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6TD: A Different Path – Part 1
Knocking On Heaven's Door
Day 1: Sunday, December 1

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Glory was lying wide awake in her bed. She hadn't rested much at all after her phone call with Suzanne the night before. For one, she had gotten confused with lust and jealousy knowing that Alan had given the rest of the ladies their rings and now was starting on their "celebration fuck." Plus she could hear moans and screaming in the background. She knew that it had to be Alan taking one of his new fiancées to a place of total ecstasy. Little did she realize that Suzanne had intentionally stood close to the room where Alan was nailing Kat with all he had.

I can't believe how giddy Suzanne was while talking about Alan's proposal. Damn her! Damn him! Why must I love him so much? Why does he have to have all those other bombshells as lovers? Well Glory, just look at the mess you've gotten yourself into here! Now what are you going to do about it?

She told herself, I am not going to wait six months before I decide whether to continue my relationship with him. I have never loved anyone as much as I love him and I have never felt so loved. Not just by Alan, but by Suzanne, Susan, Amy, and Katherine as well. I feel like I'm being pulled apart inside. Love versus jealousy.

Finally, she dragged herself out of bed and made her way towards the kitchen just as the sun was starting to come up. As she looked out the window, she couldn't help but smile as she saw the beautiful sun breaking through the clouds. Without a doubt, it was going to be another pretty day in Southern California.

She managed to make herself a decent breakfast even though she mainly went through the motions as if she were in a trance. As she began to eat, she was arguing with herself the good and bad points of her love for Alan. Her food got cold as her debate continued. She knew that if she stayed with him, she would never get him to give up the other women in his harem. To some extent she didn't want to even ask him to, because she knew it would put a strain on his feelings for her.

Suzanne had let it slip that Alan had asked them to marry him when he gave them their rings. Glory thought, Damn! Why didn't he ask me when he gave me mine? Doesn't he know that I would have said 'Yes'?

After some hours, with her food cold and hardly eaten, she slammed her fist on the table and said out loud, "Who am I fooling? I can't live without him. It's better to have part of him rather than none of him in my life. I'm going to do whatever I have to in order to make sure I never lose him. If being a part of his harem is what it takes... then so be it!"

She got up from the table and went to her bedroom where she had left her cell phone. She felt an immense burden had lifted from her simply by making that choice. She couldn't wait to call Suzanne, who she knew would be very pleased. She only hoped that Suzanne was still at Alan's house.


"Morning, Glory." Suzanne looked at the clock as she answered the phone. It was 11:30 AM.

"Suzanne, I couldn't wait to tell you something extremely important that I just decided: I'm all in! Harem and all if Alan will have me. I'm ready to accept him as my master! And not just on a trial basis, but permanently. Forever! I can't live without him!"

That took Suzanne by surprise, but she could hear the sincerity in Glory's voice. She immediately sat up, trying not to wake Alan, since they had fallen asleep in each others' arms the night before. He'd fucked her to complete exhaustion, with a couple of repeats in the middle of the night, so she'd been rudely awakened by the ringing phone.

"Whoa Glory. Hang on. Why the sudden change of heart?"

"Because I love him and I guess he's right... true love CAN conquer all."

"Are you sure? That means being his sex slave, you know. Remember, you'll have to devote your life to serving his cock and keeping him happy, as just one slave in his harem. He's willing to let you have your trial period so you can see whether you can handle it."

"I know. But I've made up my mind. All I have to do is trust him and his love for me. If he loves me only a fraction as much as I love him, then there's nothing we can't handle. If he's not going to ask me to marry him, I'm just going to have to ask HIM to marry ME. Anyway, the reason I called is that I want to tell Alan, but in person. I want you to help me by telling him to meet me somewhere, but nothing more. Can you help?"

"Absolutely! And congratulations! Just tell me when and where." Suzanne was thinking she would love to be a fly on the wall when Glory shared that news with Alan.

Glory told Suzanne, "Well I'm sure you can find a way to keep him busy for a little while, if you know what I mean."

Suzanne laughed. "I like that attitude!"

"I'm trying. I'm going to have to get used to sharing."

"I'm actually lying naked in bed with him right now. The poor dear is still sleeping. He's all fucked out."

"I'll bet, after all you told me happened last night! Give his throbbing boner a kiss and a suck for me, okay? Keep it out of trouble for a while."

Suzanne chuckled. "I will."

"I'm going to go surf in a bit. Wait about thirty minutes, then tell Alan to meet me at the beach spot where we were the last time. He should know. I'm so happy! Happier than I have ever been in my life!"

Suzanne and Glory said their good-byes after some more small talk, then hung up their phones.

Suzanne couldn't help but get excited as well because she knew that would mean more play time with Glory for her, and that Alan would be totally happy. She felt the harem would be much better balanced with Glory in it.

She shook Alan until he finally woke up.

Alan looked at her and couldn't help but jokingly say, "Don't tell me we didn't fuck enough last night and you're ready to go again already!" Alan had lost count of how many times he'd climaxed the previous day, but whatever it was, it had to be an all-time personal record.

Suzanne smiled like a kid in a candy store. She playfully reached down and began rubbing her hands all over his cock, which was already stiff from morning wood. She knew several ways to keep him busy. She slid herself under the sheets and kissed the tip, just as Glory had suggested. Then, without any warning, she took his cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down in a slow but steady rhythm.

She thought, Glory, this is for you! I can't wait until you and I are taking turns, bobbing on him together. We're gonna have so much fun! Each time as she went down his shaft, she would go further until she was almost deep-throating him.

He lay there trying his best to act like she was having no effect on him, but he was loving it.

He did a pretty good job of acting, but she could tell after a few minutes that he was having to use his PC muscle to keep from cumming. He knew that if he didn't do something soon, he would be painting the back of her throat.

He didn't want to hurt her so he waited for the right time, slid down so his cock came out of her mouth, rolled her over, and started licking her pussy.

Suzanne was so startled by that that it took her a few moments to realize what had happened. "Damn! Where did that come from?" She would have loved to have had more time to be proud of his aggressiveness, but instead she was already having to fight off her own need to cum. "You bastard! You're getting too damn good at that!" She reached down, intending on pushing his head away.

But as soon as he saw what she was going to do, he moved to licking her clit while plunging two fingers into her wet slit.

So instead of pushing him away she found herself pulling him closer.

She couldn't hold out any longer. She screamed as her body began to shake uncontrollably from head to toe with her massive orgasm. She felt like the entire room was spinning and she was floating above the bed.

He didn't let up until he was certain that she couldn't take anymore. As she started calming down, he moved back beside her, wrapped his arm over her limp body, and said softly, "For a moment there, I was afraid you were going to spontaneously combust."

She managed to give him an elbow to the ribs for that remark. "I promise you that you're going to pay for that! In fact, I might not even give you the message that I was given."

He looked confused "What message?"

She teased him with a smile, "You'll never find out now. It was important, too."

"Okay, fine." He acted like he was about to roll away from her, but then quickly rolled back on top. His cock was still erect, so in one fluid motion, he was back on top of her and balls-deep in her cunt.

She was still so exhausted from her last body-wracking orgasm that she thought she was about to die.

He exclaimed, "If you won't tell me, I guess I'll just have to fuck it out of you!"

"You wouldn't dare. Would you?" she whimpered.

He started thrusting his hips, pulling his cock out so far that just the tip of it was resting inside her. Then he drove it all the way back in until it was completely enveloped by her tight pussy walls. He picked up his pace while maintaining the same stroking rhythm until the entire bed was rattling from his thrusting.

Suzanne was helpless under him. She hadn't fully recovered from her last orgasms and now her desires were in maximum overload.

She knew that she couldn't take much of that in her current condition. She found just enough energy to start grinding her hips. She needed to make him cum as quickly as she could. It was a defensive reaction to get him to stop before she completely passed out from too much erotic overload.

Luckily for her, he didn't have his usual stamina since his body was still worn out from the previous day's activities. Before he realized what she was doing, he felt himself cross the point of no return. With a loud roar, he shot his cum deep inside her. Rope after rope kept drenching the inside of her pussy.

Suzanne did all she could to hold on for dear life.

He made sure to roll away from her as he started to collapse. He ended up lying mostly beside her, except for his legs, which were still across her.

She started rubbing her hands through his hair. "Damn, that was good... husband! You earned the message I have for you. In fact, I thought you were going to fuck me so hard that I would forget what it was. It's from Glory. She wants you to meet her at the nude beach where the two of you were at when Christine found you. And right away! She has something very important to say to you."

Alan shot straight up in bed. His excitement soared nearly through the roof. He jumped up and started to run out the door.

Suzanne laughed and said, "Sweetie, aren't you forgetting something?" She was referring to the fact that he was still completely naked.

His face turned deep red as he remembered. He grabbed some shorts and a T-shirt and was putting them on as he hobbled down the stairs. He ran right by Susan, Katherine, and Amy, yelling, "Bye Mom, Sis, and Aims!" He was gone out the door before anyone could get a chance to respond.

Suzanne came downstairs a short time later. The other three looked at her in confusion because they were still in shock from Alan's abrupt departure.

Amy finally spoke up. "Mother, what's eating Alan? He ran out of here like the house was on fire. Didn't he want to eat breakfast? I was all ready to give him extra-special under-the-table service."

Susan and Katherine both just nodded in agreement. Katherine commented, "And I was going to help her while he nursed on Mom's breasts. We had it all worked out."

Suzanne just smiled and said, "It's Glory. She's ready to submit fully to him. She wants to join the harem, and will ask him to marry her since he didn't already ask her to marry him." She knew it would take only a matter of seconds for that to register before all the questions came.

Sure enough, the other three wanted to know in detail what was going on. So she gave them a word for word account of what Glory had said to her. Needless to say, there was much rejoicing and excited talk.

Meanwhile back at Glory's apartment, Glory wrote a note that she planned on giving Alan along with the ring that she was going to buy on her way to the beach. The note read:

"My love. My one and only true love. You are my life. I need you like I need air to breathe. My life is complete now that you're a part of it. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. All my love, Glory."

On the outside, she simply wrote, "My Love".

She loaded her surfboard and gear in her car, then left to go to the beach, with a stop on the way at a jewelry store that she believed would be open since it was the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (which in the U.S. is the busiest shopping period of the year). Her time for the purchase was limited because she'd told Alan to meet her at the beach soon. She crossed her fingers that the store would be open and have what she desired.


Alan was racing towards the beach in the Corvette he had borrowed from Xania. He drove as quickly as he could, sometimes not so safely.

He had no idea why Glory had Suzanne insist he meet her right away. Deep down there was a fear that she was going to tell him that she had decided that she no longer wanted their relationship. He hoped that wasn't the case, but he loved her so much that he was very fearful that she was about to break up with him.

He turned the radio on just as the song "Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol was starting. It wasn't the type of music he usually preferred, but as he listened to the lyrics he thought, Not so bad. In fact, it kind of fits the situation, I think.

"Yeah flesh for your romeo
Ah yeah baby
I hear you moan
It's easy why know how to please me yeah"

He began tapping the steering wheel to the beat of the song.

As he pulled into the parking lot above the nude beach, he saw Glory's car, so then parked beside it. He sat there trying to figure out which was worse: being anxious to find out what she wanted to say, or the fear that she would tell him face-to-face that it was all over.

After several minutes, he made himself get out of the car. He told himself, Well, there's only one way to find out. He walked over to the cliff edge overlooking the beach. From there he could see her, far out in the water. Even though she wasn't as busty as his other ladies, his penis grew stiff just from thinking about her gorgeous body. She was the only person on the beach that he could see. Even though he was far away, he could tell that she was having a great time.

In fact, she was having the best time of her life. She felt a great sense of relief and satisfaction now that she had made up her mind to completely submit to Alan and spend the rest of her life with him. She felt so free and so at peace that she was certain her life would never be any better than it was at that very moment.

She had left her belongings - Alan's ring and the note, along with a towel and a few other things - a safe distance away from the water on the beach. She had wrapped up the other items in her towel just in case someone came upon them, or Alan got there before she could get back to shore from the water.

In between sets of large waves, she would often look to see if she could see if he had arrived. She was unusually distracted because she was so eager. She had brought an extra-large towel so they could make love right on the beach.

He was standing on the beach watching her when she finally saw him. Her heart soared. She thought, That right there is one reason why I love him so. He just looks at me so adoringly! None of my other boyfriends ever looked at me like that. Anyone can just see the love in his eyes every time he looks at me. Even with all of his other women, when he's with me, he's only with me. She waved to him.

She saw another set of waves coming that she wanted to ride. Also, he was still a ways away. She knew that she had some time before he could walk the rest of the way to the water's edge. Also, she wanted to impress him with her athletic ability and show off a little bit.

He watched her paddle out to the waves she was hoping to catch. The next wave came in just as she had expected. He was watching her as she surfed her way back towards the shore. Then he saw a rogue wave coming towards her, causing her to wipe out and fall head first into the cold water below.

He waited for a few seconds, holding his breath to see if she was okay, but she didn't surface. He started yelling for her and took off as fast as he could across the beach. By the time he got to the water, she still hadn't come up for air, so he dove in as fast as he could. He was so scared that he didn't even notice just how cold the water was, and paid no heed to the fact that he was still in his T-shirt and shorts. (Fortunately, he'd been wearing flipflops because of the sand, so had no trouble shucking them.)

She came to the surface just as he reached her. Even though he was in good shape, he struggled to get her back to shore. Her body was completely limp, and he couldn't get a response from her. He could tell she was bleeding from a cut on her head, and she seemed to have other injuries as well. When he wasn't yelling her name, he was yelling out in general for help and begging for her to be okay even though no one else was there.

Once he got her safely to shore, he kept calling her, checking for a response, and crying. He found that the blood was coming from the back of her head and her breathing was very shallow. He quickly took his shirt off and wrapped her head the best he could. Nothing he did seemed to be helping. He told her, "Lover, you have to be okay! You can't leave me! I love you! Please wake up, please! If Mom is right and there is a God, Lord, please help her!"

He ran over to where Glory's things were and quickly grabbed her cell phone. He immediately called 911 and gave them the location, so help could arrive as soon as possible. Without thinking, he then called Suzanne.

When Suzanne picked up, before Alan could say anything, she said, "Surely you haven't finished celebrating the good news this soon." She laughed once she had said it, expecting to hear a very happy Alan.. Instead Alan exclaimed, "Help! Mother, help! It's Glory! She's dying!"

She could hear the fear in his voice as she listened to his story.

Susan, Katherine, and Amy had gathered around Suzanne when she answered the phone, hoping to hear how well things had gone. Instead their faces turned to shock when Suzanne let the phone fall from her hand and drop to the floor.

"What's wrong, Mother?" Katherine asked.

Suzanne's face had turned so white that the others thought she was about to faint. She didn't look any of them in the eyes. Instead she just answered, "It's Sweetie! He needs us! I'll explain on the way!"

They all ran to the garage and took off in the Plummer minivan as fast as they could.


There was a lifeguard station further up the beach in the non-nude section, so a lifeguard arrived first with a medical kit and helped stabilize Glory's condition and reduce the bleeding. It took a while for the paramedics to arrive, due to the remote location of the beach. They had been working on her for some time when Suzanne and the rest of the family got there.

Suzanne had explained the situation to Susan, Katherine, and Amy as they drove. Alan had called her again after the lifeguard arrived, to explain in more detail what had happened.

Susan was so worried about her son and Glory that she didn't say much the entire trip.

Katherine and Amy just kept trying to wrap their heads around the news that Glory might die, since they had recently grown close to her. Like Susan and Suzanne, they had been eagerly hoping that Glory would become a full member of the harem and one of Alan's five slave-wives.

From the top of the cliff, they could see Alan sitting off to the side near Glory, crying hysterically as the paramedics continued to stabilize her condition for transport.

By the time they got down to the beach, the paramedics were informing Alan that Glory's condition was stable, but that it might still be "touch and go" for a while. If she made it, it would be because of him and his quick action in getting her out of the water before she drowned.

Amy and Katherine took off running towards him. They swept him up and hugged him more tightly than they ever had before. Susan and Suzanne were surprised at how quickly they themselves switched from "lover" mode to "mother" mode. But they held back from joining in the hug, because they didn't want to practically squeeze him to death in a four-way hug.

Alan just continued to cry and speak to Glory's unconscious form. "Why? Why? Wake up baby, please! This has to be a bad dream! She just has to be okay!"

After a minute or two, the girls backed off and allowed Suzanne and Susan to comfort him. Suzanne was still the strongest of the bunch, so he needed to rely on her strength, but he also needed Susan's unconditional love. He just buried his face into their massive chests and cried like he had never allowed anyone to see him cry before. One of the greatest loves of his young life was lying there, barely holding on by a thread, and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

As the minutes passed, Suzanne had him explain in detail to the group what happened. She wanted to keep him busy, and also suspected that he might have left something important out when calling earlier. She realized that he hadn't been able to talk to Glory at all before her accident, so he had never learned what she'd wanted to tell him.

The paramedics were placing Glory's body on a back board so they get her up the cliff face to the ambulance that had just arrived in the parking lot above the cliff. They had to cut Glory's black slave collar off so they could use a brace to stabilize her head, since they were unsure of the extent of her injuries. They let the collar fall to the ground, thinking it was just an inexpensive, unimportant accessory.

Alan picked up the collar and clutched it tightly in his hand. He felt that without her collar, Glory might wake up and question his love for her. Perhaps she would feel symbolically disconnected from him.

All Alan could do was fight to hold the collar in his hand, because he felt that as long as he did, she was somehow still there with him.

Susan and the others had to move him away from Glory to give the paramedics space to go about their task. In as motherly a voice as he had ever heard, Susan said, "Son, you have to give them room. Glory will be okay. You have to believe that! Trust in your love for her!"

However, Susan doubted her own words. She knew that sometimes love wasn't enough..

A paramedic not involved in moving Glory up the cliff explained that her injuries appeared consistent with her head and leg having been struck by her board. He said that the injury to her head alone was so bad that she would be lucky to survive, but she had other injuries as well, probably from when her body had been swept into the rocks. One leg was definitely broken, which they had put in a splint.

Alan was inconsolable; he couldn't stop crying.

Several minutes after they had carried Glory away on the board, Amy went to gather the rest of Glory's items. As she picked up the pile and turned around she felt something drop onto the sand. She turned back and saw the envelope and a small velvet box similar to the ones that held the rings Alan had given them the night before. She picked up both items and called out to Alan, "Hey O.B., you might want to come take a look at this!"

Alan walked back over to where Amy was standing, with Suzanne and Katherine walking with their arms around him. Susan was walking just a short distance behind.

Suzanne knew approximately what Amy had found because of the phone call she'd had from Glory earlier that morning.

Amy stared curiously at the envelope but didn't open it, since it wasn't addressed to her.

Alan opened the note and began weeping even more while reading the loving words Glory had written. To just see that she had wanted to stay with him forever regardless of the harem and the appearance of incest made him almost collapse again. In fact he would have if Suzanne and Katherine hadn't still been holding him up.

He opened the ring box and saw that she had gotten him a silver band with embedded sapphires similar to the one he had given her. That made him sob and wail all the more. He thought back to when he had given her his ring and collar. He recalled how nervous he had been that she would be offended and break off their relationship on the spot. Then he remembered how happy he had been that she had accepted both the ring and collar and pledged her love for him.

He turned his head to the sky and cried out, "Why, oh why?! Glory, please, live! Please live!"


Suzanne had asked the paramedics where they were taking Glory. Once Alan recovered somewhat, the five of them headed off towards that hospital.

Alan kept mumbling while looking at Glory's cut collar in his hand. "I have to be there in case she wakes up. I have to be! She can't wake up alone in a hospital. That would be too cruel. I'm her master now. I have to take care of her!"

Alan, Amy, and Katherine were riding in the back seat. Amy put her arm around him and asked "Beau, are you going to put the ring on? You know she would want you to have it no matter what happens."

"I can't, Aims; I just can't! She can give it to me like she wanted if she wakes up. This was intended to be a special moment for her and I don't want to take that away from her." He doubted that she would ever get the chance because he strongly feared that they would lose her.

Alan couldn't remember much of the trip after that. All he could do was remember all the times he had spent lusting after Glory when she was just his teacher, how good a friend she had became, how great a lover she was, and how closely they had bonded both physically and emotionally. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her standing in front of him wearing the sexy but formal clothes she usually wore in class. He also pictured her wearing the ring and collar he had given her. Her eyes were shining brightly. Her love for him radiated from deep within. Then, as he would reach out to hold her hand, she would disappear.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, Glory had already been rushed into surgery. The desk nurse didn't want to tell them anything since they were not family. Alan was still out of it, overwhelmed by grief and worry.

Luckily, Suzanne had the wits to tell the nurse that Glory was Alan's fiancé. That would allow him to find out what was happening and get updates on her condition. The nurse left and walked down the hallway to see what she could learn. When she finally returned, she said, "Don't get your hopes too high. She's still in a very serious condition. However, the doctors believe that she'll pull through."

That resulted in a lot of hugs and crying, but this time the tears were from relief and joy. All five of them cried openly. Now that Glory was wearing Alan's ring and collar, the others considered her part of the harem, and also part of their family.

They sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. Alan would often start pacing back and forth. Although he hadn't eaten breakfast before he'd rushed to the beach, he was too nervous to eat. He kept thinking that Glory had been there for him after the attack by the football players, and he had to be strong for her now.

After about four hours, one of the male surgeons came out. "Plummer? Alan Plummer?"

"Yes sir. Right here."

"Mr. Plummer, she's going to be okay. It was close. Her right leg is broken, she has a concussion, and a pretty nasty gash, probably from getting struck by her board. She's very lucky. If that gash had been just a few centimeters lower, it would have severed her spinal cord just below her head. That would have caused almost complete paralysis, so much that she likely would have needed a ventilator just to breathe. From what I've been told, if you hadn't gotten to her when you did, things likely would have turned out differently. You'll be able to see her soon. But let her rest now; she's going to need all the recuperative powers she can muster."

Alan and his four women took part in another group hug. Katherine started sobbing again. That soon set off the other women, except for Suzanne, who was attempting to keep a cool head.

The doctor was astounded by the beauty of the four women. He wondered what their relation was to Alan, and why they were all wearing black collars. He asked them, "Which one of you is his mother?"

Without thinking, both Susan and Suzanne raised their hands. When they saw what the other had done, they smiled briefly.

Susan finally spoke up. "I'm his mom, but we are all his family."

Suzanne's heart soared as she heard Susan call them all "family."

"Ma'am, you have a very brave son. You should be proud of him." He reached out, shook Alan's hand, and then walked away.

The four ladies couldn't help but give Alan another group hug. They all knew that he loved them, but it wouldn't have been the same without Glory. If he had lost her, it would have been like he'd lost a part of himself.


After the doctor gave them the news that Glory would survive, Alan was able to go to the hospital cafeteria and finally eat. He was famished. About half an hour after he returned to the waiting room, a nurse came to take him back to Glory's room.

He asked the nurse, "Can the rest of my family come too? I don't know how I'm going to handle seeing her lying there."

The nurse shook her head. "No, son. Sorry. I might get away with letting one more person go back with you, but the rest will need to wait out here. At least until the doctors give us clearance to allow her more visitors."

Susan, Amy, and Katherine all agreed that it should be Suzanne who should go, since she had the closest relationship to Glory.

Thus Alan and Suzanne followed the nurse down the hall and out of sight.

Amy figured she needed to let Christine know what had happened since they were supposed to have their date with Alan later that evening.

"Hello," Olga said when she answered the phone.

"Mrs. Anderssen, this is Amy. May I speak to Christine please?"

Olga grimaced. Amy, huh? What's she doing? Trying to sabotage my daughter and Alan, I'll bet! But she pretended to be friendly. "Sure, dear. Hold on one minute."

"Hey Aims, what's up?" Christine asked curiously.

Amy told Christine about what had happened to Glory. Christine was very alarmed and concerned.

Amy concluded by saying, "Beau isn't going to be able to make it to our date tonight; he's dead set on staying here at the hospital with Glory."

"What? Why? He cares more for her than me, doesn't he?" Christine was trying to hide how upset she was, but Amy could tell.

Amy replied, "You know O.B. better than that, don't you? He would do the same for any of us. Including you, now that you're his official second girlfriend. He doesn't play favorites with his girls; he loves us all equally. That why this harem-y thingy works. Besides, I'm sure he'll make it up to both of us. We'll reschedule our date and it'll be even better and more amazo-riffic than it would have been before. Please understand and forgive him. He really does care about you."

Christine sighed. "You're right. What am I thinking, being so selfish? Looking after Glory takes priority over some silly date."

Amy giggled. "You're were really just looking forward to the date, weren't you? Getting all dressed up and stuff, wearing a super sexy outfit for him."

Christine sighed again. "You've got that right. I have the perfect dress for our date. My Aunt Kirsten helped me select it, and she used to be a fashion model so she knows her stuff."

"Well, I'm sure he'll love it when we do have our date night, which will be soon enough. But I'll bet you were even MORE excited about what comes after we return home from the restaurant! Bet'cha can't wait to get your lips around his big thingy!"

Christine complained, "Aaaaamy!" She started to blush, even over the phone. She was very embarrassed because it was true - that's what she had been looking forward to the most, that and all the rest of the kissing and fondling.

Amy giggled. "That's cool. I get it. But don't worry; there's gonna be a LOT of that! You and I are gonna suck him off, like, aaaaall the time! Pretty much every day. Like I keep telling you, that's a super important part of being one of his girlfriends. But not today though. He's gotta look after Glory. She kinda belongs to him now, like all of us in his harem, so he feels it's his responsibility to make sure she gets proper treatment from the hospital."

Christine sighed in frustration, both due to sexual longing and from hearing that Glory "kinda belongs to him now."

Soon after, she hung up the phone, feeling reassured that Amy was right and Alan really did love her, just like he loved Glory and his other women. She was feeling a bit depressed because she'd been so looking forward to the date. Maybe this could be a good thing. It might give me a chance to meet with Amy before we reschedule. She can show me more ways to make Alan want me even more. If sucking his erection is something we co-girlfriends do for him every day, then it's not enough for me just to really enjoy it; I've gotta get very good at it. In fact, I want to be the best!

Susan was next to use Suzanne's phone, to call Brenda to let her know what had happened and that there was no need to come by the house that evening.

Brenda said, "Master loves her a lot, doesn't he? Mistress Susan, please tell Master that if there is anything he needs, he should let me know. I'm just a phone call away."

"Thanks, Brenda. I will. I'm sure Master will appreciate your understanding and will reward you, either himself or through one of us." Susan actually hoped that Alan would reward Brenda in more ways than one.


Before Alan and Suzanne walked into Glory's hospital room, the nurse turned to them and said, "Please understand that she's sedated, so she'll be just lying there. We have to do that so she can get the rest she needs to recover. She'll be like this for at least a few hours. Even after that, don't expect too much from her for a while."

The nurse, who was surprisingly attractive, smiled and added, "I understand that you and she were engaged recently, so I'll leave you alone with her for a while. I'll be back in about fifteen minutes."

Suzanne read the nurse's name tag. "Thank you... Judy."

"My pleasure." Judy opened the door for them to enter the room, then walked away.

Alan clutched Suzanne's hand so hard that she thought he was going to break it. In his other hand he was still gripping Glory's cut-off collar.

Suzanne gave him a reassuring smile. "Come on, Sweetie. I'm here for you. You need to be there for her. She needs you."

They made their way into the room, which held two patient beds that could be separated by a curtain, each with a couple of chairs for visitors. There was also an attached patient bathroom.

Fortunately, the other patient bed was empty, so Glory had the room to herself, at least for the time being. Alan burst into tears as soon as he saw her lying there.

Glory was completely still, obviously asleep. Her head was bandaged from the surgery. She had IV tubes in her veins and sensors everywhere. Seeing her like that made him wonder whether he had been too late and she had actually died.

Suzanne could sense what he was thinking, so tried to comfort him by saying, "You saved her. She's alive because of you. If she ever doubted your love for her before this, she never will again."

"I know, Mother, but I can't help but think if I hadn't gotten her involved in all of this, she wouldn't have been out there waiting for me. She wouldn't have wanted to give me that note and the ring. She wouldn't have been out there in the first place if I hadn't have been so selfish, claiming her as one of my sex slaves. My greed is to blame. I should have left her alone! I would have rather it had been me get hurt. Just not her!"

"Sweetie, you can't think like that. You can't blame yourself. You didn't make her do anything that she didn't want to do. Sure she may have been putting on a front that she was hesitant, but she knew deep down that she belonged with you, and to you. She wants to be your wife, and your slave! That's her choice, not yours. She did it of her own free will, for her happiness as well as yours. Don't you want her to be happy?"

Alan nodded. He was sitting next to Glory, holding her hand again. Suzanne was sitting on the other side of him with her arm around his shoulders. Alan had put his head down on the side of the bed, after which Suzanne put her head on Alan's shoulder.

They were both deep in thought when suddenly Alan shot straight up, almost knocking Suzanne over. He was sure he'd felt a twitch of movement from Glory's hand. Then, after a couple of seconds, he felt it again.

But that was it. He began to think that maybe he had been dreaming. He muttered, "Mother, I'm sorry. I was positive I felt her fingers move, but I guess I was wrong."

Then it happened again. Sure enough, she was starting to wiggle her fingers.

His excitement soared. He beamed down at Glory's face. "Come on, baby! You can do it. I'm here for you!"

Then, in a soft but strained voice, they heard Glory mutter, "My... love... my... love..."

Alan moved up to where his face was right over hers, almost touching noses. He leaned over a little further and kissed her on her bandaged forehead. The he brought his other hand up and caressed her face.

Glory coughed a little as she opened her eyes. She saw Alan smiling down at her, and smiled back.

Suzanne quickly filled a small glass with water and gave it to Alan to give to Glory.

Glory drank it to clear her throat. She spoke more easily. "Alan! Master! You're here for me!"

"But of course I am! I've been so worried!"

She smiled blissfully at him, especially when he kissed her nose. He wanted to kiss her on her lips but restrained himself, since he didn't want to overwhelm her.

She was basking in her love for Alan, but she felt that something was wrong, like something was missing. She reached up to feel for her collar, but it was gone. Her eyes immediately filled with tears. "Oh no! Where's my collar? Where did it go?" She began frantically looking for it, despite not being able to move much, or even lift her head.

Alan held it up, since it was still in his hand. He explained, "I've got it. I've been holding it since we found it on the beach. The paramedics had to cut it off to brace you for transport."

Glory pleaded, "Oh no! Fix it! Put it back on! Please! I need my collar!"

He was touched by how strongly she felt about her collar. "Babe, I can't. It's cut. There's no way to fix this. I'll get you another."

She realized, I feel incomplete without it! I NEED that collar! I guess I really do belong to him now, but he belongs to me too. We're bound together: man and woman, master and slave. And soon, husband and wife!

She exclaimed, "My love, I'm sorry! Please don't hate me! I didn't mean to ever be without my collar! That almost hurts worse than my physical injuries! Sure, I know I can't wear it around my neck at school, but I was going to ask you to meet me somewhere before school each day to remove it and put it in my purse, then have you put it back around my neck after school. I never want anyone to take it off except you!"

He smiled down at her and caressed her face. "I had no idea it meant that much to you. Don't worry. You didn't do anything wrong. I love you no matter what. The important thing is that you're okay. The collar isn't that significant."

"It is to me!"

He smiled at her. "I promise you that if you really want to wear it in the hospital, I'll get you another before you're discharged." He leaned over and gently kissed her.

"Of course I want it back, and well before that!" She pretended to be angry at him. "What kind of sex slave harem are you running if you can't keep your slaves properly collared?!" She smiled from ear to ear as she opened her mouth in invitation.

She'd never looked more beautiful to him, despite all her bandages and tubes. He didn't know whether it was permitted, but he couldn't resist: he brought his head down and kissed her on the lips. But, mindful that she had to be feeling very tired and weak, he made it more of a promise of a kiss, with their lips just touching and their tongues just briefly dancing together.

That was enough to satisfy her. She closed her eyes and savored the moment. However, tears continued to stream down her face, and she kept touching her neck where her collar had been. Now that she had fully committed herself to Alan in her own mind, she felt lost without her collar.

Suzanne felt guilty about having her own collar when Glory was so concerned about her missing one. Suzanne had an idea. She knelt in front of Alan and said, "Master, if it's okay with you, I would like to allow Glory to wear my collar. At least until she can wear her own again. Glory is right. Only our master should remove our collars."

Glory opened her eyes again and stared at Suzanne's offered black collar in surprise. "Suzanne! Thank you SO much, but... I... I... can't! Alan, I mean our Master, gave that one to you. That's yours. It wouldn't be right!"

"Mother, are you sure? I don't want you to do that unless you're absolutely sure," Alan said.

"Yes, I'm sure. If her collar means as much to her as mine does to me, then I understand how she must be feeling right now. I know she'll take care of it as I would, but it's just a loan – I expect it back once you get another for her."

Alan nodded, reached around and unlatched Suzanne's black collar. He said to his busty mother, "Now, please understand this doesn't change my love for you. Nor do I expect less from you, just because your collar will be absent for a while. You're still my slave every minute of every day. Is that understood?"

Suzanne smiled and nodded in agreement. "Yes, Master."

This conversation was so emotional and meaningful for all of them that they didn't notice immediately that one of the desk nurses had entered the room. She was the beautiful nurse named Judy who'd said she'd be back in fifteen minutes. She froze when she saw Suzanne kneel down before Alan.

Judy stood there with her mouth open and thought, What the hell?! "Yes, Master?" "You're still my slave?" Who does that kid think he is?! Oh well, who am I to judge? But... sheesh! By the looks of the two of them, he must be doing something right. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him. If he's that good, I might have to try him out myself. No way he could refuse me!

Judy was a very attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She had short blonde hair, was well tanned, stood about 5'10" (178 cm), was very athletic, had a 34D bust, and always kept her pubic hair shaved. She considered herself to be a true "California Girl." Most guys would have been drooling over, but Alan hadn't paid her much attention. She didn't yet realize that he wasn't like other guys.

Judy decided to back off and give them a little more time. She didn't want to interrupt them, especially because she didn't want them to know that she'd overheard them.

She wandered off mulling over what she'd heard. It blew her mind that the one named Suzanne called him "Master" when she was aware that he was supposed to be engaged to the other one named Glory, and that Glory had heard that and didn't seem to mind one bit. She just couldn't get over what that implied.

Then it hit her like a lightning bolt: Wait! She didn't just say "Yes, Master' at the end, she called him "our master" too! And they were saying something about collars! They must both be his... his sex slaves or something! Collared sex slaves! Is that really possible?! THEM?! Those two are so gorgeous!

Judy didn't know what to think. She was disturbed, but also curiously aroused. She decided to keep this knowledge to herself, at least until she could learn more. She didn't think the other nurses would believe her anyway.

Suzanne looked at Glory, and said, "Now, I do expect it back. You know what it's like to be one of his slaves and not be wearing his collar. So don't forget where you got it."

Sensing Suzanne was joking, Glory smiled and responded, "Yes ma'am."

Alan took Suzanne's collar, leaned over Glory, and gently latched it around Glory's neck. He carefully avoided touching any of her bandages or wounded areas.

Glory sighed with satisfaction and relief. She looked up lovingly into his eyes.

Suzanne smiled. She knew she'd done the right thing, even though she already was fingering her neck and feeling the absence of the collar. She left to go tell the others that Glory had come to, and also to give Alan and Glory some time alone, in private. Before she left, she asked, "Glory, if you'll give me names and phone numbers of whoever you want me to contact, I'll be glad to do that for you. I'll also give the school principal a call to let him know that he'll need to line up a substitute."

"Thanks Suzanne, but the only real family I have are my parents and they don't even live in California. But if you are willing, can you call them for me?" She gave Suzanne her parents names and phone number, then thanked her for her kindness.

After Suzanne left, Alan said to Glory, "Don't you EVER scare me like that again! I just knew I was going to lose you. I can't live without you! Don't you know how much I love you?"

Glory managed a slight smile. She looked at his eyes and saw that his fear was real. She could tell that he'd been crying for hours, because his eyes were so red. "Yes my love. I do. I love you too. I had it planned out so perfectly. I wanted to tell you certain things."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the note and the ring box. He held them up. "You mean these?"

"You found them?!"

"Yes. Well, Amy did when she went to gather your stuff. I read the note and looked at the ring. Sorry."

"Why don't you have it on already?" Glory asked anxiously. "Don't you want me to belong to you forever?" She was afraid he didn't like it or that he thought she was being too forward. Or, worst of all, that he really just wanted her as a slave and not a slave-wife.

"Of course I do! I love it. I just wanted to wait until you could present it to me yourself, as you had intended."

Her face lit up - she could tell he really did love her. "I came to a couple of times on my way here. One of the paramedics in the ambulance told me that you saved me. You're my master now, AND my hero! Young man, you better be glad I'm so helpless in this bed or I would have to rape you here and now to show my gratitude! This isn't how I had planned it at all, but I was going to ask you something after I heard how you had asked the others to marry you."

Her voice grew shaky with emotion. "Will you ask me to marry you too? Please? I know it may not be a traditional marriage and that I'll be your slave-wife and not just a wife. One of your slave-wives that is, plus of course you'll have all your other lovers. Suzanne explained it all to me. But I don't care! I love you! I want you! I need to be with you for the rest of my life!"

His heart leapt in his throat, he was so emotionally overcome. "But... but Glory, you're the one who said that you needed more time, just yesterday!"

"I know, but I've had a lot of time to think since then. Besides, you went and proposed marriage to FOUR of your slaves last night! That kind of changes things, doesn't it? I have to keep up!" She smiled playfully at him.

He replied, "Of course I wanted to ask you to marry me. I would have asked you when I gave you your ring, which would have made you the first. There's still nothing I want more. Last night didn't feel complete without you there too. But are you sure you want that? I don't want to pressure you. I would never do that."

"YES! I'm absolutely sure!" She said that with all the strength she could muster. "I've never wanted anything more in my life than I want that, than I want you!"

By that point, Suzanne had led the others to the room. She didn't know whether the nurse would approve, but she figured that it was better to ask forgiveness than permission.

As a result, his other slave-wives were gathered at the door when Alan got up, walked around to the other side of the bed, and took Glory's left hand in his. He had no idea the others were watching, since they had opened the door silently. The four busty beauties were all holding hands with tears in their eyes.

He spoke passionately and quietly. "Glory, I promise to love you for the rest of my life. I will always take care of you. I don't want to imagine my life without you. You make me want to be a better man. It may not be normal to take you as my wife and my slave, but neither is my love for you. Will you please marry me?"

"Hush already! Yes! Yes! YES!"

Applause broke out amongst the other four.

Alan and Glory were shocked to realize that they'd had an audience.

Glory blushed, but she didn't mind being embarrassed in front of the others for this. She picked up the box with his ring in it. "Alan, Master, please make me the happiest woman on Earth! I love you with all my heart, body, and soul!"

Then she looked to the other ladies there. "You all, please come in too. You are my family and my sister slaves now, and I love each of you. I'm not just going to be marrying Alan, but the rest of you as well if you will all have me!" She added, hesitantly, "Will you have me?"

Katherine was the first to speak up, which surprised Alan, since he knew how jealous she had been of Glory. "Absolutely! You make my brother happy, and if you weren't around... he just wouldn't be the same."

At that point, the other three all nodded in agreement.

Then Susan stepped forward. "Glory, of course I approve! You're a wonderful woman, and I know how much my son loves you! But I just have to make sure: are you fully dedicated to serving his cock, anytime, night or day? Remember, it's true that you'll be one of his slave-wives, but it's much more 'slave' than 'wife.'"

Glory replied seriously, "I understand that. But nothing makes me happier than having sex with my man, my master. I swear, I'd spend all day naked in his arms or between his legs if I could! So yes, of course I know exactly what I'm getting into. I welcome him with open arms and open legs and open everything!"

Susan beamed at that "proper" slave attitude. "Well then, you have my blessing!"

Amy stepped forward. "Glory, I'm totally cool with this. I don't want him to have a zillion wives, but if he's going to have a fifth one, and of course he will, I can't think of anyone better than you!" She took Glory's hand and gave it a squeeze. Then she stepped back.

Glory just smiled at her in return.

Finally, it was Suzanne's turn. She was unusually excited. "Just do it already! I can't wait to have you in the harem! We're going to have so much fun together! It'll be like having a new sister... and MORE!"

Suzanne and Glory shared a look that was loving, but also showed the fire of desire. Both of them actually shivered with arousal.

Finally, Alan stepped forward again.

Glory slid the ring on Alan's finger. She was still smiling widely, but now that the deed was done, it was obvious that her energy was fading fast. All of this emotional intensity had demanded a lot from her weak body. She was exhausted.

Alan took both her hands in his and said, "Okay my love. Enough talking for now. Please get some rest. We can work out the details later. I'll be here when you wake up."

She closed her eyes, and muttered, "Thank you... Master!"

Suzanne finally went to look for the nurse, to tell her how Glory had woken up and stayed talkative and lucid, though was now again sleeping.


Alan was allowed to stay through the night with Glory. He mostly sat in the chair beside her bed, just watching her sleep. He loved to simply admire her beauty; to his eyes she looked like an angel.

As she lay there, he thought, I can't help but think I must be the luckiest guy in the world. Hell, I know I am! To come so close to losing her, and then to have her not only agree to marry me but to ask me to marry her! Wow!

He would occasionally nod off, only to wake up soon thereafter.

Alan's other women had decided to go back home. But before they left, Amy had smiled at Alan and said, "O.B. you do know that you broke your date tonight with Christine and me. I think I need a little payment for missing it."

Alan smiled back because he knew where Amy was going with that. Since he knew Glory was safe and asleep, he said, "Well I don't know about you all, but I'm going to the bathroom... the ladies room." He winked at Amy and headed toward the common-area bathrooms on the floor that visitors were supposed to use.

He chose the ladies room just down the hall, because he figured that if he was observed leaving that restroom by somebody else, it was better for him to be seen leaving the women's room than for Amy to be seen leaving the men's room. It was after normal visiting hours and most visitors were gone, so he felt that the risk of being seen at all would be minimal.

Amy waited until the bathroom door shut behind Alan, then started toward it herself. When she entered, Alan was hiding behind the door waiting in ambush. She walked right past him, enabling him to "sneak" up behind her. As he did, he reached both arms around her. One hand went to her breasts and the other straight down to her pussy.

Amy giggled with glee. "Uh-oh! There's some guy in the ladies' room. I'm in trouble now!"

Both his hands soon found themselves making their way under her clothes.

Amy's desire skyrocketed. She reached behind her and found that his shorts were already down and his bare cock was pressed right up against her. She began stroking his erection with long, slow motions.

He pulled her pants down to her ankles and then picked her up and sat her down on a counter next to the sink.

He allowed his shorts to fall the rest of the way to his ankles. He pressed his cock against her tight cunt and left it there for a few moments to increase her lust even more. He was passionately kissing her as he slowly slid it in.

She came right away, in part due to her arousal from his supposed "sneak attack."

Suzanne, Susan, and Katherine were standing near the bathroom door when they heard Amy moaning.

The two mothers shared a knowing smile. Suzanne said to Susan, "I think we should stand guard, don't you?"

Susan nodded gleefully. "That's what big-titted slave-wives do!"

Suzanne whispered, "Susan, please! Not in a public place!"

Susan nodded. She'd thought she'd been restraining herself by not saying "mommy,' and it frustrated her that she'd have to be even more careful with her language. She figured she didn't need to worry much about her words since nobody was anywhere near them, but she decided it was better to be extra cautious anyway.

Katherine giggled, "Oh, no! It sounds like Amy is in trouble and needs help. I, for one, ain't gonna let her get all our husband-master loving by herself!" She started through the bathroom door. She made it in without being noticed, since Alan and Amy seemed to be in their own little world.

Amy was the first to see Katherine. She was already winded due to Alan's slow, deep thrusts. "Beau, I think you have another horny slave behind you!" She used "slave" instead of "sister" since the hospital was a public place, even though those words were scandalous in their own way.

Katherine got down under the counter, positioned so that she was right under Amy's perfect ass. She found herself looking directly at Alan's shaft as it pumped in and out of Amy. She began to lick his balls, which she could do because his movements while fucking were so slow. Then she reached around his legs and began squeezing his ass cheeks.

Alan let out a deep lusty moan. "Kat, what are you doing? We could get caught. What would happen if they saw you doing that?" (He was mindful not to call her "Sister.")

"Oh, so you and Aims can do this, but not me?" She pouted. "Relax Big Pole Vault Bruh... uh.. Brat." She'd caught herself from saying "Brother," but almost too late.

He laughed. "'Brat?!"

She smirked. "Yeah, you're a spoiled brat, from having too many sexy women loving your cock! But see, I'm trying to be careful what I say, even though it's unlikely anyone would overhear me say that I'm your... you-know-what? Really, you are too much at times!"

Amy knew that they couldn't take too long because the possibility of them getting caught was very real, but Alan showed no signs of getting close to climax yet. "Beau, look, you're right. We probably shouldn't take too long. You already got me off. What would you say to a double blowjob from two of your new slave-wives?"

Alan thought for a few moments. "What? You expect me to allow you to tell me how to cum?" He was trying to act serious and aggravated at Amy's suggestion. "I think someone here is forgetting her place. I'm the master; you're the slave. Understood?"

Amy nodded sheepishly, but also happily.

"Good. You know you're going to have to be punished for your attitude, don't you. But not now. Not here. I'm going to find a way to teach you your lesson for making such a ridiculous suggestion!"

His aggressive words were driving both Amy and Katherine crazy, especially since they were already salivating with a need to suck him.

Then he smiled and said, "Gotcha! Hell yeah! I'm all for a double blowjob from two sexy ladies like you two. How could I say no to THAT?! What kind of crazy master do you think I am?"

The three of them repositioned themselves to allow both girls to kneel before him as he leaned against the edge of the counter.

The two girls kept most of their clothes on, but they pulled their tops down just enough to fully expose their breasts. Since Amy's pants were already around her ankles, she left them that way to make it easier to play with herself. They kept the rest of their clothes on since they were in a public restroom,so they might need to dress and leave in a hurry.

As they repositioned and undressed, Katherine commented, "By the way, Mom and Mother are keeping guard outside. I'm sure they won't let anyone come in here for anything. Oh, and don't worry about Mom's needing to lactate. Aims and I have been taking turns suckling her dry while you and Suzanne were back with Glory."

He grunted, "Good! I was counting on that. But what about the danger? I mean, seeing one adult suckle another adult? People are going to freak out about that."

"Don't worry, silly, we're taking care of that. We're doing it in this very bathroom. Besides, we keep guard, just to be sure. Nobody's going to get past those two!"

He replied, "Good. I'm glad to hear that. And with a guard right now, we don't have to worry. We can really have some fun!"

Amy cheered, "Coolio in the hospitoolio! That means we can suck him for a good long time!"

The girls got busy licking the sides of his cock, keeping it up for at least five minutes.

Eventually, Katherine had enough of "teasing" and went straight to bobbing on his pole. Since she had recently learned to deep throat, she was trying to impress him with her skills, and took him all the way down. She would still gag at times, but Alan could tell she was getting better at it.

After keeping him in her throat for a full minute, Katherine pulled all the way off and handed his boner over to Amy.

Amy pouted, "No fair! You're getting all good at that and I can't even do it yet." But she didn't say more since she engulfed him and began bobbing in her usual way.

As Katherine helped her out by licking his balls, she said, "Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it too. I'll help teach you. Then we'll both be able to deep throat him all the time, together!"

The two girls kept taking turns, with one of them bobbing and sucking while the other one generally took care of his balls. Both girls fingered their own pussies frequently, and sometimes the other's.

Alan was loving life. Due to his great stamina, he knew this could go on for a very long time, and he also knew his two sisters would love nothing better than to keep taking turns.

However, he didn't want to be away from Glory for so long. In particular, he didn't want her to wake up and not find him there. He also knew that they could all get in serious trouble if someone somehow got past Susan and Suzanne and found two partially-naked girls on their knees worshipping his cock. So, after "only" about fifteen minutes of the double blowjob, he quit clenching his PC muscle, knowing it wouldn't take long for him to cum after that.

It happened to be Katherine's turn, while she was deep throating him yet again.

Amy, seeing what Alan was doing, said, "Sister, please, this load is mine. M'kay? It's my date that got canceled."

Katherine acknowledged with a "mmmm." She pulled all the way off to allow Amy to work her magic, then went back to sucking on Alan's balls. She was fingerbanging herself more intently than before, knowing the end was coming soon. She used her other hand on Amy's wet slit, in hopes that all three of them would cum together.

Amy began bobbing rapidly on Alan Junior with all she had. She was sure Susan and Suzanne could hear the slurping sounds from outside the bathroom door, not to mention the moaning and groaning from all three of them.

Even so, Alan still didn't cum right away. But after a couple more minutes, Katherine felt his balls begin to tighten in her mouth, so she stuck a finger up his anus to massage his prostate. She knew that would be enough to push him over the edge.

Sure enough, he shot numerous ropes of cum into Amy's waiting mouth. He was careful not to shout out loud as he so often did, since they were in a public place.

As they so often did, Amy and Katherine had their own climaxes at nearly the same moment he did. They too were very careful not to scream. Although the hallway had appeared empty when they began and they were being guarded, it was still best to be very careful.

After they were finished, the girls pulled their clothes back into place. The three of them took turns cleaning themselves off in the sink. Alan's shorts had been down at his ankles the whole time. He thoroughly washed his butt off with wet paper towels, since he'd been leaning bare-assed against the counter. Then he pulled his shorts back up.

Amy normally would have swallowed all his cum, but this time she had a different plan. She swallowed most of it, but kept a bit lingering in her mouth.

Once the three of them had recovered sufficiently, they opened the bathroom door, only to find the two mothers standing there rather impatiently.

Both Susan and Suzanne were visibly flushed and aroused. They had heard all the slurping and moaning. It had taken a lot of resolve for them to stay at their guard, rather than trying to get in the bathroom to join in. Suzanne huffed in frustration at Alan, "Took you long enough, considering where we are!"

As Amy got closer to them, she intentionally let a small amount of Alan's cum slip out of her mouth and start running down her chin.

That caused Katherine and Alan to laugh at her boldness.

Susan and Suzanne stared at her with classic "deer in the headlights" expressions. Finally, Susan couldn't take it anymore so she walked up and used a finger to wipe the cum off Amy, then put her finger in her mouth.

Suzanne, feeling like she was being left out, walked up to Amy and French kissed her. She felt especially naughty kissing her own flesh-and-blood daughter in a public place.

Amy was happy to share some of the cum with her mother - not a lot, but just enough to make her delirious. Then Amy swallowed the rest.

After Alan and his ladies said their good-byes, they went home while he made his way back to Glory's room, where he kept a watch over her.

Occasionally, Glory would wake for few minutes. Each time, she felt reassured in seeing that Alan was still there with her. From his concern, she knew that he truly loved her and wasn't just taking advantage of her. Usually when she woke, she would whisper "I love you," then fade back out.

During one of the times when she was awake the longest, she said to Alan, "You need to rest too, my love. You need to go to school in the morning."

He was very sleepy, but emphatic. "No way! I can't leave you like this! I won't!"

"Alan, Master, you have to. There will be a lot to deal with as fallout from the fight, not to mention my injury. If word gets out that both you and I aren't there, it will just confirm all the rumors about us. Besides, maybe your mom or Suzanne can stay with me while you're gone. Then you can come back as soon as school lets out. I'll be okay; you've already made sure of that."

Alan had to admit she had a good point about not confirming any rumors. He almost wanted to tell her "I don't care about that. Let them think what they want," but he realized that such bravado would cause more trouble for Glory than it would for him. Reluctantly, he agreed. "If you insist. But I'm going to spend all the rest of my time here that I can!"

She smiled and faded away to sleep.

He sat there wondering if he had made the right decision about leaving her in the morning. Then, just after Glory went back to sleep, Nurse Judy checked on her.

"Mr. Plummer, I'm going to get you a pillow and a blanket. You can use that fold-out chair there in the corner to sleep on tonight if you like." She said that as she was walking up behind him. She was examining him closely, trying to see what the two other beautiful women saw in him.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

He was so tired that he stood up without realizing he was showing a big boner. It had become so normal for him that he didn't think about it. He saw Judy's eyes get wide and that she was looking at his crotch. He looked down and realized what she was staring at, then moved his hands to cover his privates. "Sorry, nurse."

Judy was struck speechless. Hot Damn! That helps explain why they're all ga-ga over him. He's not porn-star huge, but that's a pretty big penis, and it's stiff for no apparent reason! With that size, if he knows how to really use it... WOW! What if he's erect like that nearly all the time?!

"Huh? Oh, sorry, Mr. Plummer. Where was I? Oh yeah, a blanket and a pillow. I'll be right back." She turned and rushed from the room.

She stopped just outside the door to compose herself. Damn, damn, damn. Why the hell do I have to be working tonight with THIS guy? It's been way too long since I had someone to bend me over and properly nail my needy pussy! She thought about how unsatisfying her current boyfriend was in bed. Lately it's been me doing all the work, with him like some damn dweeb just lying there looking like a kid who just walked into Victoria's Secret. My loser boyfriend needs to remember he has to impress me too!

She came back a short time later, carrying the blanket and pillow. She had unbuttoned the top two buttons on her scrubs so that when she leaned over to place the items on the chair, her shirt would open just enough to show some cleavage.

Alan noticed her tempting appearance, but then ignored it. He kept his eyes locked on Glory as he thanked the nurse for what she'd brought him.

Judy was ticked. As she left again, she thought, Really? This kid has two totally gorgeous women calling him "master," and he's hung pretty well, so you'd think maybe he's a major sex maniac. Yet he doesn't even look down my shirt when it was obvious that my boobs were just hanging there right in front of him. Ignore me, will he? I THINK NOT! I need a more direct approach for next time.

I want to see what this guy is all about. It's not just those two. There were three other total stunners with him too. What if they're ALL involved with him somehow?! That would be amazing, if not downright unbelievable! But since that super-sexy one older named Suzanne called him "Master" - and she did - I could believe anything!

He felt sleep hitting him hard. He had been running on pure adrenalin most of the day but now it was finally fading. The last thought that crossed his mind before he gave in to the sandman was how deeply he loved the lady lying there in front of him.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing.

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