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6TD: A Different Path – Part 0

Timeframe: Immediately after the end of 6TD Proper: 1 December 2002 and thereafter
Place: Orange County, Southern California, USA

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.

Dear Readers,

My fan-fic is based on the e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X. It is my take on the continuing journey of Alan Plummer and his harem after the original illustrated saga ends. The core characters in the original will be in this fan-fic, even though a few may have only small parts. There will also be some new characters.

My story begins with a tragedy that nearly costs one of the main 6TD characters their life, hence taking my story down "a different path" from Spacer X's original. I plan to keep most of the character traits the same, but will make some changes here and there, hopefully none of which will disappoint you.

I have a lot of big goals for 6TD: A Different Path and hope to achieve each and every one of them.

If you have not yet read the original story, Six Times a Day, on which my fan-fic is based, you can find it and Spacer's other works at either of the two websites devoted to his works: html:// and I highly recommend that you read it, starting with Part 0: the Introduction. There will be a lot of references in my work that may not make sense until you've read the original story.

I also recommend that you check out the other fan-fics found on those websites, which can be accessed from the fan-fic portions of the website menus.

Thank you Spacer and for your continuing help, support and inspiration. Thanks also to the other fan-fic authors for helping to keep this incredible story going.

I hope you enjoy!

 – Silent Assassin

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