. "Tiger, anything you need. That's what we are here for. We're your slaves now, remember?! AND we're your mothers! You shouldn't hesitate to ask for our help about anything!"

Suzanne nodded in agreement, but added saucily, "It might cost you though." She stared at his crotch knowingly.

Alan laughed. "Somehow I think both of you will enjoy this as well. I want you two to help me learn to dance. Not some stupid upbeat dance, but just a slow, simple dance. I am planning something special for Glory when she is able."

Susan and Suzanne shared a knowing smile. "Absolutely!" they answered at the exact same time. Susan was over the moon with the thought of dancing slowly with her master-son. Suzanne had a lusty fire in her eyes. She liked the idea of the slow dance in and of itself too, but she was also thinking about the increasing chances of a threesome with Glory and Alan.

Once Alan got their approval, he said, "Now, I'm counting on the both of you to not say anything to her about this. As your master, I order you not to tell her or anyone else. Understood?"

Both Susan and Suzanne nodded in unison. Their hearts soared at him directly acknowledging his role as their master.

He didn't do that too often, but he was trying to do it more, since he could tell that was what they wanted.

He left to go down the hall to the men's public restroom so he could get cleaned up and change his clothes.

Susan and Suzanne went back in to Glory's room. They found Amy, Katherine, and Glory engaged in a conversation about why she had suddenly changed her mind about joining the harem.

Suzanne said, "You know, Glory, those are some really good questions. I know what you said on the phone, but really, what was the sudden change?"

Glory explained, "After Alan gave me my ring and collar on Saturday, I knew that my life would never be the same without him. Then, after I got off the phone with you Saturday night, I knew deep down this was the right thing to do. It wasn't a logical thing, it was a gut feeling. It wasn't easy. I tossed and turned for half of the night, debating all of the good and bad points of our relationship, but each time I kept coming up with the same answer."

Amy spoke up to ask, "And what answer was that, Ms. Rhymer?"

"Simple! I love him and he loves me!" Glory said excitedly.

Tyler said her hellos to all of the women as she made her way to Glory. She was briefly introduced to the ones she didn't know by name already. She couldn't stop staring at their collars, as well as gawking at how gorgeous they all were. What are those crazy-looking collars these women are wearing? Judy did hint that there were some strange things going on with these people.

Then she asked Glory a few questions about how she felt.

Glory's answers were encouraging.

So Tyler said, "Well, Ms. Rhymer, I may have some good news for you. Your doctor is saying that you may be able to be released on Wednesday. Providing that you continue to recover nicely, of course."

All of the other women seemed overjoyed at that.

Naturally, Glory was the happiest of all. "Thank you. I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that!"

Looking at Amy, Suzanne asked, "Can you go check on Alan to make sure he hurries up? He went to the restroom down the hall."

"M'kay," Amy said as she jumped up and headed out of the room. Amy had other plans if she was able to catch Alan still inside the bathroom. She took off down the hall as quickly as she could. She was still hot and bothered from walking in on Susan and Katherine earlier. She knew the only way to "cure" that was to get her hands on Alan's cock.

She made it to the men's public bathroom just as Alan was coming out of the door. She quickly looked to make sure no one was watching her. She rushed right up to him, shoving him back inside. "You aren't getting away that easy, mister!" She locked her lips on him with a fiery kiss once they were back in the bathroom.

Struggling to recover from Amy's sudden sexy attack, he asked, "Aims, what are you doing? We can't do this here. Not during the day. We'll get caught for sure."

Undeterred, Amy whispered, "Then I guess you'll just have to be quiet." She went back to passionately kissing him again.

He broke the kiss again. "You have no idea how much I want to continue this, but we really can't right now. I know that I still need to make it up to you about our date from last night, and I will. Soon. You have my word, but please let's not do it here."

"Awww, you're no fun this morning," Amy pouted.

"Patience, Aims. Patience. Remember, good things come to those who wait." He winked. Then he peeked back out the bathroom door to make sure the coast was clear. Once he was fairly sure that no one would be the wiser, he held Amy's hand and hurried her out of the bathroom. He figured that if anyone saw them it wouldn't be any different from any other guy holding his girlfriend's hand, just so long as they were already out in the hallway.

Amy giggled at the way Alan was trying to act like nothing had been happening.

Tyler was gone by the time Alan and Amy returned to Glory's hospital room.

Alan and the others made some more small talk with Glory. However, Alan knew he soon had to leave for school.

Looking at Suzanne, he asked, "Are you still going to stay here with her while I'm gone? I can miss school if you don't want to. Making sure someone is here with Glory is more important to me."

"Yes, I'm going to stay, Sweetie. You need to go to school. Besides, you already promised Glory you would. You're not going to be the kind of master that breaks his promises, are you? Anyway, this will give the two of us more time for girl talk." Suzanne didn't realize it, but her eyes glazed over with lust as she glanced Glory's way.

There was no way Glory could miss that. She felt shivers of excitement race up and down her spine, but she tried not to show it. "Young man, you and I both know that you need to go. I'll be fine. Suzanne won't let anything bad happen to me. Do you still have my cell phone?"


"Good. Take it with you. That way, if I need you, Suzanne or I will call you on it. Okay?"

Alan reluctantly nodded his agreement. He walked up to Suzanne and kissed her goodbye. Then he leaned down over Glory and did the same. "Bye, you two. I love you both." Then he walked out with his other ladies trailing behind him.


Once the others had left, Glory looked up at Suzanne. "I guess it's just you and me for a while." She suddenly felt strangely shy, looking at Suzanne but trying to avoid direct eye contact.

"Yep!" Suzanne said happily. "Glory, I'm really happy you decided to join us, and I know without a doubt you've made Alan incredibly happy by agreeing to be one of his slaves AND one of his wives."

Glory blushed, "I meant what I said last night. I love him more than words can say, but I know this isn't just about him or me anymore. We really are all going to be one big happy family, right?"

Suzanne answered, "Yes we are, and we have Sweetie to thank for bringing us all together, united in servitude to him and his cock. Does that kind of language shock you? Especially coming from me?"

"Yes, and no. Frankly, nothing can shock me at this point. I know you're trying to shock me on purpose, to test me, but I tell you I'm ready for this. I'm ready for the slave life. I'm ready for whatever happens. Maybe most people would have gotten cold feet about being a slave-wife after a close brush with death like I just had, but for me it's just the opposite. That helped me cut the bullshit and realize what I really want. For me, the number one thing is Alan. I love him and I'll keep on loving him, even if I'm naked and kneeling most of the time."

Suzanne beamed, and squeezed Glory's hand. "I'm so glad to hear that! Especially since you probably will be!"


Suzanne admitted honestly, "Probably not. But hey, it's fun to fantasize, isn't it?"

Glory smiled widely. "It is." What's weird is that I do get off on that fantasy, and apparently she does too. How does Alan have that effect on two normal women like us?

She found herself staring at Suzanne's bare neck. That caused her to say, "Suzanne, I'll never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to wear your collar. I'm sure it can't be easy for you. Once I realized my collar was gone, I think I would have wanted to die if I hadn't had another one to wear!" She fingered her borrowed collar unthinkingly.

"Glory, don't be ridiculous! Our master loves you very, very much. Do you know that he was saying he wished it had been him that had gotten hurt instead of you? He was so afraid that he was going to lose you. He would have made sure that you would have gotten another collar no matter what it took."

Glory looked at Suzanne's bare neck and rubbed the collar on her own neck in sympathy. "What about you? How can you stand it? Is it just me, or do you feel naked without one?"

Suzanne smiled. "I know exactly what you mean. I feel naked, but not in a good way, like being naked in Alan's arms. It's the bad kind of naked, like being caught nude while standing outside in a snowstorm. Isn't it funny how just a tiny strip of black cloth can mean so much?"

Glory nodded. She realized that her collar meant as much to her now as her wedding ring.

"But don't worry about me. I'll come up with some temporary fix later today, I'm sure. Something to tide me over."

What Suzanne knew but Glory didn't was that Susan was going to sew Glory's collar back together after she dropped the kids off at school. Susan knew that she had Brenda coming over to clean in her new role as the Plummer house slave, so that would give Susan time to make sure the collar was sewn together properly.

Glory was glad to hear Suzanne's reassuring words. She gathered her willpower to say what she wanted to say next. "Now that we're alone, there are a few things that I want to say. I couldn't admit this to Alan because I know it would have made him feel even worse, but I really thought I was going to die. I was truly afraid that I would never see him again. Any of you, for that matter."

She reached out and took Suzanne's hand.

Suzanne was startled at first, but then felt her lust for Glory growing. Damn! I think she's falling in love with me, like I'm falling in love with her! I hope she is, anyway. I told myself that I'm going to be good. I have to stick to that. I'm mainly here for support and because my Sweetie needs me to be.

Glory continued, "I know you think I'm blind, but I'm not. I would have to be though to not see how you look at me sometimes. It's kinda like how you're looking at me right now."

Realizing she'd been caught, Suzanne tried to make a joke out of it. "What do you mean, 'sometimes?'"

Glory smiled at that. "Look, I'm really trying here. I have to focus my energy on getting used to the whole harem thing, even though I think Susan doubts that I can do it. I'm sure you've probably seen the look in my eyes at times when I look at you too."

Suzanne nodded. The two beauties shared a significant, knowing look. Their desire for each other couldn't be denied.

Glory continued, "I'm going to need more time to figure those feelings out, if I'm able to at all. I've repeatedly said that I'm not attracted to women. That's true; I'm just not wired that way. But with you... it's... it's different somehow. It's like Alan is the glue that also bonds us together, so if something were to happen between you and me, he kind of would be there too, if only in spirit. Do you know what I mean?"

Pure energy shot through Suzanne from hearing that. "Of course I do! I agree completely!"

Glory nodded, but she sighed heavily too. "It's not easy for me to admit to these feelings. I feel like I'm losing control to feelings that I don't understand at all."

Suzanne replied, "Do you have any idea how hard I fought to keep myself from falling into this harem? It's not that I don't love it now, but at first I couldn't stand the thought of losing control. Not to mention how much I had to try to restrain myself when I was around you so as not to risk pushing you too far too fast."

She was going to say more, but just then they heard a knock at the door.

It was nurse Tyler again. She entered the room and said to Glory, "I'm just going to take a look at your charts and check your vitals." She checked the machines and took Glory's temperature, blood pressure and pulse.

Glory and Suzanne put their conversation on hold.

As Tyler turned to leave, she asked Glory, "Is there anything that I can get you?"

"No, thank you. I'm fine right now," Glory said confidently.

As Tyler made her way out of the room, she stopped just long enough to say, "By the way, Judy told me the good news. Congratulations, Ms. Rhymer! Or should I call you 'Mrs. Plummer' soon?" She smiled at that.

Glory smiled in response. It also made her think, Oooh! I could be Mrs. Plummer if I want! How exciting! I might want to keep my maiden name though. I'll have to think that over, and talk it over with everyone in the harem. There could end up being a whole bunch of Mrs. Plummers, which could be confusing.

Once Tyler was gone, Glory returned to her earlier discussion with Suzanne. "You didn't say whether you understood about me needing more time to figure out my feelings about you... about us." She said this while feeling kind of hurt.

Suzanne responded, "That's because you caught me by surprise, so much that I wasn't ready for that question. I'm not sure that I am now, but I understand. I'm not going to lie to you. Hearing you say that excites me to no end. My feelings for you are strong! I'm confident that we're going to be good friends - no, make that great friends. But I'd like to see if we can be lovers too!"

Glory was so excited and yet frightened to hear that, she nearly forgot to breathe.

Suzanne continued, "I want you to understand that I won't push you to do anything that you aren't ready to do. I might want you to, but I will never force you. Just like Alan wouldn't. You've already made one big commitment, and your focus should be on your new relationship to your master, our master. That's the main thing. A slave's love and devotion to her master must be without limit or restraint. Whatever happens between you and me, it's kind of an outgrowth of that. So let's take things slowly, one day at a time. Deal?"

Glory smiled widely. "Deal!" She was greatly relieved to hear that.

"So should we seal the deal with a kiss?" Suzanne asked hopefully.

"Mmmm... okay, but just a quick one." Worried that her own lust was already barely under control, Glory added, "No funny business."

Suzanne realized that Glory had just crossed a major barrier. Suzanne didn't want to push too hard, so she leaned over and gave Glory a quick kiss on the lips. She wanted to do more, but she was trying to respect Glory's request for understanding.

Glory on the other hand had a different idea. She wanted to show that she was ready for more than just a peck on the lips. So as soon as the kiss ended, she reached her hand around and pinched Suzanne's ass.

That caused Suzanne to jump. "Hey! What was that about no funny business?" She was surprised, but not at all upset.

"Oh, sorry. You were the one that agreed to that, not me," Glory said with a giddy smirk.

Suzanne leaned back in for another kiss, but this time Glory kept to her own request and left her arms on the bed.

The two of them smooched. It only lasted a couple of seconds, because Suzanne still wanted to be cautious. But their lips did lock in a very enticing way, giving both of them goose-bumps. Clearly there was a special chemistry between them.

Glory could feel Suzanne's desire for her just in their short kiss, and it pained her to see Suzanne pull away. But she tried not to show it, instead making more conversation to cover her strong reaction. "So tell me, Suzanne, does it bother you to know that Alan is engaged to all of us at once? Or, even more shockingly, that he's actually sexually enslaved all of us at once?! Just asking that question almost seems unbelievable!"

Suzanne smiled tolerantly. "Well, honestly, it's not the way that I envisioned it, but the short answer is, 'Yes, I'm okay with it.' You'll see soon enough that the benefits of being in our harem far outweigh the negatives. You know me. I think you can tell that I have my pride and dignity. But already, to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way! We belong together as a group, the four of us Plummer house women and Alan, and now I'm confident you're going to fit into that group just fine. I must say though that I am surprised at how well you're handling it."

Glory laughed for a solid minute straight before answering. "Don't let my appearance fool you! I'm still nervous as hell inside! I feel like I've jumped off a cliff into the great unknown. It's scary! I've chosen a path that my parents could never understand, my friends could never understand, hell, nobody else is probably going to understand. I may have to ask you for help from time to time until I've gotten used to everything."

"Sure thing. It will take some getting used to. I have to ask though: just how open are you to sharing at this point? For instance, are you ready to actually walk in on something like one of Alan's other lovers giving him a blowjob? Or possibly see him balls-deep inside one of them? And what if one of them just happens to be either Katherine or Susan? It's only a matter of time before something like that happens, you know."

Glory took a little while to think about Suzanne's question. "My heart tells me yes, I could handle it. The old me still tries to tell me no, but like I said, that's the old me. I have to pay more attention to the new me, and the new me is willing to do whatever I have to do to be with him. Okay, maybe not seeing him intimate with Katherine or Susan. Not yet. I'm going to need time to handle that, and take things step by step. But others? Yes. I'm willing to give that a try."

"Good! You never know, Alan may want us to suck him off together one day!" Suzanne was hoping to plant a little possibility in Glory's head. She saw that it was working, because Glory immediately started getting all dreamy-eyed.

Glory thought, Oh God! Both Suzanne and I sucking him off together! Wow! Just the thought of that sends chills down my body. I don't know if I would be able to do that with any of his other lovers, but Suzanne is different. That could be really exciting. I'd have my arm around her naked body while I'm bobbing on Alan's erection! Maybe I could kiss or even suckle on one of her nipples while she takes her turn bobbing on him! So naughty! So wonderfully naughty!

Or, even better than a double blowjob, what if he wants to flat-out fuck us both at the same time? Possibly with either me lying on top of Suzanne or with her lying on top of me? That's almost too thrilling to think about! Correction, that IS too thrilling to think about!

Encouraged by the lusty look in Glory's eyes, Suzanne said, "In fact, I can say pretty confidently that something like that is bound to come up before long. Remember, no matter what else we are, we're his sex slaves. It's our duty to serve him and pleasure his cock in every possible way. Just think how we could totally blow his mind by blowing his cock... together!"

Glory grinned almost wickedly as she stared off into space. "That would be... interesting. I'd love to see the look on his face the first time we kneel together between his legs."

"That's the spirit! The first time, but definitely not the last!"

Glory nodded as she considered that. Pleasuring Alan's cock is going to be a big, big part of my life from now on. He's so insatiable! Suzanne and I could end up sucking him off together hundreds of times! More! Countless times! Wow! If we make a good team, it could become one of his favorite cocksucking combinations!

Not wanting to press her too much on that issue, Suzanne looked at Glory and suggested, "Why don't you rest now? I'm sure you need it. I'm going to stretch my legs for a bit. I'll be back soon."

In fact, Glory did feel like she needed to rest. Additionally, her body was dizzy with lust after thinking about Suzanne and her double-teaming Alan, and she was embarrassed to show it. "That sounds good. Thanks." She took Suzanne's hand and gave it a grateful squeeze.

"Oh. I spoke to your mother last night. She said for us to keep her informed of your progress, but when I asked if she was coming out here to see you, she said that she didn't think she could. When I asked why, she refused to go into details. If you'd like, later this afternoon I'll set up a phone call so you can speak to her directly. She already told me what the best times for them would be."

Glory nodded. "Definitely."

Suzanne added, "I wasn't able to reach your father though. If you'd like, you can try to reach him later."

"Okay. Thanks." Glory didn't say any more to Suzanne, although she knew exactly why her mother had said that she couldn't come. Glory had even fewer expectations about her father. Her parents had never really supported her in most of her life choices, and as the years progressed they had grown further and further apart. In fact, they only spoke on the phone perhaps a handful of times each year. That was one of the reasons Glory was so scared about getting close to Alan and the others in the harem, since her parents were almost certain to disown her entirely if they found out that she'd chosen to be a slave-wife. She was very confused though, because the harem also gave her the sense of family that she had been missing in her own life.

What Glory didn't realize was that Suzanne was into another one of her schemes, this time to get Glory even more integrated into the harem.

Suzanne stood up and walked out of the room to first find Nurse Tyler, then put her latest plan in motion.


Alan had barely stepped into the family minivan in the hospital parking lot when he was blindsided by Katherine and Susan. He didn't realize that Susan, Katherine, and Amy had already agreed that Amy was going to drive while Susan and Katherine rode in the back with him. Luckily for everyone involved, Amy was a pretty safe driver. (Susan had selflessly volunteered to drive, but both girls agreed that Susan would get far too excited to drive safely.)

The sexy slaves started kissing and feeling him up even before they got in the minivan. They hadn't even left the parking lot before Susan had her blouse unbuttoned and Alan's boner out of his shorts. His mother and sister wasted little time removing their panties and placing them on the seat next to Alan. They knew they were relatively safe from observation, because the back windows of the minivan had recently been tinted as darkly as California law would allow.

"Well hello to you too, Mom. I can see this is going to be an interesting ride." Alan chuckled. He was fondling his mother's enormous tits, delighted that she'd taken her blouse all the way off rather than just opening the bra's nursing cups.

Before those words had even left his mouth, Susan managed to start licking his cockhead. She had to pull off momentarily to look up at him and answer, "Good morning, Tiger! Your big-titted slave-wife mommy missed you this morning. And she especially missed doing THIS to Alan Junior!" Then she engulfed his cockhead completely and started bobbing contentedly on his erection.

"Your uppity-slave-sister-wife also missed you!" Katherine chimed in. She felt somewhat left out by her "cock hog" mother's actions. However, she knew that their mother Susan had an especially strong cocksucking lust, which let her appreciate secondhand her mother's satisfaction at having a mouth stuffed with cock. She knew that the drive from the hospital to school would take a while, so she'd get eventually get a firsthand chance to bob and suck her brother.

Susan was beyond delighted. Aaaaah! I didn't get to do this ALL DAY yesterday! That's just WRONG! I may be one of his slave-wives now, but I'll always be one of his personal cocksuckers too. MMMM! Sucking this cock is what I do! MMMM! I love it so much!

Not wanting to be left out entirely, Katherine brought one hand up to cup her mother's gigantic globes while leaning up to kiss Alan. She loved doing that so much that she thought she would melt if the situation got any hotter. She too had missed her brother greatly during an unaccustomedly long and lonely night.

Amy spoke to Alan while looking at him in the rearview mirror, "Beau, you'd better watch out with those two back there. They're all kinds of horny since they didn't get to finish what they were doing to each other this morning before Mother and I stopped them. Well, Mother more than me; I would have been content to join in."

Alan couldn't help but laugh. He put his hand on his mother's bobbing head. "Yeah, I can kinda tell. Mom, would you be willing to share with Sis?"

Katherine squealed with excitement. "Please, Mom? I need his big fat cock too, you know. We could take turns. Husband, you do know we're going to be at this for a while, since it takes a lot longer to get to school from the hospital than it does from our house, don't you?"

Susan reluctantly moved to one side of Alan's legs to allow Katherine room to kneel down on the other side. They began licking both sides of his cock at the same time.

They did that very contentedly for the next few minutes as the streets went whizzing by.

Susan thought, Bobbing on my son's great cock until I was nearly choking on it was superb, but this is nearly as good too! Serving master cock is really meant to be a group experience. Angel and I can do much better than if it's just one of us alone. It's going to be a challenge to get him to cum even once before school. We only have half an hour! We need to work as a team!

Susan and Katherine were so enthusiastic and talented that it wasn't long before Alan said helplessly, "Mom, Sis, can you slow down some? You two are licking and stroking like it's been a year since the last time! It's not like I've been gone for very long."

That was true from his perspective. But Susan in particular had suffered greatly the prior day, being away from his cock almost all day long. She knew that Katherine had managed to pleasure it some with Amy when they'd worked on Alan in the hospital bathroom.

Amy suggested from the driver's seat, "You know what? Hearing O.B. say that, you two should switch to a double tit-fuck!" She added, "But don't wear him out completely. Save some for me for later, m'kay?"

Katherine and Susan looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Susan was already topless, so Katherine removed her top too. They adjusted their positions so that they were mashing their breasts nipple to nipple, with his erection caught right in the middle, then started sliding their breast-meat up and down his shaft.

Alan moaned lustfully.

That caused Amy to giggle, knowing that it was her suggestion that was having such an effect on him. Once when she stopped for a red light, she remained there for a few seconds after the light turned green, making them think she was sitting purposely holding the car in place. "Hey, I think an old man standing on the corner back there saw what you all were doing!" She was pulling their legs, since she knew that no-one was nearby.

That comment had the effect that Amy had intended: it drove Susan crazy thinking that someone might catch her servicing her master's cock. It was all Susan could do to "merely" keep the double titfuck going. She longed to engulf his cockhead and deep throat him all the way to the root.

Susan whispered, "So hot! Son, you're humiliating me, do you know that? I need to pleasure your cock so very much that I can't stop, even when strangers are looking!"

Katherine was similarly inspired. "And, as your fuck toy, I have no choice! When your cock is like this, I can't stop serving it, even if the person watching knows I'm your sister!"

He knew such comments were being said more to arouse him than to state fact, but even so they made him horny beyond belief.

After that, every now and then, Amy would tease the others about someone seeing them. For instance, while she was stopped at a red light, she briefly depressed the button for the motorized windows, acting like she was going to open the rear windows all the way. She teased, "You need some air? I bet it's getting hot back there from all the titfucky fun! Maybe I should put the windows down to give you some air." She did start to roll down the back windows, but only a couple of inches before bringing them back up. She didn't want anyone to actually get in trouble.

However, Amy saying and doing that much caused Katherine and Susan to moan lustfully, thinking that someone might actually be able to see them.

Alan knew Amy was just teasing, but he pretended to be upset. "Aims, I'm going to get you for this! Seems like this is the second time you've overstepped your bounds. I think we're going to have to make you bend over my lap as soon as we get out at school, so I can give you a proper spanking!"

He brought his hands down and placed them on the two fantastic asses that were present in front of him. Fortunately for him, both Susan and Katherine had worn skirts since they had planned this sneak attack, so he flipped up their skirts to reveal their firm asses. Suddenly he lifted his hands and brought them smacking down simultaneously on their bare bottoms.

That caused Susan and Katherine to scream loudly. Not only were they surprised and delighted to get spanked at all, but they got an extra thrill from getting spanked by their master in perfect unison.

When Amy had to stop at the next red light, Alan asked, "Aims, you see this?" He swung his hands down, spanking both Susan and Katherine at the same time again. "This is going to be you soon!"

"Promises! Promises!" Amy joked.

Alan was surprised at how his stamina in the face of the double titfuck assault, especially considering he hadn't gotten off since the double blowjob that Amy and Katherine had given him the night before.

Amy said, as she frequently peeked in the rear view mirror, "Geez Louise. Having to drive is a major bummer. When will I get some special time with Alan Junior?"

"Um..." Alan was too distracted trying to fight off his orgasm to be able to answer that quickly.

Susan had an idea. "Angel, I know you've missed him, but you got a spermy reward last night. When he gets ready to cum, can't you let me have it? Please?! I don't think it would go over too well with you walking into school with your face painted white from your brother's cum. I, on the other hand, can let him cum on my big mommy tits! Then all I would have to do is pull my shirt down to cover up all the spermy goodness until after I get back in the driver's seat to drive home!"

Knowing that her mother was right, Katherine nevertheless began fantasizing about walking into school like that. She smiled from imagining that, when other students asked her whose cum was splattered all over her face, she would tell them that it was Alan's.

She snapped out of that fantasy soon enough. Then, after thinking about it, she replied, "I guess. But on one condition: I want to practice my deep throating on him some first."

Susan pouted, "But Angel, that's so mean! We would have to stop all the titfucky fun for you to do that." Their double titfuck had been continuing all along, despite their talking.

Seeing that his mother was upset at Katherine's demand, Alan said, "Mom, let Sis do that. Besides, I'm getting thirsty back here. I'd like a nice drink of warm milk, if you know what I mean."

Susan knew exactly what he meant, and that made her hotter than a firecracker. She repositioned, sitting beside Alan so her enormous bare breasts were right in his face.

That freed up Alan's boner to be swallowed by Katherine, who wasted no time in doing so. This time she had no difficulty deep-throating him, getting more than half his shaft in her mouth within a matter of seconds.

Alan went to work suckling on his mother's great globes, causing her to moan uncontrollably. He was hoping that would be enough of a distraction to keep him from cumming too soon due to Katherine's improving deep-throat technique. So far, his tactic was working. He had to take special care not to shoot his load down his sister's throat, because he knew that his mother was counting on him covering her boobs with his cum before he got out of the minivan and headed to class.

Katherine kept on deep throating him like a long-time pro. She would stay down for almost a full minute each time, repeatedly making swallowing motions when she was all the way down on him, creating incredible sensations around his cock. At times she had to rest her throat and recover her breath, so she resorted to "normal" cocksucking and licking until she was ready to dive down again.

Alan knew he couldn't take much more of that; the stimulation was just too intense. He'd already been squeezing his PC muscle non-stop for the last fifteen minutes, but he didn't want to cum until the last minute, just as the ride was ending. With maybe ten more minutes to go, he had to exclaim, "Sis, I need you to stop! I can't take anymore!"

Katherine refused to pull off. She had just started deep throating him again, taking nearly every inch in her mouth, and didn't want to pull up so soon after making the effort to go that deep. By this time, Susan and Katherine were fingering themselves with an intense vigor.

He spoke with much more urgency. "I said stop! You promised Mom you would allow her to take this load!"

Alan was bucking his hips in rhythm to Katherine's up-and-down lip motion. She could see he was getting about as close as he could manage, so she reached up and tapped Susan on the shoulder, motioning for her to relocate her tits in front of Alan's cock.

"STOP! Now! Cumming!" Alan yelled.

That caused Katherine to pull his cock out of her mouth and aim it at her mother's waiting breasts, just as he started shooting rope after rope of cum.

Katherine was on the verge of a nice climax, but seeing that her mother wasn't quite there yet, she reached out and pinched Susan's right nipple, giving Susan an intense orgasm that would have made her fall out of her seat had she been sitting in one. As soon as Katherine had made sure that Susan was past the point of no return, she brought her free hand to her own pussy and fingered herself to a nice screaming orgasm at the same time as the others.

Susan and Katherine tried to control their screaming, but they weren't entirely successful. Luckily, at that moment the minivan was driving down the road at a moderate speed, instead of being at a traffic light or stop sign.

Amy checked the nearby cars, but nobody seemed to be reacting to noticing or hearing anything. She giggled and yelled out, "Woo-hoo! Check it out, everybody! Screamin' in the cum car!" She giggled some more. She was careful not to yell too loud though, even though she knew that all the windows were rolled up.

Once everyone came down from their erotic high, Katherine and Susan began their ritual of licking Alan's cock and balls clean. That took a few minutes, even with them working together.

They would have been happy to "clean" him much longer, but Amy had been providing periodic updates on how close they were getting to school. Eventually, Susan and Katherine had to stop their licking, because they only had a few minutes to make themselves presentable before arriving at the school.

The girls had already agreed that they shouldn't ever wear their collars at school at the same time. Today, Amy was allowed to keep her collar around her neck, while Katherine had Alan take her collar off and fasten it around her upper arm, under her shirt.

Amy was the first to get out, once she parked the car in a pick-up/drop-off zone in front of the high school. She stood just a few feet from the car, waiting for Katherine and Alan, checking to make sure the coast was clear and everyone was fully dressed and looking normal.

Once Alan was nearby, she stuck her skirt-covered ass out and wiggled it at him teasingly. "See! I knew you wouldn't spank me right here in front of everyone!"

The three kids said good-bye to Susan and watched her drive off.

Alan still felt frisky enough that he waited until Amy thought she was in the clear before he walked up quietly behind her. He knew that no one would be paying attention, and even if they were, everyone knew Amy was his girlfriend. So he raised his hand and delivered a hard swat to her firm ass.

That caused Amy to muffle a scream of surprise. She turned around and silently wagged a finger at him, but she was beaming with delight.

He joked, "Kat, did you just hear something? I could have sworn I heard someone almost scream. Could it have been the same person that just said I wouldn't spank them?"

That led all three of them to laugh.


As Alan, Katherine and Amy walked towards the school, they could see many of the other kids whispering to each other.

Alan tried to act as if he didn't notice, instead looking straight ahead. He figured there would be a lot of talk about him all day, due to Friday's fight.

Amy and Katherine were looking around to see what the other kids were doing and saying. They saw Christine standing about halfway from the street to the door of the main school building, so they walked up to her and stopped to talk.

Alan couldn't help but notice that Christine was wearing blue jeans and a tight, pink, short-sleeved V-neck shirt. The neckline wasn't so low as to be too revealing, but it was low enough that if she bent over Alan could probably have seen her belly button. Damn! How lucky can I be that I get to play with those wonderful melons? She's never dressed this sexily in school before, and I know she's doing it just for me. Wow! We may have to speed up this whole second-girlfriend announcement so I can touch her openly at school.

What they didn't see was that Heather had noticed Alan, Katherine and Amy, and was walking towards them until she saw them heading towards Christine. She got so mad that her face turned red. Christine! Damn her! It's supposed to be me to comfort him on his first day back in school after the fight. He's my 'Sir'! She'd better learn to keep her grubby hands off him.

She decided to keep her distance, for the moment. Grrr! I'll catch him in between classes and let him know that I'm here for him and that he needs to turn to me, not that blonde Amazon bimbo! Look how she's dressing. That's normal for most girls, but slutty for her. Dammit! Now I'm even more sure that she's fallen for him too. Fuck!

"Hey, you three!" Christine said cheerfully, as she saw Alan, Katherine and Amy coming her way.

"Hey, C," replied Amy with her usual bubbly style. She rubbed her ass through her skirt, trying to let it show that her ass cheek was still stinging from Alan's smack, but Christine wasn't paying attention to that.

Katherine and Alan simply said, "Hi, Christine."

Alan really wanted to sweep Christine into his arms and give her a big French kiss. He could tell by the fire in her eyes that she wanted the exact same thing. But they just stood next to each other without even touching, because they had vowed to keep their new intimacy a secret in school, for the moment.

"Well, looks like we have a welcoming party, huh Christine?" Alan asked.

"Yes. Those other kids have been mumbling to themselves most of the morning. It seems that word about our fight has been slowly spreading for the past three days. But many still hadn't heard, so the news is spreading like wildfire right now."

Amy joked to Alan, "You're famous!"

He rolled his eyes. "I suppose. For five minutes only, let's hope." He looked at Christine. "You are too."

She rolled her eyes as well, and made a sour look. "I'm thrilled." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Everyone's been asking me about what happened. You wouldn't believe how misguided some of the accounts of what happened are."

She quickly changed the subject. "How's Ms. Rhymer doing? Alan, I'm sorry to hear about what happened."

He looked around carefully to make sure nobody else was in hearing range. He replied, "She's doing better. It's still going to take her a while, but the doctors say that she should make a full recovery. I really feel bad about having to postpone our date the other night, but I felt like that was the right thing to do."

"I understand. I didn't at first. In fact, I was really pissed at you until Amy called and explained what had happened. Then I kind of understood that you were needed there."

He said, "I'm sorry I didn't call you myself, but I wanted to stick to her like glue. Maybe I was overreacting, but I was super-concerned. I guess I still am, even though she's doing a lot better."

"I get it." Christine was frustrated that he hadn't called her personally, but she also liked how his behavior with Glory showed how loving a person he really was.

"Christine, it wasn't just about me feeling like I should be there. I wanted to be there. Hell, I needed to be there. One of the things that Amy might not have explained is that Glory is like a part of me now. Last night I asked her for a more formal relationship with me, and she accepted. She's my responsibility now, like family, and my family has to come first. I hope you can understand."

Christine's temper flared, "No, I don't understand at all! What do you mean?!"

He had to be careful. He didn't want to flat-out lie to Christine, but he also knew that she wasn't ready to accept that he had five slave-wives, now including Glory. So he said, "Up until now, the exact status of her and me wasn't defined. But that's changed. Now she's a full member of my harem."

Christine looked around in panic, freaked out that he would use the "H" word in school, and in reference to one of the school's teachers no less. She was gratified that nobody was in hearing range, but she was still shocked and appalled by what he'd said. She hissed quietly, "How could you?! How could she?! That's crazy! She's your teacher!" Christine was on the verge of tears by the times she had finished.

Amy chimed in, but also quietly, "What's the big deal? You already know he has a harem, and you knew she was involved with him big-time. I know you're not ready to be a full member of it yet, but if Ms. Rhymer is, it doesn't really affect you. Right?"

Christine was nearly speechless. "It does! She's my teacher too! She's everybody's teacher! This is just... crazy!"

Alan tried to do some damage control. "Christine, don't feel so bad, okay? It's nothing against you. Glory very nearly DIED yesterday! She came this close to dying." He held his hand up, with his index finger and thumb almost touching. "Because of that, she took stock of her life and realized that she was completely in love with me and wanted to dedicate herself to serving me. I also took stock of everything and realized that I was in love with her and wanted her in my life in a more permanent and committed way."

Christine hissed with even more shock, "'Dedicate herself to SERVING you?!' Alan, do you realize how INSANE that sounds?!"

Katherine was standing there, trying to appear neutral and "rational." She said, "Brother, it does sound pretty darn insane."

Amy said to Christine, "I don't think so. You knew all this already."

Then Alan said to Christine, "Don't worry about all this harem stuff. If you don't want to be a part of that, I understand. You and I are still trying to figure out what you being my second official girlfriend means exactly. We need to take it one step at a time. Just so you know, I have already explained our current relationship to Glory and the rest of them. That way there won't be any confusion."

Christine sighed heavily, forcing herself to control her emotions and not cry. "Ugh! I was so excited to see you this morning!" She looked around carefully. "Even though we can't kiss or touch, just being able to see you... well..." She was embarrassed to say it, but she had been so anxious to see him again that she'd gotten to school very early. That was a lucky thing, because it had given her time to counter some of the misguided rumors about the fight.

She continued, "Anyway, then I get to see you, and you hit me with this news! It's like getting a sucker punch to the gut, and a right cross to my face on top of it!"

He started to take her hand, then stopped and forced himself not to. "I'm sorry. I wish I could say or do something to make it better. But can you see how her near-death experience caused things to change drastically?"

"Yes, but... being your second girlfriend is humbling enough. But having to hear that my favorite history teacher has become a part of your harem and practically your sex slave?! How can I recover from that?!" She huffed, clearly upset. "Well, as long as I'm in shock already, can you at least tell me the names of the others in your harem? You might as well get it all out in the open now!" She flopped her arms up and down helplessly.

"No, I'm sorry. Not without talking to each of them first. And we're at school, with class about to start. Besides, you said you didn't want to know."

"I know. I don't. But I do too! Argh!" She clenched her fists in frustration.

Katherine said to Christine, "I feel your pain. It must be super weird for you. I still can't believe all of this is happening to my doofus brother!" She gave him a playful punch.

Alan grinned at that, but then stared intently at Christine. "The only reason I told you about Glory is because you already knew about her, from running into us at the beach. I want to be as honest with you as I can, but there's a lot I can't say, given that I usually don't have permission from my other lovers."

Christine nodded, but she looked sad and hurt.

"Look, this doesn't affect our relationship at all. In fact, I was kind of hoping you would allow me to reschedule my date with you and Amy for this Friday night. My understanding is that Glory will be released from the hospital on Wednesday or Thursday, and I want to spend as much time as possible with her while she's hospitalized. Hospitals are awful places, and much worse if you're alone. However, I promise I'm going to make it up to you and show you that you mean the world to me."

"Alan, I really want to prove to you that I love you, but I'm still extremely jealous about all your other women. It's really hard for me to accept sharing you... at all! Even with Amy! I'm just not used to being second at anything. It might not be as bad if I knew who they all were, and it makes me mad to know you don't trust me enough to tell me."

Christine looked confused, since she was still trying to take in what Alan and Amy were saying. Then she continued, "But if you really want to make it up to me and reschedule our date... then my answer is 'Yes.' Friday night will be fine."

"Coolio outside the schoolio!" Amy said, happy to hear that Christine wasn't ready to give up. She gave Christine a brief hug, since nobody would think that meant anything.

Christine couldn't help but grin at that, even though she just stood still, trying not to hug back.

Alan smiled. "Great! We'll get together after school today and try to work out the details, but I guess we need to get to our classes and hope that we can stop being the subject of all the talk." By the time he said that, he had already resumed walking towards his class.

He really didn't want to go to class at all, both due to wanting to be with Glory and because he knew she wouldn't be in his fourth-period class. However, he he had no choice. since he'd promised Glory that he would go to class. He walked off alone, even though he and Christine were in the same class together. They both knew they had to be careful not to spend all their time together between classes if they didn't want to add more fuel to the rumors that would be swirling around them after the fight.

Then Alan saw Sean standing over to the side and reminded himself that he needed to talk to his friend and Kim about that afternoon's S Club meeting. He went to Sean to convey his intentions.

"Hi Sean," Alan said as he got near.

"Hey Alan. Are you feeling okay from the fight? I'm sorry that we didn't get to you sooner."

"Don't worry about it, Sean. There's nothing you could have done differently. Listen, I need to know if you'll be able to take my place at the S Club meeting this afternoon? I really need to skip it because I've promised Amy to spend the afternoon with just her."

"Who me? I can't do that! I almost had a heart attack the last time when you had me in the closet!"

Alan laughed but then said, "Come on, Sean. Really? You've already had sex with Kim and sexual contact with Janice and Joy."

"Yeah, but what if Heather shows up? I'm SO not ready for that! I saw how you had to treat her and I can't do that!"

"Relax. I'm pretty sure she won't be there. In fact I'll make sure of it. Can you do it for me if I make sure that it will be no one other than those three?"

Of course Sean didn't need much convincing. He figured that whatever Alan had planned to convince Heather not to come would work, because he had never seen anyone able to control her like Alan could. "Sure buddy, I'll do it. But I feel like it's still you doing me a favor instead of the other way around."

— — —

Donna had already heard that there was a substitute teacher for Glory's classes. She dispatched her flunkies to find out more, then went looking for Alan to see if she could learn more about why Glory wasn't there. Everyone knew that Alan was Glory's "teacher's pet." (Although, ironically, now Glory was more like Alan's sex pet.)

"So Alan, where's your girlfriend?" Donna asked with her typical haughty attitude.

Not yet knowing that she was referring to Glory, he answered, "Amy's here somewhere. I just saw her a minute ago. She should be heading towards her next class if you're looking for her."

She tried to come across playfully as she responded, "Not her, you silly! Ms. Rhymer! She has a substitute covering her class. With all the rumors about you two, I figured you would know."

Alan felt his blood begin to boil, but knew that he had to watch what he said to avoid getting Glory in trouble. So he simply replied, "Donna, I don't know what all you've heard and I really don't care. Honestly I don't."

Donna stood there for a minute, trying to gauge his reaction. When she saw that she wasn't going to get more out of him, she walked off. I'm going to find out one way or another! You might think you've stopped my questions, you nerd, but you didn't deny anything. All you did was fuel my curiosity, and I WILL find out! You don't know it yet, but you're going to be my one-way ticket to winning the Homecoming Queen title this year! I don't care if I have to bring you and Ms. Rhymer down along with Heather, but I'm NOT going to lose this year.


Alan hadn't had a chance to even sit down in class when he was informed that he needed to go see Ms. Conners, the school principal. So he turned around and headed back down the hall.

Before Alan could open the door to the main office, he could hear Heather and Christine arguing over Heather's role in Friday's events. As soon as he walked into the waiting room for the principal's office, he found the two beautiful girls glaring at each other from only a few inches apart. He looked around and saw that Mr. Adams, the vice principal, and Ms. Stockton, the school secretary, were both exceedingly frustrated.

He thought, Oh goody. They'd better get whatever this is about over with soon or there might be bloodshed.

Principal Connors explained to the three students that she personally didn't care who had done what, and that under no circumstances were any of them to discuss any details of the fight with anyone else. She told them that the school board was going to have an emergency meeting later that evening to figure out the best plan on how to handle the crisis that had been brought on by the incident. There would also be a full school assembly the next day, where the issues of bullying and fighting in school would be addressed.

Once their meeting was over, the three of them left to return to their respective classrooms. Unfortunately, Heather and Christine's little "discussion" was far from over. The two of them seemed to pick up at precisely the point where they had left off earlier.

Finally, Alan got between them and said, "Enough, you two. This isn't going to get us anywhere. I'm grateful for everything that each of you has done, but we're going to have to find a way to work together on this."

Heather pouted and crossed her arms defiantly.

Still angry, Christine replied, "Like that's ever going to happen!" If that stupid hussy thinks that I'm going to just sit back and let her take all the credit for saving my boyfriend, she's crazier than I thought!

He said, "Girls, please. Let's just go back to class and give ourselves time to calm down so we can think a little more clearly. Right now, each of us is just too worked up to make rational decisions."

At that, the three split up to head to their respective classrooms. Alan thought as he walked away, Man, those two can't get along to save their lives! Even though Christine was typically more peaceful and modest than Heather, Alan knew they were both equally stubborn.

— — —

At the end of Alan's first period, he excused himself from Christine, who had wanted to guard him on his way to their second period class. He quickly made his way out of the building where he could use Glory's cell phone to call and check on her. When Suzanne answered, he asked to speak to Glory, but was told that she was asleep in her room.

Suzanne went on to tell him briefly about her conversation that morning with Glory.

When he heard about Glory reaching up and pinching Suzanne's ass, he had to readjust how he had been holding his books to try to cover his instant hard-on.

"Mother, when she wakes up please just tell her that I called and that I love her?"

"Of course I will, Sweetie. Also, I couldn't say anything earlier with everyone here, but I have a song picked out for your dance with Glory. But we need to get started teaching you some basic dance steps fast. I just started the ball rolling that is going to speed up your chance of doing that REAL soon."

"Mother! What have you done now?" he tried to sound pissed but failed miserably. He was too obviously amused.

Suzanne stuck her tongue out at the phone as if Alan could see her, but since he couldn't she made a funny razzing noise as well. Then she replied, "I don't want to tell you the details yet because it's all still unconfirmed. Besides... I don't think I would tell you even if I could! I still owe you for fucking me practically senseless yesterday morning."

"Okay. Fine! Be that way! I may just have to withhold putting your collar back on you until you come to your senses." He knew he had her with that.

"Bastard! You win again. You're getting too good at knowing just what to say and when. Maybe I taught you too well. But let me make sure that it's going to play out like I'm planning. I should know by the time you get here tonight to take the next shift with Glory. Maybe we can even go somewhere for a little while and start your lessons tonight."

"We might just do that. Let me discuss it with Glory first when I get there and we'll play it by ear. Okay?"

"Okay, Sweetie. Love you."

"Love you too."


Brenda arrived at the Plummer's house shortly after Susan returned from dropping her kids off at school. After a short hello, Brenda immediately changed in to her sexy little silky black and white French maid outfit, ready to start cleaning.

Her uniform could only be considered modest from the fact that it did cover her nipples, pussy, and most of her fantastic ass. The problems was that every time she took a step, the skirt part would ride up and expose nearly all of one bare ass cheek, and part of the other. Worse yet, every time she had to bend and stand back up over she would have to tuck back in one or both of her humongous breasts. At least her skirt was loose enough that it would fall back into place, covering her pussy and ass as long as she was standing relatively still.

After some small talk, Brenda asked, "Mistress Susan, how's Ms. Rhymer doing?"

"She's getting better. The doctors think she'll make a full recovery. Thanks for asking. I'm sure our master will appreciate it. Oh and I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but he not only proposed to the four of us on Saturday night, but to her as well last night in the hospital. It was beautiful! He got down on his knees and everything. There was a lot of cheering and crying."

Brenda just nodded, which made Susan curious. She asked, "How do you feel about that?"

"Of course, I'm glad! My heart soars with pride, knowing that I have a master with no less than FIVE slave-wives! How many slaves have such a virile and dominant master? And Ms. Rhymer is definitely worthy. Her breasts are a little on the small side, compared to his usual standards, but from the pictures I've seen, she's a sexy hard body all over."

Susan said, "I'm glad to hear you say that, but I was specifically wondering if you're feeling bad that you're not one of his slave-wives."

Brenda's eyes opened wide. "Oh, NO! No way! I would NEVER want that!"

"Really? Why not?"

"Because I already have the best of all possible worlds: I'm his slave! And not just one of his sex slaves, but his full-time, no-holds-barred, honest-to-god real slave in every possible way! That's what I want. That's what I need! To be a slave-wife, well, I don't know what that means exactly, but I figure it could only dilute the status of being a pure slave. I'm glad for you and the others, but I've been married twice. I have no interest in thinking of Master Alan as my third husband. Yuck! I love to see him as my one and only master!"

Susan smiled widely. "Good. I'm glad to hear that. And I think being a slave becomes you. Just look at you in your cute little French maid outfit! Can you do a spin for me?"

Brenda happily turned around, showing herself off at every angle.

"Now, bend over."

Brenda turned away from Susan and then bent over at an outrageous angle. All of her bare ass was exposed, since she wasn't wearing any panties.

Susan walked to her and put a hand on her ass. As she caressed one ass cheek, her other hand went to Brenda's cunt. She poked a finger in and out. "Brenda, you're already wet!"

"Mistress, how could I not be? Just wearing this outfit keeps me somewhat horny. But then you got me talking about totally enslaving myself to my master. That makes me soooo horny!"

Susan chuckled as she dug towards Brenda's G-spot. "Everything makes you horny."

Brenda chuckled too. "You should talk. What if your cutie Tiger was standing in front of us right now? What if he took one look at us and said 'Drop to your knees?' What do you think would happen next?"

Susan's eyes went wide. "Oh dear!" She licked her lips and started to salivate. Her heart started to beat fast.

Brenda stood back up and turned around to gauge Susan's reaction. Sure enough, the busty mother was clutching her chest and nearly panting. "See what I mean?"

Susan chuckled some more, and tried to calm herself down. "You meanie! How dare you get me all worked up like that when he's not even here?" But she wasn't mad at all.

Brenda asked, "When do you think I'll get to meet our master's newest slave-wife? And do you think it's okay for me to finally meet her? I've heard about her 'don't ask, don't tell' policy regarding the rest of us."

"Well, I've got a sneaking suspicion that policy will have to change in a big way, and soon. I'll have to talk to Suzanne about it. But anyway, her major objection is with the incest. I don't see why you shouldn't meet her now. In fact, you could always go by the hospital when Master is there, if you like. I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

Brenda frowned. "I don't know about that. I don't want to get in the way. It would be weird meeting Glory for the first time. I'm kind of shy about that. She's going to think I'm really weird with my slave-ish ways. I understand she's more like Suzanne in wanting to keep some of her freedom."

"Maybe so. It probably would be an awkward meeting. But consider that he's planning on spending all of his time at the hospital for the next couple of days, including sleeping there, except for going to school. So if you don't go, you're not going to see him until tomorrow or later. Plus, maybe while you're there you can find a way to help cure some of his spermy build up."

Brenda squealed in delight at hearing that. "Ooooh Mistress Susan, I love that idea! Maybe tonight if I can get away from Adrian."

"Hmmm. That's a tricky one," Susan pointed out. "Of course, Alan is your one and only master, but we don't want you to start neglecting your motherly duties with your son. As part of our deal having you as the house maid, we don't want you being away from home while Adrian is there."

Brenda bounced eagerly. "I know, but what if I just stop by for a quick blowjob? Adrian's going to have a lot of homework to do, I'm sure. He won't miss me at all!"

Susan chuckled knowingly. "Did you hear what you just said? 'A quick blowjob?' With Master? If you don't suck him at LEAST half an hour, then you're probably doing something wrong."

"I know, believe me, I know. But now that you've put the idea in my head, how can I not go? I'm going to be thinking about it and salivating over it all day long! Actually, I'm thinking more of a blowjob/titfuck combo! It'll be SO HOT! I'll take off ALL my clothes, except for my high heels of course, and absolutely WORSHIP his cock with my mouth and tits for an hour! Or more!"

Susan's eyes twinkled with delight. "What about you being reluctant to meet Glory?"

"Forget that! It'll be tough, but I can handle it. Believe me; if I'm going to get a creamy, spermy reward straight from Master's cock at the end, I'll be glad to meet ten Glorys!"

"Look, I've got to see if I can sew Glory's collar back together. The paramedics had to cut it when they prepared her for transport on Sunday. Why don't you see how much you can get done while I work on that? Maybe if things go well, we'll have time for some sexy fun before I have to go back to school to pick them up. That'll help take the edge off to tide you over until your slurping on Master's fat knob later."

"Awesome! Thank you, Mistress!" Brenda smiled and went off to take care of her chores. Ooooh some sexy fun! I can't wait!

Susan looked again at the collar in her hands. She'd been carrying it around since coming back home. Luckily, it was a fairly smooth cut and appeared easy enough to fix without it showing too badly, if any at all.


Back at the hospital, it took Suzanne a little while to find Nurse Tyler. Once she did, she asked, "Tyler, can you tell me where I could find Nurse Judy's supervisor?"

"Yes ma'am, I can. Why? Has she done something wrong?"

"Oh no, nothing like that. I need a favor. What do you think it would take to get her to tell Ms. Rhymer that she shouldn't be by herself for a while once she gets released from the hospital, and instead needs to be where someone can be on call for her 24/7?"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand. She'll be able to go home on Wednesday and should be able to manage just fine on her own after that, except for needing to use crutches. So there's really no need for that."

"Please humor me here. As you know, she and Alan were recently engaged. She lives alone in her own small apartment. Alan's family's house has more than enough room for her to stay for a while, including a guest bedroom. I live next door. Gloria Rhymer's a prideful woman and will think she's supposed to go back to her lonely apartment, whereas if she were at Alan's house she'd have him and four others taking good care of her, including me. Someone would be nearby all the time."

Tyler smiled knowingly. "Oh, I see! I think she might be able to accommodate you on that. Nothing official, mind you, but you can ask her if she can informally strongly encourage her to stay with friends rather than trying to do everything on her own once she's released. But you'll need to take that up with her to be sure. How's that?"

"Great. Thanks. Please keep this a secret from Ms. Rhymer, at least for now. We don't want her to over-think it. We'd like to kind of surprise her with the idea as she's about to get released."

Tyler shrugged. "If you insist." She walked away a short time later.

"Nurse Tyler, I have one more request. Whatever it costs, whoever I need to see to make sure it happens... I want to make sure that no one else gets put in the room with her."

"Mmmm, that could be difficult because we never know the number of patients we might need to admit at any given time."

"I'm willing to pay extra."

"Unfortunately, there's no special fee for that. You just have to take the luck of the draw."

Suzanne stared at her hard, with a narrow gaze. "I never take what luck gives me. I make my own luck."

To fend her off, the nurse said, "Let me see what I can do, okay? Fortunately, we're not very busy right now, so we have a lot of empty beds."

"Sure. Thanks. Just please do everything you can." However, Suzanne doubted that the nurse would be able to help with that, due to bureaucratic rules. She was already considering which higher-ups in the hospital hierarchy she would need to charm to get things done.

Suzanne didn't want to be away from Glory too long in case Glory woke up again.

She made her way back to Glory's room hoping to find her still sound asleep. On her way, she thought, Whew! Now that that's out of the way, we just have to make sure that Glory's going to agree to it. Just think of all the sexy fun we'll have there! Not counting how Sweetie might repay me for making it happen.

I wonder what he'll think about being able to give her the little surprise dance that he's been planning, and to be able to do it in his own home. He'll surely love me forever for making sure that Glory has to say there. At the very least, that'll do wonders to break down Glory's barriers and help integrate her quickly into the rest of the harem. And who knows? If things work out great, she might never want to return back to her sad, lonely apartment. Why should she? Her life is all about serving and loving Alan now. She needs to be near him, with us, to do that.

I need to call Susan and let her know what I'm planning. I'm sure she'll like the idea.

— — —

Glory was awake and sitting up when Suzanne returned.

Suzanne asked her, "Have a nice nap?"

Glory smiled and nodded. "How long did I sleep that time?"

"Oh, I guess it was about an hour."

"I'm sure part of it is from the medication they're giving me, plus my body needing to heal, but I think some of it is just no longer having to worry about what to do about my relationship with Alan. I don't know if you realize how many hours I've lain awake at night trying to figure it all out. I should have just listened to my heart all along. Being so afraid of being hurt almost cost me the best thing in my life."

Suzanne jokingly interrupted, "Oh, how nice of you to think of me like that!"

Glory reached out and took her friend's hand before continuing, "Well, yes, all of this has brought me you, but you know that I meant Alan. After all, he's the one that brought us together. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I'd have ever known what true unconditional love really feels like. I can tell that he loves me no matter what I do, no matter how insecure I am, no matter how crazy my hang-ups are, no matter anything. He just simply loves me."

Suzanne knew exactly what Glory meant because that she felt the exact same way. "I feel the same way as you. He's just special like that. He doesn't try to hide his love for someone like most men do. Where they see it as a weakness, he uses it as a strength."

Suzanne reached down and cupped the side of Glory's face with her free hand. Still trying to be careful to not push Glory too far, but deciding to go further than before, she just leaned in toward Glory to deliver a passionate kiss. She was happy when she found Glory eager to accept it, rather than trying to avoid it.

They were still kissing when Glory tried to reach around Suzanne to pull her in closer, but because of the angles they were at, Glory's hand inadvertently pressed up against Suzanne's ample breasts. The more she tried to free her arm, the more she accidentally ended up fondling Suzanne.

Suzanne was riding high on lust from the touch even if it was unintentional.

Once they finally broke the kiss, Glory asked, "Suzanne, you said earlier that I could use your phone to call my parents. Is that offer still good?"

"Absolutely." Suzanne pulled her phone out of purse, handed it to Glory and continued, "Here you go. I'll step out and give you some privacy."

— — —

Glory waited until Suzanne had shut the door on her way out. I guess I really should call Mom. I'll worry about trying to reach Dad later. I haven't spoken to her in months, but I have no idea what I'm going to say. I can't really tell her that I'm engaged. It's not like she'd care about me being engaged if it was a normal situation, but she would freak if they knew that my fiancé is going to have four other wives!

Okay, admittedly, nearly any parent would have a hissy fit about that. Obviously I can't tell her the full truth. But she wouldn't be happy about Alan no matter what, even if there was no harem and he was my age and had a good job. All she does is criticize. Nothing I ever do is good enough for her!

Glory's mother Svetlana had raised Glory in Orange County, but a few years earlier she had divorced her husband Fred and moved to Chicago. Svetlana picked up after the third ring. "Hello?"

"Hi Mom, it's Glory."

"Oh, hi Gloria. How are you?! I really wish you wouldn't call yourself that. It sounds so childish."

"Sorry, Mom. Anyway, I heard that my friend Suzanne already spoke to you and let you know the basic story of my accident. I wanted to tell you about it myself as well. The doctors say that I should make a full recovery and will probably be going home on Wednesday."

"That's good, dear. How are you feeling?"

"A little tired. A little out of sorts. I have aches and cuts and bruises all over. But it's all surface stuff, except for my broken leg. Before long, I'll be as good as new again."

"That's good. Exactly what were you doing that caused you to get hurt in the first place? Your friend said you were surfing. Please tell me that's not true!"

"You know it is. A big wave knocked me off my board and dragged me under. Then somehow I got hit by my board. I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with a broken leg and a concussion, because I don't have much memory of the incident, but those are my major injuries. I'm going to have a cast on my leg for a while and miss a few weeks of work. The doctors told me that I'm lucky to be alive. I found out that my boyfriend rescued me."

"Oh Gloria, that was too close! I worry about you. How many times have I told you to stop that surfing nonsense? Maybe now you'll listen to me. It's too dangerous!"

Glory replied, "It is, a little, but you can't live life without risk. How boring would that be?"

"Boring, but SAFE!" Svetlana said emphatically. "Why don't you just move back home? You can get a job somewhere near here at a respectable school. Or better yet, stop teaching all together and get a better job somewhere making more money."

"Mom, please. Don't get started on that again. I like it here."

"Sorry. I'll be good. I suppose the main thing is that you're okay. You said your boyfriend saved you. Are you still dating that Garth person?"

"No, it wasn't Garth. He and I broke up a while back. We weren't right for each other. This time I've met someone that I'm deeply in love with and who is also deeply in love with me. His name is Alan. He's great! Mom, when he looks at me, it's like he's looking into my soul. His love just radiates from him every time I'm near him. I love him with all my heart." No way can I tell her much about the rest, but maybe, just maybe, she'll be happy for me if she at least knows about the true love part.

Svetlana asked suspiciously, "What's he like? What does he do for a living?"

"Well, actually, he's a bit younger than me. He's still in school." Glory hoped her mother would assume she meant college, not high school. She also hoped she wouldn't ask just how much younger he was, or she'd have to try to dodge the question or outright lie.

"Still in school?! Oh Gloria, not again. You and relationships just don't work out. You never pick the right kind of guy. When are you going to learn your lesson? Don't you remember what happened between your father and me? Don't get me wrong, dear. I'm glad you finally came to your senses about Garth. He wasn't good for you. But this Alan doesn't sound any better. You remember all the struggles you and I went through with your no-good father. You should find someone who can support you financially so you'll never have to face what we did."

"Mom, I love Alan and I'm 100 percent sure it'll work out this time. I'm certain that he'll never intentionally do anything to hurt me and I know he'll never leave me. I can't go on living my life afraid that the same thing will happen to me that happened to you and Dad. I've wasted enough of my life because of that fear; I'm not going to do it anymore. I guess I should actually thank the two of you for making me afraid of that for so long, because I was able to wait until I finally found the one person who makes me feel complete. I really wish that you could be happy for me."

"Okay, dear. I'll try." However, Svetlana still sounded dubious about Glory's new love.

Trying to appeal to her mother's financial concerns, Glory added, "If it helps, he hasn't graduated yet, but when he does he'll have very good prospects." Technically, that's true. Unfortunately, it'll be about five years from now! "He comes from a very respectable, loving, and well-off family. To be honest, he could get by without working at all."

"Well, that's something at least," Svetlana said. She still didn't sound very enthused. "Even so, you shouldn't rely on anyone else for your financial security. Look what happened to me. You need a high-paying job so you can stand on your own."

"I know, Mom. I know."

"How long have you been dating this Alan...?"

"Alan Plummer. Only a few weeks."

"A few weeks?! That's nothing! Get back to me when things are serious!"

"Well, we've known each other longer than a few weeks, but we've only been dating for about that."

Glory thought, If she only knew! No way could I tell her that I'm already engaged, and to a man with an honest-to-god harem! If she ever finds out that I'm going to be not just one of his wives, but a slave-wife, well... I don't know what! Obviously, she can NEVER learn that!

Trying to change the subject, Glory asked, "Are going to be able to fly out to visit? I'd like to see you. That would mean a lot to me."

"No, I'm sorry, I don't think so. If your injuries were more serious, of course I would. But your friend Suzanne assured me that everything is going to be fine. Work is getting better for me, but times are still tough. I'm still burdened by the debt your father left me with before he skipped off into the wild blue yonder."

"I understand, Mom, I guess I better let you go. I love you." Glory waited for a response from her mother. When it didn't come, she asked, "Mom, can't you say that you love me just this once?"

"Come on Gloria. Grow up! There's no need for all that mushy stuff!"

"MOM, please! I need to hear you say it. I'll never ask you to again if you don't want me to, but please do it this time. I almost died!"

"Fine. Gloria, I love you too." Svetlana sounded a bit miffed to be forced to say that. But she added more warmly, "I'm glad to hear that you're going to be okay. I worry about you, you know."

"I know you do."

"You really need to stop with that surfing foolishness before you get yourself killed!"

"Sorry, again. I guess I just can't ever do anything right by you. Bye, Mom." Glory hung up the phone before her mom could say anything else.

She began to cry as she contemplated the call. It figures! I knew she wasn't going to come. It would have been a bit dangerous for me and my secrets if she'd come to visit, but I could have managed. Apparently I'd have to be on life support before she'd even consider it! As from my dad, forget it! It's sad, but Suzanne and Alan are already more true family to me than my real family! I'm going to have to explain this to them one day soon, so they'll see what they're actually getting into by being involved with me. My mother should be there to support me and love me, but whenever I talk to her I end up feeling like a failure!

Glory was openly sobbing when Suzanne reentered the room.

Concerned, Suzanne asked, "Glory, are you okay?"

"No, not really. But I will be."

Suzanne sat on the bed next to Glory and tenderly stroked her upper arm. "Do you want to talk about it? It might help you feel better."

"I do, but not right now, okay? Please?"

Knowing that she wasn't going to change Glory's mind, she answered, "Whatever you need, Glory. I'm here for you and so is Alan. You know you can always talk to either one of us about anything."

"I know, and thank you. One day I would like to have you and Alan sit down with me so we can talk about things. There are things about me that neither of you might like. For instance, my rocky relationship with my parents. I only hope that none of it changes your feelings for me."

Suzanne replied, "Don't be ridiculous! I don't think there's anything or anyone that could EVER change Alan's feelings for you, and I feel the same way. Just as you and Alan are soulmates, you and I are kindred spirits. No matter what it is, whenever you want to tell us, we'll be there for you."

Glory asked shyly, "Suzanne, I think I could really use a hug. Do you mind?"

"Certainly not." Suzanne wrapped her arms around Glory, being mindful that she was still hooked up to an I.V. and various sensors. Oh dear Lord. Mmmm! This feels nice! I know I shouldn't think this, but I'm kind of glad Glory had her accident. She's going to be just fine, and it'll speed her entrance deeper into our lives and into the harem in all kinds of ways. It's already happening.

Even though both of their arms were mostly still, the intensity of the kiss made Glory so hot that she would have sworn that there were at least a dozen hands gently running over her entire body. She was so wrapped up in Suzanne's embrace that, from pure lust, she actually started to feel better after the phone call with her mother. Suzanne has got to be the sexiest woman I've ever known. Just hugging her feels SO GOOD! I can completely understand why Alan is attracted to her. Her body commands attention from everyone. I just hope she can't feel how hard my nipples are getting. Damn these thin hospital gowns.

Glory's mouth somehow wound up only inches from Suzanne's. She didn't intend for them to kiss, but as she stared into Suzanne's eyes from inches away their faces slowly but inexorably drew closer together.

Glory closed her eyes and began a French kiss that was more incredible than she could have ever imagined. It started off innocently enough, but the longer it lasted, the more intense it was getting. It quickly became an all-out tongue duel, as if the two of them were trying to see whether one could make the other quit first.

Suzanne was so high on lust that she was no longer worried about pushing Glory too far with the kiss. Therefore she just gave into her desire to make the kiss last as long as possible, and be as passionate as possible. That's it! Mmmm! I love it! She's a good kisser. I wish we could do more, much more. One way or another, when she's better we're going to have to finish this! I wonder if she's figured out that I knew she was there on the floor beside the bed when Alan and I fucked in my bedroom.

Glory felt as if her entire body was on fire. I can't believe I'm French kissing another woman! And loving it! But it's not really like a lesbian kiss. It's like Alan is here with us, supporting me in making this big commitment and taking this step forward with Suzanne. It's like every time I kiss Suzanne, I'm kissing Alan too. How I wish he was here! I want to hear his voice SO badly. I know just hearing it would completely put my mind at ease.

As they continued to kiss, she imagined the two of them back in her apartment completely naked, with both of them waiting by the front door for Alan to get home. As soon as they heard him insert his key into the lock, they started making out with each other. Suzanne had her hands on Glory's perfect breasts, while Glory hand her hands full freely roaming over Suzanne's ass.

She imagined Alan walking in after a rough day at college and seeing them wrapped up in each other like that. She could see him with a devilish grin, commenting, "Wow! Now this is what I call a fantastic welcome home. You two lovely ladies need to make some room for me to join in!"

With that, the three of them soon wound up totally nude, making out together while standing in the middle of Glory's living room. The only thing between her and Suzanne, other than their picturesque boobs, was Alan's almost-perpetually-erect cock. She and Suzanne had been jockeying for position to see which one would stroke him, until they realized that they could both jerk him off at the same time.

Glory and Suzanne were jolted out of their extremely intimate kiss when they heard the door start to open. It was nurse Tyler stopping by before her shift ended.

Tyler looked rather embarrassed when she caught a glimpse of the two of them pulling apart. "Oh God! Excuse me. I'm sorry. I should have knocked first."

Blushing, Glory replied, "It's okay. Come on in."

Tyler quickly assumed a professional manner. "I was just wanting to let you know that it's time for the shift change. Judy, the nurse you had last night, will stop in shortly. If there's anything you need, just let her know."

"Thank you, nurse," Glory said. Her face was starting to turn red.

In order to prevent the nurse from thinking badly about them, Suzanne said to Tyler, "Oh, by the way, yes, we were just kissing. And no, don't worry, her fiancé doesn't mind. We have kind of a special relationship, one that he understands."

Tyler nodded. "Oh. I see. I suppose he's a lucky guy. Not that it's any of my business." Still embarrassed, she turned to leave, but not before giving Suzanne a knowing wink.

After Tyler had left, Glory asked, "What was that for?"

"What? I don't know what you're talking about."

Glory laughed. "Oh, sure you don't. I saw her wink at you. What are you up to?"

Suzanne stuck her tongue out at Glory and said, "That's for me to know and you to find out." Which caused them both to laugh.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing.



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